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Pope will Visit Cemetery for Aborted Babies in Korea
Last edited 11th August 2014

During his upcoming trip to South Korea, Pope Francis will pray for the unborn at the “Cemetery for Aborted Children” as part of his visit to the Kkottoghnae Home for the sick.


Disbelief, Horror Follow Desertion of Down Syndrome Baby
Last edited 11th August 2014

Advocates for those with Down syndrome are appalled and grieved by the reported abandonment of a baby who had been diagnosed with the genetic condition.


Peruvian Abortion Law Prompts Call for Prayer, Fasting
Last edited 6th August 2014

Archbishop Jose Antonio Eguren of Piura and Tumbes in Peru is calling on the faithful to pray and fast, asking God for the reversal of the nation’s new law allowing some abortions.


Firing of Polish Doctor Over Abortion Refusal Sparks Outcry
Last edited 4th August 2014

The removal one of Poland's top doctors as director of Holy Family hospital in Warsaw for refusing to perform an abortion has drawn widespread criticism, with many stating the act violated legal grounds.


Firing Health Professionals Who Refuse to Abort Babies Is Watershed Moment for Europe
Last edited 30th July 2014

Dr. Bogdan Chazan, preeminent in his field and recognized throughout Poland for his medical expertise, was recently fined and fired from his position as director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw, Poland, for refusing to perform an abortion on a child diagnosed with potentially severe brain damage.


Addicted to Birth Control
Last edited 29th July 2014

I have had medical issues with my cycles since they started at the age of 12. For a year I was too embarrassed to tell my mom, or anyone outside of my journal, that just about everything was wrong with them. You name it; I probably experienced it.

Pro-Life 'One of Us' Initiative Challenges Veto Imposed by European Commission
Last edited 28th July 2014

The pro-life European Citizen's Initiative titled "One of Us” is headed to court to challenge the veto from the European Commission this past May. Proponents of the measure said the veto was anti-democratic. The pro-life network of the same name collected nearly two million signatures throughout Europe. Their proposal would gives legal standing to human embryos, and cut taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Supermodel Kathy Ireland uses Science and Reason to tell Mike Huckabee Why she Became Pro-Life.
Last edited 7th July 2014

Kathy Ireland a former supermodel talks about how she became a Christian and has a clear and concise explanation on why abortion is wrong.

Supreme Court Overturns Massachusetts 'Buffer Zone' Law
Last edited 26th June 2014

In a stunning unanimous decision, the US Supreme Court has struck down a Massachusetts law that barred pro-life activists from coming with 35 feet of the door of an abortion clinic.


Mother, Daughter Find Faith Despite Unexpected Pregnancy
Last edited 25th June 2014

Waking up to her bedroom light one late night in October, Linda Padgett was flooded with fear. Standing there, her 18-year-old daughter Sarah revealed that she was pregnant.


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