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Be Awake: The National Catholic Mens Conference

MenALIVE and the Young Men of God Movement (YMG), brilliantly supported by Sydney Catholic Youth and the MGL Priests and Brothers have united to host a life changing event for the men of this nation. The time has come to bring together over 30 years of powerful ministry experience and capability led by the most passionate and dedicated leadership team ever assembled in men’s ministry. The conference will bring the very best of MenAlive’s hugely successful MAX conference, and the unrivalled strength of the Young Men of God National Conference.

There is nothing like the journey of growing in faith alongside your brothers. There will be great speakers, worship, prayer, sacraments, sports and brotherhood time. It is a space which will allow men to encounter Jesus Christ, be it the first time or a renewal. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen our faith and grow in Gods call and challenge for our lives.

Be inspired, be transformed. This will be an extraordinary event THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Xt3 .com at 6:15pm on September 23rd 2018
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menALIVE and Young Men of God Movement
When is it?:
2018 Oct 19th 18:00 - 21st 14:00
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51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops, Australia, 2508
Wollongong, Australia
Broken Bay, Australia
Parramatta, Australia

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