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Did I sin!?

A Xt3 Member asked at 9:58am on July 17th 2018

Someone I know told me that I committed a sin because I was forced to convert to the LDS (Mormon) Church when I was nine years old. I converted with my parents, and because I was nine, had no idea of the magnitude of my decision. I was wondering - is this a sin?

Thank you!

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Hi Christopher, one of the priests I'm living with here at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, is from Korea. And in Korea one day when he was about 8, he heard from his elder sisters that they were all becoming Catholics, along with their parents who had just converted from Buddhism. He remembers being a bit annoyed about this as churchgoing on Sunday meant he missed out on his favourite TV cartoon programme on Sunday mornings! So obviously he wasn't responsible for decisions made on his behalf, and anyone would say that later he'd have to make his own personal commitment to the Catholic faith-which of course he did, and eventually became a priest.

I'm certain that the same held for you-at 9 years old, a child just has to go along with its parents, and you were being obedient to their decision for you. So in no way was that a sin for you. It seems from what you're saying that later you discovered, or rediscovered the Church, which is just great.

I've been on summer courses in the US where some Mormon students were in the classes I was giving. I found them wonderful young people, with deep pro-life views, and similar convictions on most moral issues. Obviously I know nothing about how you grew up, but it could be that you also had some positive experiences with Mormons, and as St Paul puts it, 'we know that in everything God works for good, with those who love him' (Rm 8:28). So you're bringing to the Church all of who you were, including whatever was good in your Mormon experience. Very best, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 4:18pm on August 5th 2018 reply

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