Year of Youth 2018

ACYF Music Workshop

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival has always been a platform to nurture new and evolving talent in young people, and this new initiative is no exception. An ACYF music workshop has been an idea that has evolved from the very beginning of Festival dreaming.

So this year, it becomes a reality, a music workshop weekend will be held in Sydney on 6 and 7 May. Registrations open soon.
SAVE THE DATE: 6-7 MAY in Sydney.

The aim of this workshop is to attract local young talent and provide coaching and technique training pulling in a variety of professional musicians across various styles to assist these young people to fine tune their skills.

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Laura Cain at 11:20pm on April 10th 2017
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2017 May 6th 0:00 - 7th 1:00
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Laura Cain

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