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#2179     Women Voters Deserve More than the 'A' Word

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 9:34am on June 16th 2013
Great article, just wondering why the restaurant incident wasn't mentioned? It is disgusting regardless what the PM and the shock jock said. A kinder class is better behaved then the majority of our politicians. At least the circus performance is for free in the capital at the expense of the tax dollar.

#2178     The Limits of Tolerance: A Commentary by Fr. Barron

Bert Fiddelaers
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Bert Fiddelaers wrote at 12:07am on June 15th 2013
Thanks for the clarification be aware that there are people in the Catholic Church who would agree with the Bishops point of view and others who would explain it away as a symbolic action. Bert

#2177     Sydney University Chaplaincy - Weekly Talks

Tivoli Vaiotu
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Tivoli Vaiotu wrote at 8:35pm on June 11th 2013
Great job Jeremy, well done!

#2176     'Black Virgin' Condemned to Die

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 10:12am on June 6th 2013
I hope I'm not being too judgemental here, but what an utterly rudiculous and plainly evil culture who would turn a blind eye to the inflicting of brutality on an innocent girl, and then demand the death of that very same innocent girl.

I wouldn't be regretful to see (at least that aspect of) that culture swept off the face of the earth.

#2175     Ask a Priest - Can Atheists Go To Heaven?

Krystyna Wielechowska
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Krystyna Wielechowska wrote at 11:19am on June 4th 2013
(Genesis 22:1-10; Romans 5:6-11) John3 King James Bible.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Lord Jesus Christ left Himself in the Holy Sacraments to strengthen our soul and body so we will be always with Him also to open us to the action of God.
Therefore atheists do not have right to salvation because they willingly and knowingly rejected God Jesus Christ teaching and the Holy Sacraments.
The Catechism explanation relates to those who do not know yet God's Revelation of Salvation or are excluded from it against their will.It is dangerous to place Catholic Church on equal footing with other faiths because this will deny the Truth and reject Mission of the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ.Lord Jesus sent us to bring the Good News to the ends of the Earth.
And as St Paul wrote in the letter to Romans 10/12 :"in fact you have no difference between the Jew and the pagan.One is the master of all, spreading his wealth between all who call on him because everyone who calls on the name of the Lord is saved".

#2174     'Black Virgin' Condemned to Die

Priest Jilson Panakkal
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Priest Jilson Panakkal wrote at 4:32am on June 4th 2013
I want to know the full story of Kainat

#2173     Ask a Priest - Can Atheists Go To Heaven?

Marie M
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Marie M wrote at 12:05pm on June 3rd 2013
While an atheist can go to heaven, there are no atheists in heaven! We can never know, in those last moments of life, how Christ acts in a soul. A life-long atheist could convert right at the end! It would bring me the greatest joy to see converted atheists eventually show up in heaven. How satisfying it would be!

#2172     Resounding Defeat for NSW Right to Die Bill

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 11:05am on May 29th 2013
Thank God..

#2171     ABC - Holy Switch

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 8:01am on May 27th 2013
Anthony, (Hey, i just noticed you guys have the same name!)... I understand what you're saying about not joining the program if you're going to approach it in a negative way. So if Anthony (the one on the show) was doing it just to put down the Buddhist faith etc then you've got a valid point.

On the other hand, consider these couple of points:

- Truth: Anthony said to someone during the show that all faiths contain some truth but that the fullness of truth is in the Catholic faith. But also, as he said, the Buddhist religion seems lacking on the philosophical level. So I can sympathise in that once you see a few fundamental flaws in a proposed project, it's pretty hard to remain excited about the proposal.

- The Buddhism spirituality... it might have wonderful aspects to it (such as detachment from worldly things and the desire for peace). But at its heart it's as Anthony said: Buddhism strives to empty your mind, whereas the Catholic faith fills your mind. So again, once you realise that at the most fundamental level "everything we're doing here is ultimately trying to empty our minds, which is the opposite of what we should be doing" then it's hard to be thrilled about participating.

- Mass: I agree that if you can't get there you don't need to do the impossible. But obviously he could get there. In the end it probably wouldn't be wrong if he didn't go because of practicality, but nevertheless I proud of his committment to going to Mass. Yes he's in this program, but ultimately it's some tv show and ultimately Mass comes before participation in a show.

- Evangelisation: I think it's a false dialogue that seeks to diminish the differences in beliefs and settle for the easy part, which is what people have in common. I must say I was surprised at his courage in sharing the Catholic faith as he did (I wouldn't have been so gutsy)... but surprised in a good way. He was proposing his own faith in a non-Catholic environment. Is that wrong? He went there not as a blank sheet to be filled up, but rather he went there as a Catholic to be a Catholic in a Buddhist environment. And I think that's exactly what a Catholic should do... share the faith with others especially if they are searching.

So I suppose I am serious about being proud of the guy. I think if Catholics were like him we'd do much better at carrying out Christ's commands than we are presently.

I concede though, it was probably a bit distasteful how he was falling asleep during the talks. That seemed rude. But I suppose he might have been up because of mosquitos or what not.


#2170     ABC - Holy Switch

Anthony M
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Anthony M wrote at 1:41pm on May 24th 2013
That said, the only information I know of his experience is that which was showed in the program. Perhaps, certain aspects were accentuated by the editing team while others were suppressed.

#2169     ABC - Holy Switch

Anthony M
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Anthony M wrote at 10:29am on May 24th 2013
Are you serious, Moussa? I hope not.

I don't intend to be offensive to Anthony, but he approached the Holy Switch experience in completely the wrong way. He did not open up himself to the immersion of the wonderful Buddhism spirituality. He viewed it as a threat to his own faith. If anything, it should strengthen his faith, and strengthen the Catholic belief that truth lies in all religions.

If he couldn't go to Mass that Sunday, he was doing nothing wrong. If you can't actually get to Mass, it's not a mortal sin. It's not "compromising your faith".

I cringed when he started giving out Catechisms to the other people at the Buddhist place. He wasn't there to proselytise, he was there to be immersed in the Buddhist way of life. If he planned on resisting it all along, why did he sign up for the program at all?

And when he declared that he knew everything there was to know about Buddhism in two days ... I realised he needs our prayers (just as we all do). For example, someone may study a two-day course on Buddhism, but that, if anything, is only the intellectual understanding of the faith, not the learning of the heart.

How would he feel if someone said the same thing about the Catholic faith? That they knew all there was to know in two days.

Just some thoughts. I hope I didn't offend anyone, and I hope that non-Catholic people watching this program do know that there are Catholics who are open and welcoming of other faiths.

#2168     ABC - Holy Switch

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 9:45am on May 21st 2013
Haha. He left his bag behind when he went back down the stairs.

Good on you Anthony. You made me proud brother. "I'll walk... I'll start walking on Saturday... I'll hitch-hike...". I'm so glad you didn't compromise your faith. Bloody legend.

#2167     ASK A PRIEST - Isn't the Catholic Church Being Unfair When it Doesn't Allow Non-Catholics to Receive Communion?

Marie M
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Marie M wrote at 5:52am on May 20th 2013
For other denominations it's a sharing of a meal. With a meal the usual protocol when invited to dinner is to reciprocate. Good manners. But we are not just sharing a meal in the Eucharist. It is Christ himself that we are receiving. An atheist once said: "If Catholics really believed in the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist they would crawl on their hands and knees down the aisle to receive him." The atheist is correct in noticing a lack of awe in we Catholics as we routinely queue up often thinking of other things, not mindful that the almighty God has stooped down to us to join Himself with us. We're not just sharing a piece of bread! We must only approach the Eucharist with full knowledge of 'how holy is the ground on which we tread'. In addition we need to understand what the Body of Christ also is made up of the members of the faith who believe in the Real Presence (of Christ's Body and Blood) and have been duly prepared for and received this most blessed of Sacraments at a First Eucharist Mass. In the end it's about our Holy, Holy, Holy God and the reverence due to Him not us and our sense of reciprocal hospitality.

#2166     Ask a Priest - How Can I Come Back to the Catholic Faith?

Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 2:49am on May 20th 2013
Thanks for sharing your experience Marie, what great suggestions!

#2165     Your Cheap Clothing Has a High Price

Joe Rathinam
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Joe Rathinam wrote at 4:50am on May 19th 2013
It very pathetic to note that still exploitations of third world countries by so called developed countries are not curtailed. How can the owners of this very big leading reviles are with peace of mind by exploiting third world countries?

#2164     ASK A PRIEST - Isn't the Catholic Church Being Unfair When it Doesn't Allow Non-Catholics to Receive Communion?

Torkutsah George Kodzo
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Torkutsah George Kodzo wrote at 12:13pm on May 18th 2013
I agreed with Fr. John, let the daughter regularise her relationship with Cath. and she will be free to receive anywhere

#2163     'Cult of Money' Produces Injustice and Misery, Pope Warns

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 11:22am on May 17th 2013
Well said Papa!!!! God Bless Pope Francis.

#2162     Word Made Flesh and "Shared" Among Us

Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande
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Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande wrote at 3:53am on May 15th 2013
Thanks, just downloaded a pdf copy,, really looking forward to the reading

#2161     Ask a Priest - How Can I Come Back to the Catholic Faith?

Marie M
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Marie M wrote at 11:45am on May 13th 2013
I also came back to the faith. Ask Our Lady for the shortest way back. Pray the Rosary. Start small with one Hail Mary and grow each day.
There were many testimonials that helped spur me on that are easily found on the internet. Go to the You Tube EWTN videos of the program "The Journey Home" for other people's stories.
Listen to Eduardo Verastagui's testimonial
and be blown away.
Go to the Mary Foundation and order free CDs that explain the faith so well. Buy a Catechism of the Catholic Church and read for yourself what the faith is all about. It's amazing!

Another great site is with sermons from one of the best priests around - Fr Robert Barron. If you can get a hold of his 10 part "Catholicism" DVD series it's awesome. Beautiful photography and great explanations. You'll fall in love with your faith!

Also is great for your spiritual formation and growth if you need support.

One last piece of advice... the Body of Christ, of which we are members, resembles his body during the Passion - scourged, bloody and in pain. Don't expect it to look as perfect as the Resurrected Body just yet. God isn't finished with us yet. When you come back to the faith realise that we are all at different points on the journey Home and don't be disappointed with the level of fervour you will find in many practising Catholics! The biggest reasons to come back are to receive Christ in the Eucharist and be healed by him in Confession and to get to know his lovely mother. You'll get to love all the members, warts and all, as you grow in grace.

God Bless and Happy Days!

#2160     "All Creation Groans" by Cardinal Schönborn OP

Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 6:58am on May 6th 2013
Hi Mark, we tried to fix this file up as much as we could, but as this was recorded in 2008 for World Youth Day we have to work with what we have and it's not the best. I hope it is better anyway!
Also, if you click on "download this audio track" it is a bit better quality. Hope this helps :)

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