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A Xt3 Member asked at 9:05am on August 20th 2017

Is there any way of speaking with a priest online privately? Not for a confession but a small amount of life advice.

My circumstances stop me from being able to seek any form of consolation outside the confessional and inside. I've tried everything over many years just for a few moments for a bit of life advice and I am turned away no matter what I do. I've even prayed for an opportunity and left empty handed. Confession is always left to the last minute prior to mass in my region and every region I have ever visited and so I am rushed through.

Tonight for example I said goodbye to the priest after praying and he was about to start a conversation and it was interrupted by another parishoner who took all of his attention away.

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Hi Camilla, since the sacrament of reconciliation is meant for the confessing and forgiving of sins, what's often called spiritual direction is a different matter - or even the kind of one off one-on-one discussion you are looking for. A lot depends on whether there are people available to do this outside of confession. Have you thought of contacting any religious communities, including monastic ones, in your neighbourhood? It strikes me that you might be able to have that conversation you're looking for with a monk or a sister, just as well as with a priest.

I doubt very much if an online discussion would be what you need, since it's only face to face that whoever you're turning to for advice can get the full picture. Maybe if you're not in a big town you'd be best off to check out on various websites, what are the religious establishments in the nearest big town or city to you. I'm putting you in my list of people I pray for every day, that please God, you can find a good adviser. Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 6:07am on August 30th 2017 reply

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Thank you Fr Brendan,

I tried to reply both messages but one won't allow me. I sincerely thank you for the prayers and your responses.
A Xt3 Member answered at 1:42pm on August 30th 2017 report reply

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Fr Brendan,

I think your prayers may have been answered. I was randomly asked about my success and when answering I said "no I'm still not there yet" the priest answered "keep praying". This gave me a lot of consolation and hope/clarification. Just two words "keep praying".

Thank you. I will say a Rosary for you.
A Xt3 Member answered at 1:27am on September 15th 2017 report reply

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