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Types of business that's acceptable as a child of God

A Xt3 Member asked at 12:43pm on October 13th 2017
Please, I'd like to know what it means in the Church, for a Christian to run a betting or gamble related type of business.
Not a gangster style of business. Somewhat related to this type of online betting via sports game result. Please I need Godly and Biblical answer, inspire of the human view of it.

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Hi Peter, when I was studying politics many years ago, our lecturer pointed out that it was important for good people to get involved or else only bad people would enter politics. Since the Church has never taught that gambling is sinful, there is no reason why a Christian shouldn't be involved in running a betting or gambling business.

I think if you look at a similar situation, Christians also sell alcohol and run bars where alcohol is served. And in my opinion, the approach of a Christian to both kinds of enterprise would be the same. Fully aware of the harm that excessive gambling and excessive drinking can do, they'd try to run their establishments in such a way as to discourage such excessive use - which of course is a misuse - of either of these activities.

In gambling, you often hear about proprietors of gambling establishments fixing the machines or the various games so that they're dishonestly stacked against the gamblers, or that they encourage irresponsible gambling behaviour. So I think it'd be up to a Christian proprietor to do all he or she could to show a pastoral care for problem gamblers, advertise Gamblers Anonymous centres, and so on. The basic Biblical requirement holds for the person providing a gambling service that holds for us all - that we're to love Jesus in the least of our brothers and sisters, including those at risk, morally and spiritually, from excessive gambling (see Mt 25: 31 - 46). Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 2:52am on October 20th 2017 reply

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