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A Xt3 Member asked at 5:10am on September 5th 2018
An administrator Xt3's Ask a Priest edited this question at 5:48pm on September 6th 2018
Hello Father.

I need an opinion from the church. I have some doubts that I had a relationship with a pentecostal charismatic girl.

I have loved her but in the end, it was hard to put an end to our relationship because they teached heresy that the Holy Spirit manifests itself in laughing, screaming and animal noises, and she said to join their movement.

Well I have read the holy scripture that Jesus Christ has made a single church and their manifestation is demonic. But if we have been in seperate religions, I have been in mortal sin (meaning living with a person that accept heresies)

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Hi Atilla, in an earlier question of yours I mentioned chapter 14 of St Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians, where he speaks of the gift of tongues-but at the end of chapter 12 of the same letter, having just mentioned the various gifts in the Church, including the gift of tongues, he says he's going to speak of 'a more excellent way,' which is that of love-the famous 'hymn to love' of chapter 13.

I don't think you committed a sin because your girlfriend was a Pentecostal charismatic, since it doesn't sound as if you accepted to share in her beliefs. I'm not sure from what you write whether you were living with her in a physical way or were just friends. Obviously it's only in marriage that a couple can live as a married couple, so if-and please forgive me if I'm misunderstanding you-you were doing so, then of course that would have been mortally sinful and you should mention this in the sacrament of confession. The priest will give you God's forgiveness and you can make a whole new start to your life.

Keeping you in my prayers, Fr Brendan
Xt3's Ask a Priest answered at 9:08pm on September 10th 2018 reply

Thank you father for praying for me and for the answer we have been together not living but as a couple i had been curious if we hade been maried it would be a sin living in false belief.
A Xt3 Member replied at 1:17pm on September 11th 2018 report reply

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