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Millennials' Pro-Life Commitment Wows Bishops

Last edited 26th January 2015

Both Roman and Orthodox Catholic bishops were stirred by the presence of the Millennial generation at the 2015 March for Life. “You look out in the crowd and you see so many young people,” remarked Orthodox Bishop Michael of New York and New Jersey. He said it gave him great hope for the future of the pro-life movement.


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English Doctor Faces Charges for Sex-Selection Abortion

Last edited 26th January 2015

A doctor in Birmingham, England, will face criminal charges for offering to perform a sex-selection abortion.

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British MPs Seek to Outlaw Sex-Selective Abortion

Last edited 22nd January 2015

British MPs are tabling a parliamentary amendment today which would outlaw sex-selective abortion. Seventy-three MPs signed an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill which would clarify that the Abortion Act does not permit a pregnancy to be terminated on the grounds of the sex of the unborn child.


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March for Life 2015: Focus on the Marginalised

Last edited 22nd January 2015

For the pro-life movement to truly succeed, it must fight not only abortion, but also the broader “throwaway culture” wherever life is being discarded, said Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston at a national pro-life Mass.


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'The Apology' - Men Speak Up About Abortion

Last edited 21st January 2015

"The Apology" is a video about men who agreed to let their partners have an abortion. They share their sorrow, their story of healing and their apology.


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The Feminist Case Against Abortion

Last edited 20th January 2015

Not all feminists support abortion. Properly defined, feminism is a philosophy that embraces basic rights for all human beings without exception—without regard to race, religion, sex, size, age, location, disability or parentage. Feminism rejects the use of force to dominate, control or destroy anyone.

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Thousands March to Support Human Dignity in LA

Last edited 19th January 2015

The first annual OneLife LA, heralded as a celebration of the dignity of every human life from conception to natural death, drew thousands from all over Southern California to downtown Los Angeles. The Jan. 17 event began in the historic La Placita Olvera, where the rapidly growing crowd encircled the gazebo at the plaza’s center.


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Told to Abort, Family of Baby with Hydrocephalus Glad they Chose Life

Last edited 6th January 2015

Five weeks before her due date, doctors advised the parents of Ella-Jai Harvey to abort their child because she was found to have hydrocephalus, or water on the brain. Now, her parents are grateful they ignored the recommendation.

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Catholic Midwives’ Abortion Ruling Overturned by Supreme Court

Last edited 17th December 2014

The UK’s supreme court has ruled that two Catholic midwives do not have the right to refuse to help other nurses with abortion procedures or planning.


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Aid For Women | Janessa's Story

Last edited 10th December 2014

Janessa shares the story of her unplanned pregnancy, the help she received at Aid for Women, and her journey of motherhood.


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