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#2062     Merry Christmas from Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney - 2012

Alexandra DuPont
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Alexandra DuPont wrote at 8:28pm on December 23rd 2012
Beautiful. God bless

#2061     What is Advent? Gangnam Style!

Franciele Pereira
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Franciele Pereira wrote at 8:45pm on December 21st 2012
Very nice! :)

#2060     Notre Dame Announces Pastoral plan for Gay, Transgendered Students, Including Student Organization

Guest wrote at 7:50pm on December 20th 2012 (Address to Article)

#2059     Was Jesus Really Silent on Same-Sex “Marriage”?

Br. Michael Wellington Muzenda
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Br. Michael Wellington Muzenda wrote at 3:09pm on December 20th 2012
Profound reflection

#2058     An Unexpected Christmas

Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 10:54pm on December 19th 2012
WOW!!!! I wasn't expecting that.... :-)

#2057     Our Lady of Guadalupe - A Pro-Life Message

catherine Kennedy
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catherine Kennedy wrote at 10:16am on December 17th 2012
Melt hearts so that life will be revered! Now every unborn's life is precious. We were all innocent unborn.

#2056     Ask a Priest - Can a Priest Break the Seal of the Confessional?

Father John Flynn
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Father John Flynn wrote at 11:00pm on December 16th 2012
Dear Moussa:

While public confession did take place in the early centuries it soon was replaced with private confession. Sometimes the penance and exclusion from the sacraments were public, but the actual details of the sin were private.

Already in the third century St Cyprian wrote about three parts to the sacrament of penance: a private confession; a request by the sinner to be readmitted to communion in the Church; a reconciliation of the penitent.

One of the reasons public confession was stopped from very early times was the scandal caused by the revelation of the sins, and also the reluctance of people to come forward to confess.

In the fifth century Pope St Leo the Great condemned the practice of public confession. At this stage therefore private confession was the norm and while people might know, because of the public penance, that someone had sinned they did not know the details of this sin.

So we are not looking at some recent development, but something that has been an integral part of the sacrament from the very early centuries. Of course it took some time for the early Church to discern how the sacraments should be celebrated, the rituals and liturgical practices we have today didn't suddenly appear, it took a while to work out the best way to implement them.

Nevertheless, it is clear that even with Jesus it was a personal encounter with him that led to sins being forgiven. Therefore, in the sacrament of reconciliation it is the personal encounter between the sinner and the priest - who represents Christ - that leads to forgiveness.

#2055     From Proposal to Marriage - One Man's Seven-Month Journey to the Altar

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 6:06am on December 16th 2012
I swear... I don't know how anyone can be bothered. I've just listened to all those audios, and even thinking about going through that process gave the pleasure of a severe toothache.

Married people of xt3: can you please explain how you can be bothered? i.e. picking the type of paper for the invitation cards and the kind of bow to have on the chairs etc?

I might need to go and become a priest, I think!

#2054     Is God Good? A Powerful Video on Why Suffering & Evil Exists...

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 4:00am on December 16th 2012
There are two situations in your question.
I think the first situation, that is where a person is living through a situation of suffering, it's best to not say too much. Only to be with them, help them in whatever way is possible, and to pray for them. Because a person going through suffering isn't usually after an intellectually correct answer, but is rather craving medicine for their pain. And the best medicine that we can offer is to love them in the best way that we can.

As for non-Catholic people who challenge God's method of building the universe, I think the best answer is that given by St Augustine... that God allows suffering because He can draw out of that suffering a greater good. But in our momentary existence we can't appreciate the greater good that will be drawn out of the suffering because our human nature is very limitted. So at the end of the day we have to trust that God knows what He is doing. It's a question of humbly accepting God's designs versus proudly rebelling against His plan. Humble faith vs proud rebellion.


#2053     Ask a Priest - Can a Priest Break the Seal of the Confessional?

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 2:09am on December 16th 2012
Dear Father,
Why is the seal of confession deemed to be so non-negotiably crucial by the Church? As I understand it, in the early Church people used to have to stand up in front of the whole congregation and say their sins out loud, right? How then did the seal of confession come to be so integral to the sacrament?


#2052     Why Setting Up a Nativity Scene with Your Family is So Special

Samuel Pearson
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Samuel Pearson wrote at 11:58am on December 15th 2012
I still think he should have washed his hands :P

#2051     11 Nuns From Historic Anglican Community to Join Ordinariate

Roiki Guo
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Roiki Guo wrote at 12:57am on December 14th 2012
It's good to hear that they have chosen to join Catholic Church, hope their faith remain strong and even stronger than before.

#2050     Christ, Light for all Humanity - Pope's Mission Intention for December 2012

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ANGELICA GUERRERO VERA wrote at 5:53pm on December 13th 2012
it´s interesting but, I don' understad everything because I don´t speak english

#2049     Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 2:07am on December 13th 2012
This is an amazing video what a year!

#2048     Our Lady of Guadalupe - Patroness of the Unborn and the Pro-life Movement

Maria Sosa
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Maria Sosa wrote at 1:32pm on December 12th 2012
Our 33 wedding anniversary today! SO thankful for this huge blessing! It seems like the Blessed Virgen Mary in her Guadalupe advocation has always protected our family.

#2047     Why Setting Up a Nativity Scene with Your Family is So Special

Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 9:58pm on December 11th 2012
Again another touch of reality, I love it and a great message as well :-)

#2046     Is God Good? A Powerful Video on Why Suffering & Evil Exists...

Katrina Pratt
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Katrina Pratt wrote at 12:44pm on December 10th 2012
Suffering is not necessarily because of an individuals "bad choices" or even of their parents... This was the view before Christ came amongst us.
Suffering is because as humans we make "bad choices" which cause suffering to enter the world. We all pay the price for this evil in the world, whether we caused it or not.
Mary, who was without sin, had to suffer the death of her son. She understands our suffering, brought about by the sins of the world.

#2045     O Come, O Come Emmanuel - The Piano Guys

Liz Odom
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Liz Odom wrote at 11:20am on December 10th 2012

#2044     Lila Rose Spreading her US Pro-life Work to Europe

Moses Okwaraoha
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Moses Okwaraoha wrote at 10:50am on December 10th 2012
Hi Rose,
how I wish I can get some of your pro-life articles

#2043     Is God Good? A Powerful Video on Why Suffering & Evil Exists...

Anita Kristian
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Anita Kristian wrote at 8:58am on December 10th 2012
what to answer to a mother who's child is dying from cancer? Did that child had a chance to choose or feel freedom?
What to answer to my non-catholic friends? Help!
God bless from Croatia

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