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Girls Just Want to Be Born

Last edited 20th March 2016

Today, March 8, the UN’s International Women’s Day (IWD), pro-abortion organizations around the world will tell us that women want and need universal access to abortion— that it is their reproductive right. A number of international pro-abortion organizations, including the Population Institute, Ipas, CHANGE, Catholics for Choice, Women Deliver, and the Center for Reproductive Rights are staging a tweet fest today using the hashtag #IWD2016 and claiming “Access to Safe and Legal Abortion is a Human Right.”


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Peru's March for Life Draws 750,000 in Lima

Last edited 16th March 2016

Three-quarters of a million people paraded through downtown Lima on Saturday in a massive celebration of life from conception to natural death.


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MERCY FOR MOTHERS - Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated

Last edited 23rd February 2016

Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated is a Charity launched by the Archbishop of Brisbane, Archbishop Bathersby in November 2008. The Charity has built a safe house for abused pregnant women which was opened and blessed by Archbishop Coleridge in 2012.


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Maria's True Story - Pregnancy Crisis Australia

Last edited 14th February 2016

Do you feel afraid of the future? Do you feel you can't cope? Do you feel there is no hope? When I first learned that I was pregnant I felt all those feelings and I was overwhelmed with fear and depression to the degree where I felt that the only option was to have an abortion. But through prayer and through support, the dark clouds have lifted and I was able to have a beautiful baby girl whom I thank God for every day. I'm here to share my true story with anyone who is pregnant and is going through the difficult time of decision making of what to do about their pregnancy.


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Child of Mercy

Last edited 3rd February 2016

As she sat across from us, her pain was almost palpable. A family friend sat with my then-fiancé and I as she lamented about her oldest son’s behavior problems.


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When Angels Cry - Pro Life Music Video by Jeremy Robin

Last edited 1st February 2016

The song is about life and love. All life is precious and shouldn't be taken for granted.

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Beginnings of a Young Prolifer: 40 Days for Life

Last edited 10th December 2015

To be silent or not to be silent?


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Planned Parenthood Shooter is an Enemy of of Prolife Movement

Last edited 2nd December 2015

A priest who celebrates Mass every Friday morning on a sidewalk near the Planned Parenthood clinic targeted by a lone gunman on November 27 said the shooter’s actions were the antithesis of the pro-life cause.


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High Court in Northern Ireland Rules Abortion Law Illegal

Last edited 30th November 2015

The High Court in Belfast has ruled that Northern Ireland’s abortion legislation is in breach of human rights laws. In a landmark ruling the court has declared that abortion should be available in the case of foetal abnormality and rape - hence liberalising abortion law in the province.


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Defend Life Like the Good Samaritan, Pope Urges Pro-Lifers

Last edited 8th November 2015

Pope Francis has urged Christians to follow the example of the Good Samaritan in helping the defenceless who are attacked by those who steal “not only their possessions but also their dignity”.


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