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Ignite Conference 18: "EMPTY"

Ignite Conference is a national Catholic youth conference held in Brisbane every September.

Every year it draws 1500+ adults, students, kids, ministry leaders, teachers, priests and religious.

It’s about encountering Jesus Christ and the Church, experiencing dynamic faith, being equipped for living the Christian life, and being empowered to impact the Church and the world.

Since it began in 2001, Ignite Conference has grown to become the largest Catholic conference for young people in Australia. It has drawn people from every state of Australia plus New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Ireland, East Timor, Thailand, Malaysia and The Philippines.

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Xt3 .com at 3:43pm on July 2nd 2018
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Ignite Youth
When is it?:
2018 Sep 27th 0:00 - 30th 1:00
Where is it?:
75 Morris Rd, Rothwell, Brisbane, Australia

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