Makrana Marble Export From India.

The Marble Industry has grown worldwide. Therefore to connect the buyers and sellers of marble I am come up with an online platform "The Marble Guru works as a team which focuses on providing all the information related to marble. We aim at connecting you to the best dealers, keeping in mind your requirements. Katni marble, Makrana marble, Italian marble, Vietnam marble, granite etc, just name it and we promise to serve your requirements. Here on this online platform, we aim at doing complete justice to your needs whether it’s for construction or architectural projects.
Our intention is to share valuable information about marble, its types, its usage, its origin and much more. We have a panel of experts and professionals related to the industry who will always be available to serve you with the correct information. Apart from spreading the awareness about this wonder stone, we are also happy to solve visitors’ queries. Visitors are encouraged to post their queries here to get reliable solutions.
At Marble Guru, our endeavor is to create the world’s largest marble online directory to connect marble sellers, manufacturers, distributors, mine owners, stone tools manufacturers and suppliers and much more. We are growing our database to give you the maximum advantage.
Marble export from India

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