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Palms 99th Cross-Cultural Orientation Course

Volunteering or working overseas in 2018? Want to be a better cross-cultural communicator at work, when travelling, or in the community? Registrations for Palms Australia's 2018 Pre-Departure Orientation Course are now open.

Pre-departure preparation is an important part of making an effective contribution overseas. Whether working in development, diplomacy or business, the impact of miscommunication across cultures should not be underestimated. A small early investment in preparation when working in a new culture can have an invaluable impact.

Palms Australia has been providing pre-departure training for cross-cultural workers since 1961. Our expert-lead training courses use a variety of dynamic teaching methods to keep the learning useful, memorable, professional and fun.

Our training provides you with practical skills to help you communicate effectively and keep safe in a new culture. You'll also learn strategies for self-care, adapting to a new culture and managing relationships.

We invite anyone preparing to work or volunteer in a new culture to join our eight-day Orientation Course in Bowral, NSW from 6-14 January, 2018. To secure your place, please follow the link on this page to our website.

If you wish to participate or would like to enquire about a private workshop, please complete the form on our website, email or call us on (02) 9560 5333.

We hope to see you there!

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Kevin Wilson at 4:17am on December 12th 2017
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Palms Australia
When is it?:
2018 Jan 6th 8:00 - 14th 16:00
Where is it?:
Hartzer Park, Wollongong, Australia

Kevin Wilson

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