Inauguration of Pope Francis

The Inauguration of Pope Francis, which took place on 19 March 2013 at 9:30am in Rome, was streamed live on Xt3! All the footage from the Inauguration ceremony and Mass is now available on-demand.

Cardinal Pell at Titular Church, Asks for Prayers for Conclave

Last updated at 2013-03-12 10:46PM

Cardinal George Pell met with parishioners from his titular church in Rome on Sunday before the start of the conclave to elect the next pope. Parrocchia di Santa Maria Domenica Mozzarello is in a working community about thirty minutes from Rome. Cardinal Pell has been visiting the church since being made a Cardinal and is fondly welcomed by parishioners. Following mass he spoke about the meetings of the past week with the other Cardinals and what lies ahead for them.

Cardinal Pell also left a special message for members of Xt3 - keep listening towards the end of this interview!

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Interview with John McCarthy, Australian Ambassador to the Holy See

Published at 2013-03-11 11:57PM

John McCarthy, KCSG, Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, talks about the Embassy's plans during the Papal Conclave and the election of the new Pope.

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Fr. Tom Rosica talks about the Purpose of the Congregations before the Conclave

Last updated at 2013-03-12 12:02AM

Founder of Toronto's Salt + Light Television Fr Tom Rosica is assisting in the Holy See Press Office with English translations. Here he explains what is discussed by the Cardinals at Congregations.

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History of Papal Conclaves

Last updated at 2013-03-11 9:36PM

During the 20th century, the length of papal Conclaves has never exceeded 5 days. On the basis of this precedent, we can expect to have a new Pope by the end of the week!

Take a look at these interesting statistics from Salt+Light TV.

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Preparing For The Conclave - Comments from Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney

Last updated at 2013-03-11 8:36PM

By Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney
This column was published in Sydney's Sunday Telegraph newspaper on 10 March 2013.

Last week the cardinals from around the world met in the Vatican to discuss who should succeed Pope Benedict XVI.

The atmosphere is quite different from that which followed the death of Pope John Paul eight years ago; then celebrated by an immense outpouring of grief.

This time the Church is steadying itself after the surprise abdication, wounded by the sexual abuse scandals and embarrassed by the Vatileaks and public blunders.

The Cardinals are now acknowledging and facing up to these challenges, keen to support local policing of sexual abuse but Communism is gone, we are not facing another Protestant Reformation and not caught up in a world war.

The continuing erosion of social capital in the Western world has resulted in rising unbelief and declining Church practice. Christians are persecuted by religious extremists in an area stretching from West Africa, through Egypt to Pakistan. But First World losses are balanced by spectacular growth in Africa, steady missionary progress in some parts of Asia such as South Korea and China and the colossus of Latin America which already contains half of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics and continues strong despite the progress of Protestant sects. The report card is mixed. Media attacks are sharper and more regular, but the Church has passed through many worse periods in its 2000 year history and will continue unbroken through these storms.

The cardinals met every morning and on some afternoons. Only those under eighty years of age will vote at the conclave in the Sistine Chapel, but about forty cardinals over eighty have come for the early discussions.

Many are much reduced physically, but they have made important contributions to the discussion. It is wonderful to see how energized they have become by the opportunity to participate and contribute to this decision making, which is vital not only for the Catholic Church, but for all Christianity and especially for the well being of Europe in its demographic and spiritual decline.

On Wednesday evening the cardinals gathered for an hour of prayer in St. Peter's Basilica in the chapel dedicated to the teacher's chair of St. Peter, the first pope. It is surmounted by a magnificent oval window symbolizing the Holy Spirit, God's presence among us. I was ordained a priest in that chapel nearly 50 years ago.

At both these papal elections I have been touched by the faith and prayerfulness of the "cardinal electors", who vow to God they will vote for the best candidate.

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