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Ashwin Acharya




A.A. Ensemble [LIVE] @ the Yeppoon Little Theatre, 21st January 2018

My name is Ashwin Acharya, and I am in my fourth year of studies and formation for the Priesthood, for the Diocese of Rockhampton. My parents still live in Yeppoon where I grew up, and I have a tradition of throwing a little concert (usually for charity, e.g. to support the local St Vincent de Paul Society's work). Last year I did not put on a show, but this year I feel called to.

The music is informed by my faith and forms my faith. But it is soft-hard rock fusion accessible to a secular audience. The theme for this year's gig is 'The deepest depth on earth is the human heart.' I would be overjoyed if any Catholics in the area came. Ticket prices and further information will be confirmed soon.

I hope to see you there. Please pray the concert is a success in penetrating the hearts with the light of Christ and the love for all God's people.

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Ashwin Emmanuel Acharya at 12:22am on January 3rd 2018
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Ashwin Acharya
When is it?:
2018 Jan 21st 18:00 - 22:00
Where is it?:
Little Theatre 64 William Street, Yeppoon, Australia, 4703

Ashwin Emmanuel Acharya

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