Schedule for the Inauguration Mass of Pope Francis

Published at 2013-03-19 1:30AM
Last updated at 2013-03-19 3:30AM

The Inauguration of the Petrine Ministry of Pope Francis will take place on 19 March 2013. Here is the full schedule of events:

Before the Mass begins there are the rites specific to the beginning of the Bishop of Rome's Petrine Ministry, including: imposition of the Pallium, presentation of the Fisherman’s Ring, and the act of obedience.

The Mass will be that of the Solemnity of St. Joseph. Click here to download the Mass booklet.

At the end of the celebration, and after removing the Liturgical vestments, the Pope will go to the Basilica’s high altar, before which he will greet the heads of the official delegations from various countries who will pass before him. He will then go to the Domus Sanctae Marthae for lunch.

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godwin Blair kisomose
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godwin Blair kisomose wrote at 4:07am on March 19th 2013
thanks mary! all the best
Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 7:18am on March 19th 2013
God Bless Pope Francis!!!!

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