Inauguration of Pope Francis

The Inauguration of Pope Francis, which took place on 19 March 2013 at 9:30am in Rome, was streamed live on Xt3! All the footage from the Inauguration ceremony and Mass is now available on-demand.

Pope's first Angelus: God never gets tired of forgiving

Published at 2013-03-18 4:52AM

On Sunday, Pope Francis celebrated his first Angelus. With thousands of cheering pilgrims, he reflected on the Gospel, emphasizing that God never gets tired of forgiving, but rather it's people who get tired of asking for forgiveness. The Pope also talked about a book Cardinal Walter Kapser wrote, which focuses on mercy.

“Recently, I read a book authored by Cardinal Kasper, who is a great theologian. It deals with mercy and it has helped me quite a bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to publicize the writings of my cardinals. God understands us. He waits for us. He doesn't get tired of forgiving us, if we repent and go to him with a truly open heart.”

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Pope Francis on Mass Media

Last updated at 2013-03-17 11:30PM

Addressing the media as “dear friends”, on Saturday 16 March 2013 Pope Francis spoke of how the role of mass media continues to grow and how it is indispensible for telling the stories of contemporary society.

The Pope thanked the media for the service they have rendered over these past days, jokingly remarking on how hard the media has been working.

He spoke about the complexity of recounting historical events like the election of a pope and of how important it is to present such an event in the light of Faith.

Visit this report from the Vatican to read more!

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Pope´s First Mass: "Without the Cross, we are no longer disciples of the Lord"

Published at 2013-03-14 11:13PM

Pope Francis concluded his first Mass inside the Sistine Chapel. Gone were the tables where the cardinals had voted to elect him. The Chapel was instead set up to for the ceremony, under the work of Michelangelo.

During his first homily, the Pope explained that Christianity is based on three pillars, carrying, building and confessing the faith. He also said that to be Christian, one has to open up to the suffering we find in life.

Click here to read the full text of Pope Francis' first homily as Pope!

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Statement from Cardinal George Pell

Last updated at 2013-03-14 7:29PM


Cardinal Pell has warmly welcomed and is delighted with the new Holy Father, Pope Francis.

Cardinal Pell said: "The Catholic Church has her first non-European pope since the eighth century.

"Pope Francis is also the first pope from South America and the first pope to take the name St Francis of Assisi, an important and symbolic decision.

"He is also the first pope to be elected from the Jesuit order, which was founded by Ignatius of Loyola and which was the major force in the Counter Reformation and in restoring the faith across Europe.

"These are all happy omens which were reflected in the enthusiasm of the immense crowd of people in St Peter's Square for the announcement of the news.

"The church has a new father, a new successor of Peter.

"He is a man of wide pastoral experience who has lived through very difficult times in Argentina during periods of military rule and financial turmoil."

The Cardinal said he was excited and looks forward to the future with confidence as we have a pope of acknowledged piety and proven orthodoxy who has shown an ability to take decisions, and hard decisions.

"He will support national hierarchies in the struggle against sexual abuse, giving priority to victims and one of his first tasks will be to examine the three hundred-page report on the workings of the Vatican by the three cardinals.

"God has blessed the church and I am sure that allAustralian Catholics will continue in their loyalty to the papacy and to the new pope."

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Bishops of Australia react to new Pope

Published at 2013-03-14 6:33AM

Only hours after hearing the announcement of our new Pope, listen to the first reactions from some of the Bishops of Australia!

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