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#2160     "All Creation Groans" by Cardinal Schönborn OP

Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 6:58am on May 6th 2013
Hi Mark, we tried to fix this file up as much as we could, but as this was recorded in 2008 for World Youth Day we have to work with what we have and it's not the best. I hope it is better anyway!
Also, if you click on "download this audio track" it is a bit better quality. Hope this helps :)

#2159     Outrage over Euthanasia Advocate Philip Nitschke and Killing Machine

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 6:34am on May 6th 2013
Go the AMA!!!

#2158     Ask a Priest - What is God's Ultimate plan for Us and Creation?

Marie Marjanac
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Marie Marjanac wrote at 2:14am on May 6th 2013
God is Love. God doesn't need anything or anyone. But Love wants to pour this out and share it with others. Who are the others? We are. Creation was set up for us! God is superabundant in His generosity and so the universe is abundant at every level from nano to giga and beyond. No big deal when you're infinite. Love doesn't want robots who automatically respond or slaves who are compelled to obey, but beloveds who freely love back. God is a family (the Trinity) and He wants to adopt us into His Family. He wants us to have a share in His divinity (without being gods). He became a human to do it. By Christ's death and Resurrection we can be baptised i.e. adopted into His family. Sons and daughters of God. Awesome, isn't it? But there's a catch. Because we aren't robots or slaves we don't have to love Him back. We must choose. This leaves us with the ability to refuse. Our time on earth is the frame in which we make the choice. And it will involve sacrifice. But He is a faithful father, He loves us first and patiently awaits our response. He's given us a family to help us - the Church. Some of our family are already Home and are cheering us on - they're the Saints. He even comes to us directly in the Eucharist. When we throw a 'tanty', if we are sorry we can be forgiven! Always ready and willing to start us off with a clean slate. He's even given us a Mother to go to if we get lost - she knows the shortest way Home. Grace abounds. That's why we're here - out of pure generosity on God's part we are created to be loved and love in perfect happiness for eternity. That's the Beatific Vision. No wonder we should praise God! Life here and now is all about choosing. Choose Love.

#2157     "All Creation Groans" by Cardinal Schönborn OP

Mark Manno
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Mark Manno wrote at 1:43am on May 6th 2013
Interesting title. Can someone do something to improve the audio quality so we can hear what's being said? The reason this has been viewed over 1200 times, but with no comments, is because it's impossible to hear what Cardinal Schoenborn is saying! Can we get a tech person to fix this?

#2154     "Pope Francis Did Not Denounce Me to Argentinian Junta", says Priest

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 1:35pm on April 29th 2013
Not so much about whether he's a political figure or 'not' - cos the truth remains, he is the head of the Vatican State and is therefore a political figure whether people like it or not. But more to the point about which kind of political figure. I cannot for a moment think he would be the kind of person to denounce anyone to the strongholds of a military dictatorship - because for one thing, Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, has always been someone who fought where he could for social justice and for the rights of the marginalized - so the accusations are flaming contrary to the truth of his own core convictions. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if these accusations were trumped up by secular opportunists masquerading as something they aint, as is often the case when it comes to such twists and turns in the agendas of those in the public arena who want to turn the truth inside out.

#2153     Ask a Priest - Is Liturgical Dance Allowed?

Corinna Turner
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Corinna Turner wrote at 9:52am on April 29th 2013
Good video by Cardinal Arinze on Liturgical Dance:

I would just say that while i agree dance is not appropriate for Mass in North American or European culture, i don't think there's anything wrong with 'devotional' dance, i.e. dance as an expression of prayer in private. But it's not the same thing.

#2152     Ask a Priest - Is Liturgical Dance Allowed?

Witold Nowak
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Witold Nowak wrote at 8:51am on April 29th 2013
What about Paco Peña's "Missa Flamenca" where a number of traditional liturgical parts of the Mass are being danced? Andalusia, where "Missa Flamenca" originates from is a part of Spain and Europe.

Kind regards,

Witold Nowak

#2151     Rescued

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 4:12am on April 29th 2013
HI-Two things -they flash "Crusades" and "Spanish Inquisition" on this video.
The Crusades were fought because of the Muslim invasion's of Europe, Middle East, N Africa, and many other places.
While some 'crusaders' were really mersanaries, they fought to save Western Christianity and Civilization-other wise we'd all be bowing to Mecca five times a day.
"Inquistion"-does anyone know the Church did NOT start that? The King of Spain did, and while the Pope's of the time first aproved it, they came to denounce it, to excommunicate members of it, and even made Rome a sanctuary for those escaping it.

#2150     Archbishop Prays while Activists Shout Curses and Douse Him with Water

Roiki Guo
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Roiki Guo wrote at 6:05am on April 27th 2013
He is showing an attitude that I probably can't do, calm in face of humiliation. The women truly are lost. Admire Bishop Andre.

#2149     Archbishop Prays while Activists Shout Curses and Douse Him with Water

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 9:27am on April 26th 2013
Praying for him, wrote to him and offered my support.

#2148     Canonization this Year for John Paul II?

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REJI GEORGE KURIAN CFP wrote at 8:49am on April 23rd 2013
Thank You Almighty Father for this...Amen

#2147     Benedict XVI Turns 86 Years Old, First Birthday as Pope Emeritus

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 5:50am on April 16th 2013
Happy Birthday Pope emeritus I miss you xo..

#2145     Pope Francis meets with first Protestant leader

Torkutsah George Kodzo
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Torkutsah George Kodzo wrote at 7:02pm on April 9th 2013
Great sign towards unity of the Body of Christ

#2144     US Ramps Up Defences Over North Korea Threats

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 4:39am on April 9th 2013
The real threat of the escalation of hostilities on the Korean peninsular - and consequently the world - comes not from North Korea, but from the United States itself.

#2143     Australia Launches Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse; 5,000 Expected to Testify

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 1:22am on April 9th 2013
Hi-I did some internet research on 'child abuse in Australia'-
In a recent ten year period , about 300,000 (!)
'substantiated' claims of abuse were registerred after being investigated.
What this shows is that 'clergy abuse
is a small microcosm of the numbers of abuse cases-though it doenst matter where it happens.
BUT-why is the focus on clergy and not anywhere else?
This is a world wide problem-a consequence of the 'sexual revolution ' of the 60's that led to abortion and Aids.
Thanks to JPII and P Benedict there have been virtually no new cases in the last 20 years-not a perfect record , but better than many other public institutions that dont get the news converage that clergy absue does. So......
What are THEY hiding?

#2142     US Ramps Up Defences Over North Korea Threats

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 3:27am on April 8th 2013
The USA is evil and using the North Korean conflict to further threaten China and Russia by increasing their nuclear military presence in the Asian region. Pray that the USA fails in it's attempts. Then there will be peace.

#2141     Students try to Banish Catholic Chaplain from Campus for Catholic Beliefs

Thomas Gallagher, CSP
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Thomas Gallagher, CSP wrote at 10:43pm on April 7th 2013
If they don't like the common Catholic belief and point-of-view they should just find somewhere else to go instead of "attacking" the chaplain for sticking to the Catholic views.

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