Inauguration of Pope Francis

The Inauguration of Pope Francis, which took place on 19 March 2013 at 9:30am in Rome, was streamed live on Xt3! All the footage from the Inauguration ceremony and Mass is now available on-demand.

We Have a Pope! Habemus Papam!

Last updated at 2013-03-13 6:23PM

White Smoke has just been seen billowing out of the Vatican chimney at 7.06pm Rome Time! This means a pope has been elected we do not know yet which cardinal has been chosen , more news to come soon.

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The Most Famous Seagull Ever?

Last updated at 2013-03-13 5:37PM

A seagull has positioned itself on the Vatican chimney and will be the first one to know if a new pope has been elected!

If you are having trouble watching the live stream please go to:

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Trouble with Live Stream?

Last updated at 2013-03-13 5:16PM

If you are having watching the live stream at the moment, please go to:

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Conclave Day 2 - Morning Votes Produce Black Smoke, No Pope

Last updated at 2013-03-13 10:59AM

The second and third rounds of voting have taken place during the Papal Conclave. Once again black smoke was seen from the Sistine Chapel chimney, indicating that we still do not have a Pope!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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When to Look Out for White Smoke - Papal Conclave Schedule

Last updated at 2013-03-13 9:00AM

Here is the daily program for the Papal Conclave!

— 7:45 a.m. (Rome time): Cardinals travel to the Pauline Chapel.
— 8:15 a.m. (Rome time): Mass in the Pauline Chapel.
— 9:30 a.m. (Rome time): Prayer in the Sistine Chapel, voting starts. THIS IS 7.30 PM for Sydney Daylight Saving Time.
— 12:30 p.m. (Rome time): Cardinals retire to their hotel for lunch.
— 4 p.m. (Rome time): Cardinals return to the Sistine Chapel.
— 4:50 p.m. (Rome time): Voting in the Sistine Chapel. THIS IS 2.50AM for Sydney Daylight Saving Time
— 7:15 p.m. (Rome time): Prayer in the Sistine Chapel.
— 7:30 p.m. (Rome time): Cardinals return to their hotel.

After every three full days of voting, the cardinals break for a day of prayer and reflection, then resume for another three days. The first pause will be on Saturday if no pope has been selected before that.

Smoke will emerge from the chimney once at the end of the morning session — about 12 p.m. (10.00pm Sydney)— and again at the end of the afternoon session — about 7 p.m. (5.00am Sydney) But if an earlier vote yields a pope, white smoke would emerge at that time, ending the conclave.

Once white smoke emerges from the chimney, a bell at the St. Peter's Basilica rings. Within an hour, the man who was selected emerges onto the balcony and his identity is known.

CLICK HERE for the full conclave timetable in Sydney times.

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