Year of Youth 2018

Xt3's Top Tips

Tip 1

If you would like contribute to a discussion thread, you will need to join the group first. It's really worthwhile joining a couple of groups that you may be interested in, so you can start posting comments as much as you like!

Once you've joined some groups, you'll see a new title 'my discussions' on the left hand side of your updates page.  When you click on my discussions, It'll show you all the latest posts in the groups that you have joined.

Tip 2

On your profile page, when you update your current status (by clicking on "update" in blue beneath 'current status') all your friends receive a notification with the update, so it can be a great way of letting friends know what you're up to & telling  them that you are online.

Tip 3

If you read a post you like (in a discussion thread on a group), click on 'I Like this' underneath the post. You will be given the option to include a comment about the post

Your 'I like this' will then be sent to whoever posted the comment, showing up on their updates page near the top of the left hand column

Go on - next time you read a post you that you like, give whoever posted it a nice surprise for when they next log on to Xt3...

Tip 4

You can see the birthdays of all your friends in the week leading up to their birthdays -
on the updates page, down the left hand side column (near the Saint's day). This doesn't include the year of your birth...just the day.

Tip 5

When a friend posts a message on the ‘Message Board' on your profile page, you will see the option ‘One to One' underneath the message. If you click on ‘One to One', it will show the full conversation thread between yourself and your friend.

Tip 6

If you would like to invite people to an event listed on Xt3, you must join the event first. Once you have joined that event, scroll over the little icons underneath the event name, and there will be an option to ‘invite' your friends to join the event also. You can only invite members of Xt3 if they are on your friend list.

Tip 7

If you ever have a doubt or concern, let us know by clicking on the ‘Feedback' option, which falls under the ‘Home' tab on the top menu bar.