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Final Medal Tally

Last updated at 2012-08-13 1:55AM

The 2012 London Olympic Games has come to a close. Here are the top 10 countries on the medal tally - however we all know that the true heros did not necessarily receive a medal. Rather everyone who put in their best efforts to represent their nation, should be proud.

Congratulations to all the athletes!

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Update from The Joshua Camp

Last updated at 2012-08-09 2:14AM

The Joshua Camp has taken London by storm, creating a joyful Catholic presence during the Olympic and Paralympic Games! Here are some great photos from the Camp - you can see more on Facebook.

Mass with Bishop Kieran Conry

Fr Simon Penhalagan, President of the Sion Community, Britain’s leading Catholic community for Evangelization.

We were priveleged to have various priests from different countries concelebrating Mass.

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2012 Paralympics Games - Meet the Superhumans

Published at 2012-08-05 11:38PM

Watch this inspiring video to meet the Superhumans... the stars of the London 2012 Paralympic Games!

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Update on the Olympic Medal Talley

Published at 2012-08-02 2:33AM

China is leading the charge with 17 Olympic Gold Medals (as of 1 August 2012)! But it is still early, and there are plenty more opportunities for medals to come.

Here are some of the top countries so far. You can see the full medal talley on the official Olympic website.

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Thank You for Praying for The Joshua Camp!

Published at 2012-08-01 2:41AM

The Joshua Camp begins today! From the 1st -13th August, The Joshua Camp will be running during the Olympics in London, bringing a Catholic presence to the event. Xt3 has been praying, along with people from all around the globe, for the success of the event. We wish them luck!

Find out more at:

Here is a message from the team at The Joshua Camp for all those who have helped them pray for the event.

Dear Intercessors,

What a journey we are making! When some of started praying for this project, the Joshua Camp was a vision existing only in a few Word documents on people's computers probably with a concept drawing of the logo with it. Now 18 months later, the team is moving very real things to a very real location and people all over the world are packing their bags to catch their flights to London. We have so much to be thankful for. We are in the final preparation phase and we ask for the prayers to be flowing constantly now and during the camp.

We have seen God's faithfulness throughout the whole journey, God has made a way where there were none and here we are, ready to witness of God's love to all who come to London, well, almost ready. Here are our final prayer points before the camp starts:

Administration - due to a delay in getting the information needed for The Joshua Camp in terms of registration and organising the Outreach teams and their placements the people working on this now have a lot of detailed work to do in a VERY short space of time. Please pray for the Lord to continue to give them the grace and joy they have so far experienced in this task, for protection and peace for each person affected!

Outreaches - as the final details for the Outreach projects come together an exciting new possibility of a major Community festival around the Closing Ceremony has come up - please pray for the team getting this together at the very last minute - for the permissions, funding and logistics to come together for what feels like a 'Holy Spirit Initiative'...if it is pulled off this will be a fantastic conclusion to The Joshua Camp - but at this stage there is a lot to organise with very little time.

For the Participants - with the team The Joshua Camp now has a total of just under 200 participants from 14 different nations. Please pray for safe journeys for them all and for each person as they journey through the training programme and the outreach week. Please pray for a joy and love among The Joshua Camp 'Community' as it develops and ministers together.

For the Team - please pray for all those who are serving and leading The Joshua Camp - there are a total of about 79 people who will be serving the participants in some way. Many of us are joining now in serious fasting and prayer so welcome the many prayers of our intercessors - perhaps you can consider fasting in some way too as we approach the kick off?! The set up in the school officially begins on the 28th July and 1st August the participants shall arrive! We also pray in a special way for the leadership during the camp. We ask the Lord for a special anointing for them, to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in small and great decisions and to be trusted and respected in their leadership roles.

For the Outreach Venues - please pray for all those teams working hard at the Outreach projects - for their final preparations as they finalise their programmes, begin their outreaches (many begin with the start of the Olympics before we will join them) and get ready to welcome The Joshua Camp teams between the 5th-12th August. Visit for a full programme of the projects that are happening - why not ask the Lord to put a particular project on your heart to intercede for?

For all those we will meet and minster to - please pray for all those we will meet during the outreaches whoever they may be and wherever they may be from. Please pray for divine appointments, for the guidance of the spirit so that many hearts may be deeply touched by God's love in this time.

Several words have come in recently that I feel are especially for this time of transfer between preparation phase and the camp actually taking place. There are three common themes in those words I would like us to pray through.

  1. Trust in the Lord, trust in His victory over all the 'giants' we may still encounter
  2. Be surprised by God. During preparation phase, a careful planning was good and necessary, now is the time to surrender ourselves and all our plans to God more deeply and abandon ourselves to Him. 'Staying on top of things' may have become second nature to some who are preparing for the camp in any way, the challenge in prayer is now to let go and let God.
  3. Joy! It is the desire of God's heart that The Joshua Camp should take place, so let all of us reflect that love and enthusiasm and be truly joyful.
I thank you all for your prayers. Many who are on the Intercession Team cannot be there in person, but you're not any less a part of The Joshua Camp because of it. In the coming weeks, the team, the participants, the speakers, the parishes, the people in London, need the prayers of the Intercession Team the most. To connect us in special way we ask everyone to pray the Our Father at 20:12 local team each day when possible. If everyone prays at their local time, this chain of prayer goes round the world. Please invite people to join us in this prayer initiative. Stay united in prayer.

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