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Scruples And Video Games

A Xt3 Member asked at 4:28am on January 22nd 2012
I have found in recent months that I am scrupulous. I have been doing quite well, but recently it's made an attachment on one of my favorite subjects: War history. I now feel sinful if I play an historic war game, or take pleasure when watching documentaries on battles in the American Revolution. I believe that most men enjoy war and violence, but is it still sinful to do these things, since I am taking joy out of death? I'm not joyful that people are dead, but I do think that war and such is cool, although I am quite against wars, save for just cases.

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Dear Miles:

Well it is not as though you are rejoicing over people dying, it is more a question of enjoying the spectacle and the action. There is nothing sinful in that.

Answered by Fr John Flynn
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 11:16pm on January 22nd 2012 reply

Is it a sin if I enjoy the entertainment and competition of fighting games/shows(Comics/anime)? I have wondered as well if I am acting scrupulous as well. I have the faith either way, I do not condone violence however these games and shows involve violence. I abhor parts of the show yet admire some of the aspects of God shown
A Xt3 Member replied at 11:36am on February 9th 2019 report reply

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