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#2354     Midterm Report: 7 Key Points from Synod on the Family

Sister Maria PCC & Co
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Sister Maria PCC & Co wrote at 8:24am on October 20th 2014
The synod of the media has certainly begun! With you! The good Cardinal in question is called Peter Erdo..

#2353     Synod 'Of the Media' Has Begun - Keep Informed!

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 12:27pm on October 15th 2014
Here is a link to the released document for those interested in reading from the source.

I feel for priests who at this time are no doubt having to deal with people's difficult situations and who are faced with the attitude that Church teachings and disciplines have now been changed.

May the Synod Fathers be guided by the Holy Spirit.

#2352     Synod 'Of the Media' Has Begun - Keep Informed!

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 8:12am on October 15th 2014
The hypocrisy of both the so called conservative and orthodox and progressive Catholics is sadly unsurprising. The media is twisting it both in Orthodox and Progressive outlets. Neither side has the spine to address the real issues of the Church, being unmarried people over 30 and the mental health epidemic, instead it's easy to focus on gay debates.

#2351     Catholic Singles: The Forgotten Amoung the Faithful

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 8:12am on October 14th 2014
So true Catholic unmarrieds who are non religious, non clergy and no kids are the most ignored abandoned people in the Church.

#2350     Challenges Facing Families Today - a Reflection from Archbishop-elect of Sydney Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP

Krystyna Wielechowska
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Krystyna Wielechowska wrote at 4:31am on October 13th 2014
In context of the Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher letter is worth to note that the dramatic decline of Catholic upbringing and quintessential Catholic morale identity is due to the Catholic Church lack of true teaching and subsequent changes to the Holy Sacraments and prayers .We the Catholics don't have any more real Catholic schools , hospitals or real Catholic care. Although there are institutions of this kind under Catholic umbrella but in reality they don't have anything to do with real Catholic values, these are imitations or facades of the Catholic identity but nothing more and as such they do not have the grounds to be called Catholic. The Catholic Churches quite often are obscure and downgraded , promote deliberate lack of beauty in a Holy place which in turn becomes uninviting and indifferent .However If we love the Lord then we love His Church and we want It to be l filled with beauty which reflects our inner longing to surround Our Lord',s house with most precious gifts as a beauty is a sign of God . Ven Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said:" When the Catholic Church dropped Sacrament of Confession the Psychology picked it up ,when the rosary was dropped the Jewelry Industry piked it up ,when the Church dropped its teaching on evil,satanic organisations skyrocketed".Society in a whole is a reflection of political power and the strength of Catholic Faith . Unfortunately the later is not considered any more as formidable opponent and It had been dropped from political consideration hence the attack on family,on our youth and forceful introduction of gender ideology .Enemy of the Catholic Church never sleeps it take roots in these areas which had been vacated by the Church.

#2349     Historical Accounts of the Resurrection

Reverend Father Mick Mac Andrew
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Reverend Father Mick Mac Andrew wrote at 3:05am on September 22nd 2014
Thanks for the debate, I found it very good to hear Raphael's negative arguments for the historicity of the Resurrection which centred on the Gospels being 'forged' or 'doctored'.
Fr Matt's counter argument that Christianity has survived - and is therefore true, despite Christians is the better one of course.

Charles Rice's article is very good and so I have made copies to place in the back of our parish church.

Once again, thanks for giving us the opportunity to hear such a lively debate.

#2348     "Free the Children" - A Discussion About Children in Immigration Detention & Why We Should Care

Tony Robertson
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Tony Robertson wrote at 8:42pm on September 21st 2014
I joined this campaign yesterday at the Cathedral of t Stephen in Brisbane. See my images and blog at

#2347     "An Idolatrous Conflict" - Bishop Peter Comensoli comments on the Conflict in Iraq

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 9:42am on September 10th 2014
I understand the need for bishops to be responsible in what they say and how they say it so that they don't instigate retributions.

So, being a lay man I might go ahead and say that I think there is too much political correctness that goes on with these things and a spade is called anything but a spade. If the war waged by ISIS is not a religious war, then what would a religious war look like?

I agree that the situation perhaps involves a number of factors including politics. But clearly the underlying mechanism by which this evil is able to come into existence and then to be maintained and even expand can be attributed to aspects of the Islamic faith. The fact is that the Islamic faith permits (I might even say 'condones') violence as a means by which one empowers and spreads the Muslim faith.

Perpetuating ignorance about certain aspects of the Muslim faith by sidestepping the issues through political correctness isn't much good. The blood of innocence is flowing in the Middle East and we're here in the West concerned about saying anything that might upset Muslims.

How are Muslims to ever see the beauty of the Christian faith if, when they butcher our faithful we don't point out the flaws of their faith that allows such barbarism, but rather we blush and say politely that it must not be anything to do with the Muslim faith but rather only some self-appointed group of "hot heads".

I fear that western Christians will continue in their blissful pathetic ignorance until they become minority groups in their once Christian countries.

#2346 Wins Two Awards at ACPA 2014!

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 11:29am on September 6th 2014
A big congrats to you guys at Xt3!!

#2345     Ask a Priest - How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a day?

Marc Grimer
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Marc Grimer wrote at 12:56pm on August 23rd 2014
I am curious why so many believe you can't receive communion twice in one day even if you are attending Mass a second time. Has the guideline changed in recent years, then? Marc.

#2344     The Blessings Project - Video Reflection on the Beatitudes

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 2:38am on August 23rd 2014
Hello-This is a music video I made with my son-The song, obviously, is based on the Beatitudes and other scripture. Please listen, share, and comment if you like.
If you like the video and would like to use the song in your band, or share it with others, feel free to reach me at:

#2343     Saints Who Suffered from Depression

Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 10:36pm on August 17th 2014
Well said Tara.

#2342     Saints Who Suffered from Depression

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 9:04am on August 15th 2014
Before any self righteous religious person points the finger at Robin Williams or others who have died by their own hand, have they themselves met their neighbour in need? Especially in Churches and other community places. When was the last time the finger pointer has taken a casserole to an unmarried person? When was the last time they offered to check their plumbing? When did they last ask the young mother or father out for coffee or invite them to dinner? When did they offer to babysit a young couples kids so the couple could have a 'date night'? When did they invite a person on their own over for Christmas/Easter and make sure they weren't alone at Mass!!! THIS IS ALL RELATED, ok one size doesn't fit all, but we need to stop palming depressed people off to shrinks and medications without doing a bit of community outreach (in a non patronising way) first.

#2341     Memories of Cardinal Clancy, Former Archbishop of Sydney

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 2:19pm on August 9th 2014
Brilliant short of snippets from his life. The music was JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

#2340     Sydney's Christians Protest ‘Silent Genocide’ Taking Place in Iraq and Syria

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 9:10am on August 4th 2014
Great banner here but I have one suggestion: perhaps they should replace the name "Assyrians" with "Christians" ? because Isis is also Assyrian as they are as much Iraqis as are the Christian and other populations in that location. That by no means excuses the atrocious behaviour of Isis cos they are in reality just fascists - well acting like fascists anyhow! Nonetheless, they are Iraqis all the same but they, unlike those who do not side with them, just happen to be full of control-freak mentality and are hell-bent on lording it over everyone else there.

The history if Christianity, Islam and indeed Catholicism in this geo-region is an overtly complex one. There are in fact many multilateral complementarities and juxtapositions between these histories that it is really hard to draw clear-cut conclusions as to the precise ins and outs of the intricate matrix of interrelationships between these histories but what we know for sure is that the current conflict is overtly about monopolization of political power in the hands of an elite few who have a very specific and uncompromisingly strict agenda, namely that anyone who does not agree wholeheartedly with that agenda is considered an unwelcome 'foe', irrespective of any prior historical and cultural coexistential dynamics and sovreignties. This kind of attitude is undoubtedly the hallmark of a totalitarian regime which again helps us to understand and appreciate something of the enormity and sheer intolerance and ill-will fated upon those who do not fit the ideological criteria for belonging to the country of Iraq under this regime. The question here is more that the extreme Islamist state wants to ensure every inhabitant ideologically supports it and it alone. If not, then the state wants to drive out those opposed to it's authoritarian power, and ideologically speaking because Christianity is opposed to dictatorships generally, people who hold to such views are automatically labelled "enemies of the state" by Isis.

This calls for us to come alongside all those who are oppressed and crushed by this terrible civil strife. Our solidarity of prayer and pledge in our hearts and wherever we are able can help to dispel the darkness and bring some measure of hope back into the hearts of those whom have it in daily life as a sheer struggle of spirit and will to survive. The more we lift our intentions on their behalf towards Heaven, the more God will be moving circumstances to the benefit of those whom He has created, whom have their hearts set on Him but whose lives at this time are full of hardship and tragic situations. God also reminds us that for those who mourn in the here and now, later your sorrows will be turned to joy.

#2339     Iraq: Jihadists Expel Monks from Historic Monastery

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 6:28am on July 25th 2014
Sounds like the Crusades re-visited!

#2338     Bishop Tony Palmer, Pope Francis’ Friend, Dies in Motorcycle Crash

Brian L
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Brian L wrote at 2:11am on July 22nd 2014
This is very heart breaking, may his soul rest in peace.

#2337     People Power Forces Wicked Campers to Withdraw Misogynistic Marketing

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 1:11am on July 22nd 2014
Just goes to show though - the very name "Wicked Campers" says it all! What do u expect from someone valorizing wickedness anyhow. One sin just leads to another. The real thrust of the protest should have been against the company name for that in and of itself promotes evil.

#2336     What is the Catholic Church?

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 9:54am on July 18th 2014
Hi, any idea what happened to that article? Thanks.

#2335     Official Logo for World Youth Day 2016, Krakow

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 1:24pm on July 7th 2014

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