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A Xt3 Member asked at 6:19pm on December 26th 2017
Hi father,

I've been praying the rosary for some time now, but ever since last week, a voice in my head popped up saying "Mary is a ___" a word I dont want to type out, but its very bad. I'm not sure how to get this voice out of my head. I've been asking God to help me but the voice still persist. I don't think its the devil but also I don't think its coming from me either. I love God and Mary a lot so it makes no sense to me why I would say a thing like that. Sometimes I get scared to pray because I don't it to happen. What do you think I should do?

Thank you.

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Hi Ryan, the first thing to remember is that our imagination isn't under our control the way our mind and our free will is. So that we can bothered by all sorts of thoughts, in your case of bad words directed at Our Lady, but as with any bad thoughts we don't what used to be called 'entertain' them. I often explain that entertaining bad thoughts is a bit like saying to them, come on in and have a cup of coffee'! As long as you don't consciously will this word, it's not a word you choose to use - in fact, the exact opposite, you don't want it. So there's no fault involved. And I think that the less you're bothered by it, the more it'll go away. So of course, keep up your praying. Jesus never prayed more deeply than when, on the Cross, his prayer was interrupted by the horrible insults and curses aimed at him by his enemies. Just like that, the very fact you keep on praying despite this nuisance, the more your prayer is reaching into the Heart of Mary, itself pierced by the sword of all the hatred directed at her.

Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 11:21pm on January 7th 2018 reply

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