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#2079     Archbishop Aquila Reflects on the Horrors of Witnessing the Effects of Abortion

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 4:49am on January 23rd 2013
So sad : (

#2078     Ask a Priest - What is the Official Position of the Catholic Church and Christianity on Homosexuality

Vladimir Prtenjaca
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Vladimir Prtenjaca wrote at 9:54am on January 21st 2013
Dear Matthew Toohey
No mention of violence in this 'additional context'
'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.' (Leviticus 18:22)
some more 'additional context' from the more recent part of the Bible
"Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." (Romans 1:26-27)
The Bible is strewn with much more, all one has to do look for it....
the problem today pride has cultured has cultured a sense that God is comprehensive to man... when common sense tells us it's us that are comprehensive to God... in short.. we need God, He doesn't need us... or our wants,
The challenge is take courage with any sexual affliction, be it homosexual, heterosexual, pornography etc.... with discernment .. be aware, understand.. take action (reject/accept).
Have faith in the 'Creator' ... not the 'creation'

#2077     Ask a Priest - What is the Official Position of the Catholic Church and Christianity on Homosexuality

Matthew Toohey
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Matthew Toohey wrote at 4:25am on January 21st 2013
I don't think the Biblical references cited support a blanket condemnation of homosexual acts: they need additional context.
For example, I don't understand how Genesis 19 - which describes the attempted gang rape of two angels disguised as men - can be used to condemn homosexual acts that take place within a loving, committed relationship, especially when Judges 19 - which describes the actual gang rape of a woman - is not similarly used to condemn heterosexual acts that take place within a loving, committed relationship.

#2076     An Unexpected Christmas

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 4:53am on January 14th 2013
This should be shown all over the world! God save us for their sake!

#2075     Hundreds of Thousands to Flood Paris in Support of Marriage

John Zwicker
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John Zwicker wrote at 4:34am on January 14th 2013
A reminder to readers that the ancient Feast of the Wedding of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph (otherwise known as the Feast of the Betrothal) is fast approaching on January 23. Let us honour their Happy Marriage and beseech their intercession on this issue.
Ite Ad Joseph!

#2074     Africa rises, China falls on Christian Persecution List

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 6:46am on January 12th 2013
Well, I have to say that the most intense period for the persecution of Christians in Africa was at the rise and peak of the European slave trade on the African continent precisely because a great many (but not all of course) pre-contact African societies were traditionally Christian in an archaic sense. They had a more direct earth to Heaven relationship than most professing as "Christian" European societies and were therefore more reflective of the literal earthly life Christ Himself assumed during His sojourn among us. Just to clarify - when I say "most European societies", I am speaking primarily about the governing powers in Europe which led to the situations of slavery up until the time it was officially abolished. I am not intending to refer to the ordinary sections in these societies which for the most part, had their own contentious situations of need to deal with.

I would also say that today there aren't by far next to nearly the amount of true Christians left in Africa as a result of European colonization and the corruption of many of these nations by exploitative political manipulations turned militarily explosive. Hence the turmoil we see so readily on the news concerning the current fragile cultural and political landscape dominating this part of the world. This reality tarnishes the claims made by many reports which have more recently come from social-sectors who claim doctrinal allegiance to Christianity and which try to portray both Africa and Asia as “hotbeds of faith”. The sad fact is that many of the so-called Christians in present-day Africa are none other than cosmetic Christians who have been manufactured by “mega-church” style Evangelical churches from the West - these people still have all their prejudices and political expediencies bared for all the world to see. It is all too common knowledge that in places like Rawanda, Sudan and even Somalia – one ‘side’ on the fighting front claims to be “Christian” – and they do the same horrendous atrocities as their sworn enemies! What hypocrites we see coming out of this place at this time who like to claim righteousness as being theirs. These people have lost their heart for compassion and love and all they see as important is fighting military battles at whatever cost. The trouble is localised crusades often come with a higher price than do all out military-only combat situations because it is often the case such crusades involve civilians taking up weapons to kill other civilians en masse and this is certainly no light to the world amidst all this darkness.

#2073     Mayan Mayhem: Are We Gonna Die Young?

Philip Weston
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Philip Weston wrote at 10:57pm on January 10th 2013
The Mayans were close though... The beginning of the end started on 22nd Dec. 2012.

#2072     Pro-Life Group Wins Battle to Stop HHS Mandate’s Fines

Guest wrote at 8:30pm on January 9th 2013
Yuuuppp..... That's the way it is... At least Priests for Life have stopped the increasing fines, for now. Way to Go Fr. Pavone! A modern day Prophet.

#2071     Pro-Life Group Wins Battle to Stop HHS Mandate’s Fines

Paul Lachmanek
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Paul Lachmanek wrote at 2:53am on January 9th 2013
What makes this situation even more horrible is the mandate was made by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius, who is Roman Catholic.

#2070     WYD 2013 - Only 203 Days to Go - Have You Registered Yet?

RitaMarie Phillips
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RitaMarie Phillips wrote at 12:01am on January 9th 2013
I am in need of a travel agent in the USA to contact me for a delegate from Las Vegas Nevada who are interested in attending WYD 2013 please email me @ to help us to organize a pilgrimage for young adults who are eager to be in Brazil for the event of a lifetime call me travel agents (702)860-7015

#2069     How Do I Realise If I Have a Vocation?

Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande
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Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande wrote at 9:04pm on January 7th 2013
Thanks for this post and thanks for the links!

#2068     Women and the Priesthood

Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 6:01am on January 7th 2013
Thank you Lord for making me a women

#2067     Ask a Priest – Who were the Three Wise Men?

Jason Das
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Jason Das wrote at 7:33pm on January 5th 2013
I believe it should read "Pope Benedict XVI explained the meaning of this in his message to young people for World Youth Day 2005."

#2066     Creative Dating - Why Couples Should Keep Dating During Marriage

Guest wrote at 6:03pm on January 2nd 2013
Dinner, Dessert, Photo Booth, Ice Skating? Walk aimelessly outside.

#2065     The Pope's Midnight Mass Homily

Elizabeth H
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Elizabeth H wrote at 10:59am on December 27th 2012
wow, a really great and heartfelt speech.

#2064     “Hope of the Morning” - The Official Song for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio!

ngoteb ramos
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ngoteb ramos wrote at 8:34am on December 25th 2012
Google translated:

I'm always marked
with the sign of the Redeemer,
that on the mountain, Corcovado,
embraces the world with His love.

Christ invites us:
"Come, my friends!"
Christ sends us:

Youth spring:
hope of dawn;
who hears this call
welcomes the gift of believing!
We wish it were the earth,
the whole world was like that!
No to war outside the hatred,
Only the good and peace to have no end.

From west to east,
Our house has no door,
our land has no fence,
or limits our love!
Scattered throughout the world,
retain the same ardor.
It's Your grace that sustains us
keeps us faithful unto Thee, O Lord!

Given your call:
"Go and make, among nations,
a new people, in unity,
their hearts to me! "
Advertise Your Gospel
to everyone is to transform
the old man in new man
in the new world that is coming.

#2063     The Empty Manger: Christmas a Time to Cherish the Gift of Life

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 5:51am on December 24th 2012
This is indeed a most beautiful and telling reflection!

#2062     Mayan Mayhem: Are We Gonna Die Young?

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 4:46am on December 24th 2012
Food for Thought:

I have a better explanation than the "D.V." - because I believe Christmas is the time to recollect on the purpose for living and that indeed Christmas is indicative universally of a major turning point in Salvation history - namely that of Messianic Fulfilment. Actually, there is a more authentic explanation of the Mayan prophecy as simply the end of one era and the beginning of another and we all could certainly benefit from a good dose of this kind of reminder at this time - for people in the world are too busy too often to even remember the true meaning and reason for there ever being a Christmas in the first place. They too often forget about the major turning point in Salvation history. This makes for the fact that any kind of prompting to remind our forgetful hearts is one we ought to be grateful for. Forget the hysterical gross interpretations the secularists and their buddies want to pin on this very traditional reminder for us to take mindful and heartful stock of our lives. It is but a reminder and could even point to something more wondrous in God's grand design. The subtle shift in people's understandings and appreciation of the value of life is what we all should be aiming to endorse as a gift of Providence. This subtlety undergirds a benignly more poignant reality - that Christ's coming was not only for the people of 2000 years ago and was not left at that in the sense of God seeing no more point in creativley reminding people from time to time in symbolically significant ways of the fact that we have to be prepared. This preparation of our hearts and minds is perhaps more important and should be taken more seriously than what we have been used to. See the interpretation of this Mayan insight from a more indigenous perspective than just what the world would have us believe given the chance, for this perspective says that Friday marks the end of 13 cycles with which time is measured -- each lasting 400 years...with December 21, 2012 being simply the end of an era according to the traditional Mayan calendar and the start of another..While this calendar cycle has "prompted a wave of doomsday speculation across the globe, few in the Mayan heartland believe the world will end on Friday".

Another interesting anecdote is the fact that the traditional Hebrew calendar which is actually the indigenous Christian calendar measures time similarly - in the Hebrew calendar we are in the year 5700 whilst the Mayan calendar says 5200. Further to this, according to the Hebrew calendar, the 23rd of December (a day or two after the 21st) is the anniversary of the 10th of Tevet which is the day on which the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar invaded and went in to destroy Jerusalem and which resulted in the exile to Babylon. So, according to the traditional calendar, the 23rd December 2012 marks the 10th Tevet in the year 5773! For many this time generally marked a doomsday for them back in the time of this exile.

So what does all of this tell us? It says that essentially we must not hesitate to see how convoluted and mysterious are God's ways. We cannot presume the world’s explanations of traditional warnings, teachings or tellings to be right because for the most part, they are always going to be wrong. For they want to de-sacralize everything and turn it into none other than sensationalistic hyped up commodified titillation. This is also what they do to the Bible and especially the Book of Revelation – look at all the hype over the years secularists have made out of our sacred narratives in this regard! We must be prepared to link everything together in such a way as to leave no room for the DeVil to steal, twist and destroy that which God has intended for our good. Each and every one of us in some way has a certain degree of soul captivity which needs to be ransomed by God’s grace outworking His Salvation plan for our lives on a very personal level. Christmas is a time for seeing the Way of Salvation opening up before us - seeing how it was and still is within God's grand plan that He longs to ransom captive Israel - who mourns in lonely exile here - until the Son of God appear. Rejoice! Rejoice! For Emmanuel shall come to us - Oh Israel -.

#2061     Merry Christmas from Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney - 2012

Alexandra DuPont
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Alexandra DuPont wrote at 8:28pm on December 23rd 2012
Beautiful. God bless

#2060     What is Advent? Gangnam Style!

Franciele Pereira
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Franciele Pereira wrote at 8:45pm on December 21st 2012
Very nice! :)

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