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Bad spirit demon

A Xt3 Member asked at 11:36am on September 18th 2017
Hi Father

Can a bad spirit or demon attach itself to you if your in the same house where a Oujia board is being used by people if you are not actually taking part or in the same room? Or is it just the people who are taking part in it who are vulnerable?


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Hi James, while I wouldn't be too happy to be in a house where people were using an Ouija board, you may not have any choice in the matter. But an evil spirit can only do us spiritual harm if we freely invite them - which could unfortunately include people who, whether knowingly or not, are dabbling in that Ouija board.

As we know from the New Testament, and from the Church's experience over the centuries, evil spirits can sometimes bother saintly people, but cannot do them moral harm, since that kind of harm only comes from deliberate consent to evil. It strikes me that it's highly unlikely an evil spirit would in any way attach itself to you - there are enough ill-advised people already open to such evil spirits if they're using an Ouija board. But I'd keep up my personal prayer to Jesus, to Our Lady, St Michael the Archangel, my guardian angel and all the saints, to ensure my heart is completely closed to any evil presence, and maybe include those other folks in your prayers.

Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 5:17am on September 29th 2017 reply

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