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Election 2016: Joyce announces $578m assistance for dairy farmers

Last edited 25th May 2016

Struggling dairy farmers will be able to access a $578 million support package as the federal government comes to their aid.


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Syrian refugees answer "What did the war take from you?"

Last edited 24th May 2016

The Syrian war is now in its fifth year and the violence is unabating. Brutal conflict has caused mass devastation and destruction, leaving unthinkable suffering and heartbreak in its wake.This war has taken so much: children’s mothers and fathers, happy memories, home.Refugees who have fled Syria with nothing now face a new problem: hunger. Because of a shortage of funds, some families have not received food parcels for 7 months. They’re scraping by however they can, but they need your help.

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Sr Emmanuel Chapman Hits a Century

Last edited 23rd May 2016

How does a religious sister who spent her 90th birthday scuba diving celebrate her 100th?


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Caritas Women for the World - Psyche Mae from the Philippines

Last edited 13th May 2016

Meet Psyche Mae from the Philippines. Thanks to the support of Caritas Australia and its partner the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) which runs programs in the village, the lives of Psyche and her family, have been transformed.


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Women for the World 2016

Last edited 11th May 2016

Psyche Mae, grew up in challenging circumstances in a village that was a relocation site for squatter families in the Payatas just outside Manila. When her parents first came to the area, they had few skills, no paid work and little hope for the future. Like many others, they were so poor, in order to survive they were forced to pick through rubbish from the nearby garbage dump.


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Becoming Mary

Last edited 5th May 2016

Actress Bahia Haifi talks about her experience preparing for the role of Mary of Nazareth in the feature film - FULL OF GRACE.


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Why Priests are Happy

Last edited 3rd May 2016

Ever seen a religious person and awed at the joy that seemed to radiate from them? A statistical study done by Msgr. Stephen Rossetti shows that in reality, priests exhibit greater happiness than the general public! In this episode he gives us a few good insights as to why that is.

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Rome Reopens to the Public a "Sistine Chapel" of the Middle Ages

Last edited 1st May 2016

Santa Maria Antigua reopens its doors to the public after more than 30 years of restoration work. It was located in what would be the Manhattan of today, more than 1000 years ago in the Roman Forum. The earthquake that buried it in 847 kept its interior intact until its discovery in 1900 by archaeologist, Giacomo Boni.


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I Hate You, Food: My Struggle with Anorexia

Last edited 28th April 2016

Several weeks later as I was lying in bed I could literally hear my heart struggling to beat. I was petrified. I took my pulse and it was in the high twenties. I fought back the tears because I was afraid my heart wouldn’t be capable of handling the energy my tears would produce.


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Is it Okay to Share a Bed When You’re Dating?

Last edited 28th April 2016

In recent conversations with both my guy and girl friends, there has been some debate about this question: is it right to spend the night in the same bed with a member of the opposite sex?


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