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#2282     What Model Poses would look like in Real Life

Moriah Brown
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Moriah Brown wrote at 8:57pm on March 5th 2014
This was SO funny. The video with pedestrian reactions was the best.

#2281     Marte Deborah Dalelv, Alleged Norwegian Rape Victim, Sentenced To 16 Months Jail In Dubai For Sex Outside Of Marriage

Moriah Brown
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Moriah Brown wrote at 8:14pm on March 5th 2014
She's not even a local... Words cannot describe how much this frustrates me.

#2280     Cardinal Pell Now Prefect of the new Secretariat for the Economy.

Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande
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Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande wrote at 8:41am on March 3rd 2014
Congratulations the new Cardinal-Prefect, and hoping that his replacement will carry the good work forward.

#2279     What is Happening in Africa? A Look at Recent Legislation Targeting Gay Communities

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 10:15am on February 28th 2014
It would be good to know the Catholic Church's (Bishops') response to these laws.

#2278     China Smog Declared a Crisis by World Health Organisation

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 9:59am on February 28th 2014
I was in Shanghai for one week about 6 years ago, and I must say I felt sorry for the people who lived in that city. There was a constant haze that hung in the air for 6 or the 7 days that I was there. I saw it as a major challenge posed by the rapid industrialisation of the country.

#2277     Cotton Wool Kid: Meet the Man Whose Skin can Fall off at the Slightest Touch

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 9:52am on February 28th 2014
I salute this young man for soldiering on, and his parents (3 hrs of bandaging him up every morning!) and his friends who hang out with him. Much better result than that poor woman who went to Switzerland to commit suicide because at 85 she was losing her looks.

#2276     Italian Woman, 85, Ends her Life at Swiss Euthanasia Clinic Because She Was Upset About Losing her Looks

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 9:14am on February 28th 2014
If the growth of atheism continues, this can only be the inevitable direction that more and more people will take. How glorious is the cross of Christ.

#2275     Beyond Compare

BROTHER mohamed sesay
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BROTHER mohamed sesay wrote at 11:46am on February 24th 2014
my frend invited me to church on a sunday morning. i was touch by the msg.[ The End Time Rapture And The Great Troublitation] this was d msg and i decided to chang to christianity, now my parent said they will disown me if i still continu. what must i do now? i need ur advise.
Sierra Leone,
West Africa

#2274     Olympic Figure Skating Star Hailed as Example for Catholics

Christopher Sparks
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Christopher Sparks wrote at 7:20pm on February 20th 2014
Kim Yuna is an inspirational Catholic!

#2273     Courage Ministry Shows 'Maternal Solicitude' for Men, Women With Same-Sex Attraction (Part 1)

Andrew Russell
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Andrew Russell wrote at 8:23pm on February 18th 2014
For anyone interested, there are also groups in Australia. The largest group is in Sydney but there are others in Brisbane and Melbourne. We (Sydney) have a chaplain and meet once a month. I personally have found the group of enormous benefit in my life and would encourage others to check it out. Andy.

#2272     Real-Life Woman Behind 'Philomena' Gets an Audience With Pope Francis

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 3:31am on February 18th 2014
The Catholic League has put up interesting 'after math' info about this movie-Firstly, that the 'Church' did not force Phenomena to abandon her baby- it was the norm 50-60 years ago for a 'girl in trouble' to give up the baby for adoption, wherever she stayed while pregnant.
Secondly, there was no where else for this girl to go, because her own family would have tossed her out-and, why isn't there any attention put on the boyfriend who disappeared after she got pregnant? The nuns were the only ones who would help these girls.
There needs to be a lot more research into this story, because , like the 'Magdalene' controversy, which came out to be fabricated by the woman who claimed to be abused by the nuns at the girls reform school, and claimed she was raped by a priest, it all turned to be a lie-only no one wants to hear THAT!

#2271     Where is the Biblical Origin of the Catholic Teaching that Peter was the First Pope?

Marie Marjanac
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Marie Marjanac wrote at 6:58am on February 17th 2014
There is a prefigurement of the papacy in the OT.
Go to Is 22:19-23 and see that there is a second-in-charge to the king. The role of “master of the palace,” literally “the one over the house” (Heb. ‘asher ‘al-habayith), was the Number Two position of authority after the King (observe the dynamic in 1 Kings 18:1-5, for example). The office was first established by Solomon (1 Kings 4:6). Apparently, the badge of his office was the wearing of the key to the palace on the shoulder (Isa 22:22). The steward controlled access to the king, either by unlocking or locking the palace doors to those who sought the king’s presence.
Now go to Mt 16:13-20 and see the similarities.
Your Bible footnotes will even make the connection, both in Protestant and Catholic bibles! Peter (and by succession, the pope) has the keys and is the vicar of Christ.

#2270     Valentine: The Martyred Roman Priest Who Officiated Marriage

Eric H
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Eric H wrote at 11:15pm on February 16th 2014
Yikes, The Huffington Post is as liberal as they come. :-/

#2269     Ask a Priest - When We Pray to Mary and the Saints, Are We Going Against the Bible?

Fran Wakefield
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Fran Wakefield wrote at 3:38am on February 10th 2014
I had a friend ask me this question several yrs ago. Couldn't understand how I could pray to Mary. Said She couldn't do any thing for me. I told her she calls her friends and a prayer group when in need of Gods help. I told her I can't call Mary on the phone or text Her. So I pray and ask Her to ask Jesus. That was the logical answer.

#2268     Too Few People - New Report Confirms Decline in Fertility

Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 8:49am on February 4th 2014
In the Early Middle Ages in Europe, population decline was a major factor in the collapse of the Roman Empire. The decline was mainly due to decreased crop production (due to a cooling in global temperature... which seemed like a worse option than global warming!) and various diseases. These things contributed to a weakened state and paved the way for the successful barbarian invasions.

Empires rise and fall on demography. It will be interesting and also (and also perhaps scary) to see what the world will look like in 50 years' time. Less and less taxes to support an ageing population, less demand on housing, less money for infrastructure etc. I suspect euthanasia will be the easy solution to the burden of looking after the elderly.


#2267     Feast Day of St. John Bosco, "Apostle of Youth" - 31 January

Jean-Baptiste BUCHHOLZER
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Jean-Baptiste BUCHHOLZER wrote at 1:34am on January 31st 2014
Magical, inspiring !

#2266     Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2013 - Workshops

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 9:39pm on January 21st 2014
Hi Daniel there are 2 more awaiting clearance from the speakers but this is the majority of the talks that Xt3 recorded.

#2265     Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome Runs Friendliest Restaurant in Town

Nola Shehadeh
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Nola Shehadeh wrote at 9:56am on January 13th 2014
I love his comment ,WE ARE A GIFT TO THE WORLD !!!!! Yes we all are !

#2264     Priest Writes to the Pope Just Before Dying at Age 31. Here's What His Letter Said

Nola Shehadeh
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Nola Shehadeh wrote at 9:31am on January 13th 2014
What a wonderful story . A true example of his faith in God and his action of love in his community , admire and aspire to have the strength of this beautiful priest and use it to do good for other people .

#2263     Priest Writes to the Pope Just Before Dying at Age 31. Here's What His Letter Said

Nola Shehadeh
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Nola Shehadeh wrote at 9:26am on January 13th 2014
What a wonderful story . A true example of his faith in God and his action of love in his community ,

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