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Beginning in 2001, Guardians has since become the largest parish organised Catholic talks in Sydney delivering great Catholic talks dealing with spiritual, theological and controversial topics.

Every 2nd Wednesday @ St Charbel's Church you are invited to come and listen to great Catholic speakers whilst they attract a flock of faithful to learn, love and live the Catholic faith in a blessed environment, fostering a great spiritual and social atmosphere.

So why the need for Guardians?

Our life is a struggle. A true battle to save our souls in order to live eternally in Heaven with our Creator. All must face this struggle but not all win the battle.

The problem these days is that people don’t know what weapons God has given us and how to use them in order for us to win this battle.

Many think that the battle is in the streets but really it is within us. Jesus said: “Don’t fear those who can kill the body, but those who can kill the soul.” The problem with many is that they commit spiritual suicide with out knowing it. They reject what God has given to them for their own benefit. Unfortunately they do not know better.

Guardians has been formed to teach all people, especially young people, the authentic Catholic faith. The Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ in order to carry on His mission to save souls and He also gave it the authority and means for it to do so.

Guardians wants to strengthen people in the faith so that they can lead lives pleasing to God in accordance with His will. Doing God’s will brings peace and happiness in this world and in the next.

Guardians also desires to give people options to help them in their daily struggle to lead good lives. Guardians wishes to provide Catholic support and solutions to your needs and to direct you to the right authorities in order to make informed decisions.

The demands upon religious these days are enormous, and they have not been able to reach out to all people, especially the youth. Guardians is designed to support the clergy in instructing the youth and to bring back “the lost sheep”.

Guardians Quick Info
Who: St Charbel's Youth Association
What: Catholic talks (Spiritual, Theological, Controversial)
When: Fortnightly on Wednesday nights
Where: St Charbel's Parish (Saint Mary MacKillop Hall)
Why: To learn, love and live the Catholic faith

Created by:
Anthony Ndaira at 4:35am on July 9th 2013
Event type:
Event host:
St Charbel's Youth Assoication
When is it?:
2017/11/22 20:00 - 21:30
Repeat Fortnightly on Wednesday until 2018-01-01
Where is it?:
142 Highclere Ave, Punchbowl, Sydney, Australia, 2196

Anthony Ndaira

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