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Prayer and Free Will

A Xt3 Member asked at 6:24am on November 30th 2017
How will God respond to one's prayer about praying for specific person to fall in love with her/him? I am aware that God does not intervene the person's free will. Recently, I've just learned that there is no really the one for each person in this world.

If I am praying to God to open the heart and mind of this particular single man (that I knew personally) to see my feelings and to possibly reciprocate it, am I doing it in a wrong way?

Or should I pray to remove this desire from heart?

How does this differ from praying for a person's conversion?

Thank you.

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Hi Youkai, surely there's nothing wrong with praying for someone to fall in love with you in the hope of your marrying the right person to share your life with in marriage. It's always good to remember that behind every prayer we say, since our prayers are taken up by Jesus to his Father, is the intention of his own prayer in the Garden of Olives: 'Father, let not my will, but yours be done.'

That means what you're praying for is what God knows is best for this man and for yourself. And by praying for that, you're respecting his freedom too, since what you want is his free choice, please God, to share his life with you in matrimony. I'd be inclined to entrust your prayers also to St Rita of Cascia, who's a great saint for obtaining difficult or almost impossible intentions - you'll find plenty prayers to her on the internet.

It's different to praying for someone's conversion, which would be for a person to turn to God - either from a life of serious sin, or towards the true Church founded by Jesus. You're praying for a particular good - your marriage to the right person. And of course even if that prayer isn't answered, because you're praying for whatever is best, including for yourself, we can pray that prayer will be answered in the future, since no prayers are ever wasted. Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 11:18pm on December 13th 2017 reply

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