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#2088     Rare Footage of Blessed Mother Teresa

Paula Catherine Hagan
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Paula Catherine Hagan wrote at 9:43am on February 11th 2013
The wise philosophy of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is a pearl of great price. Her total commitment to the poor and marginalised is the greatest example of selflessness in a era when the 'cult of self' dominates western society.

#2087     Free Online Program - "Stop Using Pornography"

Lisa Knutsen
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Lisa Knutsen wrote at 2:42am on February 4th 2013
This program isn't actually free. :( It costs $49.95 to access all the resources offered by Jonathan Doyle.

#2086     The Altar Server

John Brunton
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John Brunton wrote at 10:06pm on January 30th 2013
Oh being an alter server were some of the best years of my life, loved that video

#2085     Pope Benedict XVI's Message for the 47th World Communications Day, 2013

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 9:33am on January 29th 2013
I couldn't agree more - indeed people need to be authentically accountable when using these spaces and this means to be sincere in your intentions and communications with others. It's all too often complicated by the fact that people may say one thing but then again in another instance refuse to carry out what they've said. I have to also say that Beneditto's absolutely right when he says many people unfortunately tend to see popularity as more important than the content or value of what is being shared. This area has to change if people are to truly move into using this sphere of electronic communications for positively transformational purposes and actions. I’m glad to admit though the popularity factor isn’t always as ‘popular’ in those circles which have at their heart sincerity of social conscience and a desire to act upon and live out according to one’s conscience. The more of these around, the better!

#2084     Pope Benedict XVI's Message for the 47th World Communications Day, 2013

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 9:30am on January 29th 2013
Sorry guys, just editing my post - pls administn - can you put an editing link here as well? - it would make it much easier for us to edit our posts rather than have to delete them and then re-post, tq.

#2083     Israeli Elections Could Help Peace Prospects, Bishop Reports

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 7:22am on January 28th 2013
What's "Palestinian territory"? Really, come on! The name "Palestine" was simply a cartographic label for the whole area, coined by the Roman Empire. This area, traditionally belonging to the people of Israel, was re-organised after WWII because this place had a BIG refugee crisis.

The fact is that the Jewish refugees from Europe are actually the indigenous people of the whole area because the Bible tells us so - God divinely entrusted Israel with traditional ownership of the whole area. Around the same time of the peoples' return from Europe and not long before this, other turmoils were happening across the Middle East and North Africa which meant stacks of Arab refugees were rightly seeking somewhere to escape the effects of totalitarian regimes in their homelands - so logically they fled to Israel. Then other complications happened - political ones which meant that some of these political forces objected to what was going on re: the overwhelmingly large influx of people seeking asylum. On top of that you had a period of time where the latter generations of earlier refugees from Arabia had already gone back to their homelands in Iran, Saudi etc... and a little while later again these people wanted to come back to Israel because things started flaring up in their own countries again - by that stage the then-govt of Israel was in a twist about the whole situ so many of these people were refused re-entry! Pretty stupid that they were refused because the Biblical mandate God also requires is for refugees to be welcomed and allowed to settle or re-settle if need be regardless of whether the land traditionally belongs to Israel - cos allowing refugees does not deprive Israel of it's sovereign right to custodianship of these areas - in fact it gives traditional owners the opportunity to show forth God's grace and love to others who are seeking help in times of need.

The whole thing about carving up our land "into plots belonging to 'Palestine' and those belonging to us" is a farce because ok, these Arab refugees have rights to be given asylum, and with this a secure place to live, free from the grasp of totalitarian rule but this does not give other malign political opportunists the right to twist the asylum-seeker issue into something that it's not. Whilst there are such a thing as Arab refugees, there isn't such a thing as a 'Palestinian land' separate from the rest of Israel. Once, all of Israel was cartographically labelled "Palestine", now political expedients want to carve up the traditional lands and feed the secularist media-concocted lie that there somehow exists so-called Palestinian territory that's somehow outside of Israel's traditional ownership. In fact it's none other than land-grabbing because what these political opportunists have done is steal some of the traditional territory from the people of Israel and they still want to have more and more so that in the end the people of Israel will not be custodians anymore. This is an evil plot and the opportunists are using the Arab refugee issue as a political springboard and football. They don't care one bit about Arab refugees - they want to take all our tribal territories - like they already have sequestered the South Eastern part and they want to hold onto it and take more.

A large intertwining part of the problem is that the Israel State has caused this problem and has consequentially allowed the ceding of territory to happen. They caused the problem by not finding a holistically beneficial solution to asylum-seeker issues early in the piece and they kowtowed to the US government by giving in to the non-traditional idea of embracing nation-statehood, which was a serious mistake. This only further complicated things down the track. This meant that the political opportunists who want extremists in Hamas etc. to stir up more problems effectively hijacked the refugee issue, turning it into one of an artificially constructed 'Palestinian' people's 'right of return'. Sure, refugee families whom had moved from Israel back to their own countries a couple of generations ago should have the right to return back to the place in Israel where they first sought asylum - that's legitimate. But for some extremists to turn this issue into one of 'Palestinian land' is morally and historically wrong for ancestrally the land belongs to Israel as a First Nation. However, more recently because of the desperate situations of asylum seekers whose own ancestral homes are in Iraq, Egypt, Iran etc..., these people and their need for a safe haven have been used and manipulated by extremist political interests (at the expense of refugee interests and concerns), to prop up opportunistic and ulteriorly motivated ones such as the desire to take away the traditional custodianship rights of Israel. Most of the world, particularly the secular media and those whom it convinces (and this sadly includes many within different denominational persuasions) believes the lies because it hasn't been given the opportunity to understand the truth as the monopoly on information dissemination is often very much in favour of a secularist preferential leaning.

#2082     Ask a Priest - What is the Official Position of the Catholic Church and Christianity on Homosexuality

Matthew Toohey
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Matthew Toohey wrote at 12:13am on January 27th 2013
Dear Vladimir Prtenjaca
In the case of Leviticus 18:22 the additional context that one needs to apply is that it is part of the same Levitical purity code that prohibits sowing two kinds of grain in the same field or wearing garment made from two kinds of fabric (Leviticus 19:19) or harvesting to the very end of the field (Leviticus 19:9).
Do you also object to polyester-cotton shirts?

#2081     Before the Dawn: GOD w/ US

Clement Jackson Parayakattil
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Clement Jackson Parayakattil wrote at 2:48am on January 25th 2013
Hi guys..nice song.

#2080     Archbishop Aquila Reflects on the Horrors of Witnessing the Effects of Abortion

Assaf Reaidy
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Assaf Reaidy wrote at 10:27am on January 23rd 2013
very sad even animals don't kills their babies :(
may the holy spirit guide all those who do, legalise or support abortions

#2079     Archbishop Aquila Reflects on the Horrors of Witnessing the Effects of Abortion

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 4:49am on January 23rd 2013
So sad : (

#2078     Ask a Priest - What is the Official Position of the Catholic Church and Christianity on Homosexuality

Vladimir Prtenjaca
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Vladimir Prtenjaca wrote at 9:54am on January 21st 2013
Dear Matthew Toohey
No mention of violence in this 'additional context'
'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.' (Leviticus 18:22)
some more 'additional context' from the more recent part of the Bible
"Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." (Romans 1:26-27)
The Bible is strewn with much more, all one has to do look for it....
the problem today pride has cultured has cultured a sense that God is comprehensive to man... when common sense tells us it's us that are comprehensive to God... in short.. we need God, He doesn't need us... or our wants,
The challenge is take courage with any sexual affliction, be it homosexual, heterosexual, pornography etc.... with discernment .. be aware, understand.. take action (reject/accept).
Have faith in the 'Creator' ... not the 'creation'

#2077     Ask a Priest - What is the Official Position of the Catholic Church and Christianity on Homosexuality

Matthew Toohey
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Matthew Toohey wrote at 4:25am on January 21st 2013
I don't think the Biblical references cited support a blanket condemnation of homosexual acts: they need additional context.
For example, I don't understand how Genesis 19 - which describes the attempted gang rape of two angels disguised as men - can be used to condemn homosexual acts that take place within a loving, committed relationship, especially when Judges 19 - which describes the actual gang rape of a woman - is not similarly used to condemn heterosexual acts that take place within a loving, committed relationship.

#2076     An Unexpected Christmas

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 4:53am on January 14th 2013
This should be shown all over the world! God save us for their sake!

#2075     Hundreds of Thousands to Flood Paris in Support of Marriage

John Zwicker
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John Zwicker wrote at 4:34am on January 14th 2013
A reminder to readers that the ancient Feast of the Wedding of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph (otherwise known as the Feast of the Betrothal) is fast approaching on January 23. Let us honour their Happy Marriage and beseech their intercession on this issue.
Ite Ad Joseph!

#2074     Africa rises, China falls on Christian Persecution List

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 6:46am on January 12th 2013
Well, I have to say that the most intense period for the persecution of Christians in Africa was at the rise and peak of the European slave trade on the African continent precisely because a great many (but not all of course) pre-contact African societies were traditionally Christian in an archaic sense. They had a more direct earth to Heaven relationship than most professing as "Christian" European societies and were therefore more reflective of the literal earthly life Christ Himself assumed during His sojourn among us. Just to clarify - when I say "most European societies", I am speaking primarily about the governing powers in Europe which led to the situations of slavery up until the time it was officially abolished. I am not intending to refer to the ordinary sections in these societies which for the most part, had their own contentious situations of need to deal with.

I would also say that today there aren't by far next to nearly the amount of true Christians left in Africa as a result of European colonization and the corruption of many of these nations by exploitative political manipulations turned militarily explosive. Hence the turmoil we see so readily on the news concerning the current fragile cultural and political landscape dominating this part of the world. This reality tarnishes the claims made by many reports which have more recently come from social-sectors who claim doctrinal allegiance to Christianity and which try to portray both Africa and Asia as “hotbeds of faith”. The sad fact is that many of the so-called Christians in present-day Africa are none other than cosmetic Christians who have been manufactured by “mega-church” style Evangelical churches from the West - these people still have all their prejudices and political expediencies bared for all the world to see. It is all too common knowledge that in places like Rawanda, Sudan and even Somalia – one ‘side’ on the fighting front claims to be “Christian” – and they do the same horrendous atrocities as their sworn enemies! What hypocrites we see coming out of this place at this time who like to claim righteousness as being theirs. These people have lost their heart for compassion and love and all they see as important is fighting military battles at whatever cost. The trouble is localised crusades often come with a higher price than do all out military-only combat situations because it is often the case such crusades involve civilians taking up weapons to kill other civilians en masse and this is certainly no light to the world amidst all this darkness.

#2073     Mayan Mayhem: Are We Gonna Die Young?

Philip Weston
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Philip Weston wrote at 10:57pm on January 10th 2013
The Mayans were close though... The beginning of the end started on 22nd Dec. 2012.

#2072     Pro-Life Group Wins Battle to Stop HHS Mandate’s Fines

Guest wrote at 8:30pm on January 9th 2013
Yuuuppp..... That's the way it is... At least Priests for Life have stopped the increasing fines, for now. Way to Go Fr. Pavone! A modern day Prophet.

#2071     Pro-Life Group Wins Battle to Stop HHS Mandate’s Fines

Paul Lachmanek
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Paul Lachmanek wrote at 2:53am on January 9th 2013
What makes this situation even more horrible is the mandate was made by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius, who is Roman Catholic.

#2070     WYD 2013 - Only 203 Days to Go - Have You Registered Yet?

RitaMarie Phillips
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RitaMarie Phillips wrote at 12:01am on January 9th 2013
I am in need of a travel agent in the USA to contact me for a delegate from Las Vegas Nevada who are interested in attending WYD 2013 please email me @ to help us to organize a pilgrimage for young adults who are eager to be in Brazil for the event of a lifetime call me travel agents (702)860-7015

#2069     How Do I Realise If I Have a Vocation?

Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande
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Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande wrote at 9:04pm on January 7th 2013
Thanks for this post and thanks for the links!

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