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Calling Young Australians to be Part of an International Conversation

Last edited 25th May 2017

Young people across Australia are being called to share their views about life, faith, and their experience of Church through an online survey published today by the Australian Bishops.


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What Does It Mean to Be Catholic?

Last edited 22nd May 2017

In this Video Fr. Rob Galea talks about five things that make a Catholic Christian?


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Bono Thinks Christian Artists Need To Be Way More Honest

Last edited 18th May 2017

If you’re an ardent fan of U2, you may know that lead vocalist Bono loves the Psalms. The 57-year-old Irish musician has spoken out several times about the inspiration that he draws from reading the Biblical hymns.


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Mexican Journalists Protest over Javier Valdez Killing

Last edited 16th May 2017

Journalists in Mexico have protested against the killing of one of their colleagues and called on the government to take action.


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Pope Francis' Opinion on the Medjugorje Apparitions

Last edited 15th May 2017

During the return flight from Fatima, Pope Francis explained his thoughts regarding the possible appearances that are occurring and stirring much conversation today: Medjugorje.


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Manus Island Centre Prepares for Closure

Last edited 15th May 2017

The long-awaited closure will be complete by October 31, asylum-seekers were told, as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has previously indicated.


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Pope Francis Appoints Fr Michael Morrissey, Ninth Bishop of Geraldton

Last edited 15th May 2017

The Holy Father has today appointed Fr Michael Morrissey, the Vicar General and Chancellor of the Diocese of Geraldton, as the ninth Bishop of Geraldton.


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Africa Emergency Appeal

Last edited 15th May 2017

23 million people are currently on the brink of famine in South Sudan and other areas of East Africa and Yemen. Your urgent donation will help Caritas Australia deliver life-saving food and water to countries most in need including South Sudan, Kenya and Malawi.


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Is God in the Centre of Your Life? (Fr Mike Schmitz)

Last edited 14th May 2017

How do I know if I'm making God the centre of my life? Are there any practical steps? Fr Mike suggests you look at three areas of your life - 1) time 2) money 3) media. Is God first in these areas?


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Registrations for ACYF Are Now Open!

Last edited 11th May 2017

With seven months to go, online registration officially opened this morning for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) in Sydney from 7-9 December 2017.


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