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What is iSeek?
iSeek is an exciting youth group at St Charbel’s Maronite Catholic parish, offering truth and experience to young people. It provides an opportunity for young people to come together, united in faith, to come closer to Jesus Christ and build a real and personal relationship with Him.

Who is iSeek for?
iSeek is for young people aged between 14-22.

Where and when does iSeek meet?
iSeek meet on every second Tuesday in the Mary
MacKillop Hall, located on top of the St Charbel's College administration building (142 Highclere Ave, Punchbowl).

Why should I come to iSeek?
iSeek is an opportunity for you to:
- Seek God and come to know Him more deeply
- Meet other young people who are also seeking God
- Hear and experience the truth
- Love others as Christ loved
- Put life into perspective
- Live in the world but not of the world
- Better discern your vocation
- Come closer to Jesus in the Eucharist
- Engage more deeply with prayer and scripture
- Learn how to defend the faith

Created by:
Anthony Ndaira at 4:27am on July 9th 2013
Event type:
Event host:
St Charbel's Youth Assoication
When is it?:
2018/9/4 19:30 - 21:00
Repeat Fortnightly on Tuesday until 2018-12-01
Where is it?:
142 Highclere Ave, Punchbowl, Sydney, Australia, 2196

Anthony Ndaira

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