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Being Pro-Life - The Story of Sister Alicia Torres
Last edited 17th August 2015

Sister Alicia Torres speaks about how her involvement in pro-life work led to a broader understanding of the value of every human life.


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Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood Falls Short of Senate Vote
Last edited 3rd August 2015

The Senate failed to bring a bill to block federal funding of Planned Parenthood to the floor on Monday evening, in a much-anticipated vote.


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Life Matters: God’s Final Word on the Subject
Last edited 20th July 2015

There are few evils in this world that tear me apart like abortion does. I’ve prayed with women who were contemplating it; some didn’t do it, others did. I’ve held crying women in my arms for hours, days, and even years after they have had an abortion. There are no words I can find to describe the pain that an abortion causes – to the mother, the father, the baby, or the Lord.

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Planned Parenthood Under Fire for Alleged Trafficking of Baby Organs
Last edited 15th July 2015

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is facing harsh criticism after the release of footage allegedly showing its top doctor describing how the organization offers body parts from aborted babies for money.


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U.S. Abortion Rates are Dropping Thanks to Young People!
Last edited 11th June 2015

Abortion rates have declined by 12 percent nationwide in America since 2010, and pro-life groups say changing attitudes among the younger generation could be the cause.


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Pope: Abortion, Euthanasia & Abandonment of Migrants are 'Attacks Against Humanity'
Last edited 31st May 2015

A civilization whose technological advancements do not seek to protect the most vulnerable, from conception until natural death, fails to live up to its responsibility, Pope Francis said.


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Pro-Life Vigil in UK Disrupted by Protesters Shouting Abuse
Last edited 25th May 2015

The March for Life event in Birmingham this year was disrupted by protesters shouting slogans such as “religious scum”. The pro-life vigil which took place earlier this month was led by Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham as well as abortion survivor Gianna Jessen and speaker Obianuju Ekeocha. Visit this article to read more.

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China Continues to Devour Its Own Children
Last edited 21st May 2015

This story concerns a married couple who each have one child with their previous spouses (it is unclear if the previous marriages ended due to divorce or death). According to the regulations set down by the Guizhou province where the woman in question, Qin Yi, works as a teacher, the couple are not allowed to have their own child. In the eyes of the province’s education bureau and the health and planning commission, their “one child” quota has been filled in their previous marriages. Thus, when it found out that Qin was five months pregnant, the commission ordered that she have an abortion by the end of the month.

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Kansas, First State to Ban 'Dismemberment Abortion'
Last edited 8th April 2015

Kansas became on Tuesday the first state to ban abortions by a procedure known as “dilation and evacuation,” which is common during second-trimester abortions and is called “dismemberment abortion” in the law. Local pro-life advocates say the legislation is an opportunity to save the unborn from a horrific procedure, while providing a model for other states.


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Save the Humans
Last edited 9th March 2015

Forty Days for Life is happening right now, and it is a movement that helps communities make impacts on this issue on a local level. You don’t have to travel all the way to DC to stand up for life. You can save lives right in the town you live in. Forty Days for Life has several ways to make a difference, and you’re capable of all of them.

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