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#2325     The Vatican Defrocked 848 Priests from 2004-2013

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 11:41pm on May 12th 2014
A much better record of justice than the Public School System in the USA has done, with over 290,000 abuse cases in a recent ten year period, There have been about 300,000 cases of abuse in Australia-who accounts for those numbers?
And the majority of those clergy abuse cases were old cases.
Because of S JPII and Pope Benedict there have been , virtually, almost no new cases.
OUR leaders did their job!
Glory to the Lord and the Holy Family-

#2324     A World Youth Day Testimony of Faith and Love

Greg Borges
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Greg Borges wrote at 12:40pm on May 12th 2014
The link to Testimony is not working. Please repost here.

#2323     My Secret for a Great Prayer Life

christian favour larry
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christian favour larry wrote at 9:45am on May 9th 2014
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#2322     "BARKA" - Pope John Paul II's Favourite Song

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 5:01am on May 5th 2014
I think the spelling 'bout' is supposed to be 'boat.

#2321     Ellen Murphy World Youth Day Testimony

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 10:39am on May 3rd 2014
Christian disunity is (I think) the greatest scandal in world history. It's the cause of so much misinformation, misconception and division. This has the disastrous effects of confusion and perhaps disinterest amongst those that don't have the faith. There are such great gifts that Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox can give to each other. One hopes for re-unification soon, in a world where one united voice for Christ is badly needed.

#2320     A Mirror on Lent - Lenten Promise and Prayer for Self-Worth

GentleDove K.
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GentleDove K. wrote at 7:47pm on April 14th 2014
Beautiful!! This will be my prayer for the rest of Lent & beyond!

#2319     Ask a Priest - How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a day?

Father John Flynn
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Father John Flynn wrote at 1:52am on April 14th 2014
Dear Sarah:

The prohibition against killing refers to the taking of innocent human life and does not include animals. In the account in Genesis God gives mankind dominion over the created world. This means that it is legitimate to use animals to satisfy our needs. This should be done in a responsible way and without causing undue suffering to animals, but God did not say we have to be vegetarians.

#2318     Ask a Priest - Is There Any Historical Evidence that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Father John Flynn
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Father John Flynn wrote at 5:13am on April 13th 2014
There is some evidence, but you do need to realize we are talking about something two thousand years ago.

#2317     Ask a Priest - Is There Any Historical Evidence that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Anthony M
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Anthony M wrote at 6:57am on April 12th 2014
Father, are there any secular sources of information about Christ's Resurrection, for example, from a historian of the time?

#2316     Ask a Priest - How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a day?

Sarah Leo
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Sarah Leo wrote at 3:42pm on April 11th 2014
If the bible says "Thou shalt not kill", why is it that Christians eat meat?

#2315     Syria: Dutch Priest Fr Van Der Lugt Shot Dead in Homs

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 11:48pm on April 7th 2014
"The Blood of Martyrs is the seed of Christianity"-
Jesus is sowing the land for the harvest, which will come, let us pray, very soon.
Pray that we dont do anything to cause the Church to suffer because of our sins.

#2314     Sister Jane Dominic Laurel Causes a Stir at a Catholic High School for Preaching the Catholic Faith

Marie Marjanac
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Marie Marjanac wrote at 6:54am on April 7th 2014
For too long there has been silence in the Catholic classroom on what the Church teaches and hearts have hardened. Fear strikes at the heart. Are we scared of the teachings? Will we lose popularity? Will enrolments be affected? Will staff leave? Will budgets balance? We need to be tolerant and inclusive of the non-Catholics in the school...better ditch the hard core teachings. It is fear that led the Church to sweep the abuse scandal under the carpet. Will we look bad, will we lose parishioners? Will we be sued for millions? Now we sweep the treasures of the Church under the carpet through fear of rejection and in so doing we lose our faith in God. The beauty of the possibilities for love as portrayed by JPII fall on deaf ears. The truth cannot hurt but heal. Do not be afraid! And now the opportunity for a civilised and reasoned moral debate has almost gone. And Rachel will weep for her children.

#2313     Stations of the Cross Video Series

Chuck Grinnell
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Chuck Grinnell wrote at 4:44pm on April 4th 2014
Thank you for a wonderful way to relive this

#2312     Stations of the Cross Video Series

GentleDove K.
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GentleDove K. wrote at 3:10pm on April 4th 2014

#2311     Young Nun Wows Judges on Italy's 'The Voice'

GentleDove K.
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GentleDove K. wrote at 1:11pm on April 3rd 2014
Awesome!!! I don't understand very much Italian, but her performance made me cry for JOY that she performed a love song for Jesus Christ!!! THAT is a wonderful example of how each of us can use our talents to live out our *Holy* Catholic Faith!!! Blessed. Be. God!!!!!!!!

#2310     John Paul II Died Nine Years Ago, on April 2, 2005

GentleDove K.
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GentleDove K. wrote at 12:51pm on April 3rd 2014
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord... ♡♡♡

#2309     Pondering the Church’s Response to Mental Illness

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 7:36am on April 2nd 2014
This article sums it up best.. Quoted by the Catholic Guide to Depression. One get's more care for physical illnesses by the community.

" If someone is afflicted with cancer, this person is flooded with sympathy from family and friends, and support from the local parish, perhaps with special mention in the general intercessions at Mass, and so on. If someone suffers from depression, this person probably receives, at best, a few well-meaning but ineffective attempts at sympathy from family or close friends, but often without true understanding. There is rarely public mention of the problem due to the stigma of mental illness. I recall one patient, a married Catholic woman with several children and grandchildren, who had suffered from both life-threatening breast cancer and severe depression. She once told me she would choose the cancer over the depression, as the latter caused far more intense suffering. She tragically committed suicide a few years after she stopped seeing me for treatment."

#2308     9th Anniversary of the Death of Pope John Paul II - 2 April 2014

Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 6:37am on April 2nd 2014
This is the man who helped an atheist become a catholic.
I am forever greatful xx

#2307     Ask a Priest - How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a day?

Michael Chan
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Michael Chan wrote at 4:15am on April 2nd 2014

That should not be OK. To my understanding, "one day" in canon law means midnight to midnight:

Can. 202 §1. In law, a day is understood as a period consisting of 24 continuous hours and begins at midnight unless other provision is expressly made; a week is a period of 7 days; a month is a period of 30 days, and a year is a period of 365 days unless a month and a year are said to be taken as they are in the calendar.

Therefore, I think you have to skip one communion. One does not have to receive communion to fulfill the Sunday obligation.

#2306     Ask a Priest - How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a day?

Ronald Fisher
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Ronald Fisher wrote at 12:30am on April 2nd 2014
Saturday, Morning Mass 7.00 am
Funeral for family member 11.00 am
Can't get to Sunday Mass so go to Saturday vigil at 6.00 pm
Receive Communion at each Mass.
Comments please!!

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