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What bible says about betting?

A Xt3 Member asked at 2:32pm on October 27th 2017
An administrator Xt3's Ask a Priest edited this question at 11:15pm on November 6th 2017
Hi everyone, i am from Turkey and i am raised by muslim parents, so i do a few things about religions, but i would like to learn and know more about Christianity, here is my question:

in Islamic doctrines we have a haram, and helal which means sin and halal, so in our actions in the gods eye we are making a halal or haram, so how does Christianity judge that? i mean what is your typical judgments for that?

And my another question is, is it sin to play bettings from websites or in general, is it sin to have an actually earnings from betting games?

(sorry for my bad english)

Best regards.

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Hi Betamik, the Arabic word 'haram' means what is forbidden by Allah ('halal' is its opposite, what is permitted), and includes a range of sins that Christians also regard as seriously sinful, like pre-marital sex or murder. Like Muslims, Christians regard these activities as sinful in God's eye, but also as sinful in themselves - so that every human being is forbidden to commit them. Basically, all Christians are bound to obey the Ten Commandments listed in chapter 20 of the Book of Exodus, which lay out our duties to God (the first 3 commandments) and to our fellow human beings (the last 7 commandments).

Christians are bound not only by the Ten Commandments, but by Jesus' commandment in chapters 13 and 15 of the Gospel of St John to love one another as he has loved us - that is, to be prepared to die for one another - which is what he meant by 'as I have loved you,' since he did die for us. Almost every Surah of the Koran addresses Allah as 'the Merciful,' and you could say that Muslims should be merciful like Allah. There are beautiful echoes of this in some Muslim poets, like the thirteenth century poet Rumi, who wrote that 'God has predestined us eternally for love.' And there are similar words in the great medieval Sufi scholar, Ibn Arabi:

'My beloved, love me!

Love only me, love me with a true heart!

No one is closer to you than I.

Others love you for themselves. But I love only for you.'

Even when our beliefs are different, as Muslims and Christians, nothing can stop us trying to love one another.

As regards betting, maybe it would be better to speak with a Muslim scholar or holy man, since I think the Koran forbids gambling, while for Christians, gambling would only be sinful if we were spending money we should spend on looking after our family or ourselves. Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 11:14pm on November 6th 2017 reply

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