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Church calls Australian youth to showcase their talents ahead of major youth festival

Last edited 29th March 2017

Young people across Australia are invited to showcase their musical, artistic and film making talents ahead of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) later this year.


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A Residence for the Elderly is Adapted for War Refugees in Lebanon

Last edited 28th March 2017

We are in the city of Zalehj, in one of the Lebanese valleys that borders Syria. Hundreds of Christian families from Syria and Iraq have arrived in this area, like that of Mihdam, who have received lodging and care from members of the Syriac Orthodox Church.


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Lent for millennials: Young Christians give up wine, shame and social media

Last edited 28th March 2017

You might have missed the news, but we're currently in the middle of Lent — historically, one of the Christian calendar's most important seasons.


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Acedia: The Noonday Devil

Last edited 26th March 2017

Fr. Mike Schmitz delivers a timely video in the midst of our Lenten journey as he explores the ancient concept of acedia. This temptation tends to come in the middle of the day and can obscure our resolve by distracting us from God’s purpose for us. While even great saints were tempted by it, the remedy is something we can all receive with a little faith.

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The Catholic Traveler - One Man’s Voyage To Spread The Word Of The Church

Last edited 26th March 2017

It took just one trip to Rome for Mountain Butorac to be called to the metropolitan pulse of the Catholic Church.


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Saint Patrick's Breastplate

Last edited 16th March 2017

Christ with me,


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Pope Francis visits Rome parish: "Sin is like a slap to God"

Last edited 13th March 2017

The pope visited a church in Rome, and before celebrating Sunday Mass there he stopped to hear the confessions of several people. It was the modern parish of St. Magdalene of Canossa, which, as you can hear, has a well-rehearsed choir.


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Indonesia Transfers US Citizen to 'Execution Island'

Last edited 13th March 2017

Indonesia has transferred a convicted US citizen to its so-called execution island, prompting fears among rights organisations that the government may be preparing another round of firing squads.


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South Sudan missionary: “These people ask us to not forget they are people”

Last edited 9th March 2017

Solidarity with South Sudan is an organization that seeks to alleviate the suffering of a country that has just become aware of the tragedy of war.


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Youth leaders fly to Rome to plan Synod 2018 and World Youth Day 2019

Last edited 8th March 2017

Ashleigh Green, a young woman from the Broken Bay Diocese and Malcolm Hart, Director of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Office for Youth, will head to Rome in the first week of April, to participate at an international meeting about World Youth Day (WYD) and the upcoming Synod on young people.


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