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Let's Pray Sydney

We live in a vastly different world to the one in which our grandparents grew up. The way we communicate on a daily basis has undergone seismic changes. There is a mixed reaction to the Sacred. A certain yearning and openness mixed in with an easy default to mockery and ridicule. Many times our own sins have been to blame for that.

The Church has been through a period of intense external scrutiny, scandal and scourging. We are now left with a purged and humble church, weak in numbers but strong in faith.

Sydney is one of the best cities in the world yet itself deals daily with a large number of threats. We are high on the list of terror targets. We have large numbers of homeless and otherwise vulnerable people living in our suburbs. Loneliness, depression and other diseases are rampant. Our suicide rates are high and there is a strong push to make doctors assist with suicide.

We all believe there is great power in prayer. And the power of collective prayer is greater still. I ask you to pray for our great city and its inhabitants.

#LetsPraySydney is an open invitation through social media to all people to pray for Sydney, a task which we begin on May the 13th. I hope it can start a conversation about prayer and help introduce prayer into your daily life.

On this hashtag we can discuss
how you pray
what you pray for
where you pray
your experience of prayer
difficulties in prayer
who you pray with

I hope this social media endeavour can serve as a springboard to the forming of networks and links with different groups who will dedicate our city to God and provide support to its inhabitants through the communion of the saints.

What can you do?

1. Sign up to twitter and ask your friends and family too. Follow a few #LetsPraySydney hashtag users.

2. Beginning May 13th use the #LetsPraySydney hashtag to share some aspect of prayer or post a message/ picture or short personal video promoting the hashtag to Facebook and Twitter.

3. On the 13th make multiple tweets during the day using the hashtag #LetsPraySydney and say a prayer for Sydney before you tweet. Aim to get it trending so that it will reach many more. Use hoot suite to pre-schedule posts if necessary.

4. Retweet good content with the same hashtag.

5. Connect with like minded people using the hashtag near you and form prayer networks praying for your locality.

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Xt3 .com at 4:08am on May 9th 2017
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Bishop Umbers
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2017 May 13th 0:00 - 1:00
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Sydney, Australia

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