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Spanish Civil War: 75 Years Later

Last edited 6th September 2011

On July 17, Catholic churches in Spain marked with sadness and prayer the 75th anniversary of a brutal, convulsive, three-year conflict. For the Catholic Church, the Spanish Civil War was a low point in a century with a lot of lows.

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What We Learned - September 11

Last edited 17th February 2012

On September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happened. That day and the days that followed are forever etched in our memories. During that time, we learned so many things we wish we could forget. But even in the darkest moments, light emerged, and we began to learn some powerful truths.


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Heroic New York Priests Vividly Recall Sept. 11 Attacks

Last edited 5th September 2011

Father George Rutler remembers the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attack as surreal. “The whole scene looked liked a black and white movie, with all the color drained out – that made it even harder to grasp that the shocking events were real and not an illusion... It was hard to see much because of the smoke and debris. We wore face masks,” he recalled, “but the stench was overwhelming, especially the burning bodies. Everything was covered with a white powder and everyone looked like ghosts.”


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An Insight into 6th Century Roman Life

Last edited 5th August 2011

On a street corner, just a few feet away from downtown Rome, stands one of the city's newest museums. Recently the Roman National Museum launched and new and exhibit, with an insight into the lives of Romans in the 6th century. Watch this video to take a look at some of the sites!

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Documents Reveal Pius XII Saved 11,000 Roman Jews

Last edited 24th July 2011

The direct action of Pope Pius XII saved the lives of more than 11,000 Jews in Rome during the Second World War, according to documentation recently discovered by historians.


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Researcher Finds Proof of Widespread Jewish Support for Pope Pius XII

Last edited 21st July 2011

An expert on Pope Pius XII says new discoveries show that the Jewish community strongly supported the pontiff for his stand against anti-Semitism and support for Jewish rights during World War II. Researcher William Doino outlined evidence that he says makes it clear the late Pope “wanted to break down walls of anti-Jewish prejudice, not erect them.”

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Shakespeare's Secret Faith

Last edited 11th July 2011

When the archbishop of Canterbury recently broke his church’s long silence and acknowledged that William Shakespeare was probably a Catholic, it was a moment of quiet satisfaction for Father Peter Milward, the author who began researching this subject a half century ago. Visit this article to read about one of the great mysteries of the literary world - was Shakespeare a Catholic?

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Exhibit Displays Shirt Worn By John Paul II on Day He Was Shot

Last edited 11th July 2011

In this church of Rome's Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul a special new relic is on display. It's the shirt that John Paul II wore the day he was shot in St. Peter's Square on May 13, 1981. Watch this video for more!

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Vatican Announces it will Unveil Secret Archives of World War II in Special Exhibit

Last edited 6th July 2011

Starting in February 2012, the Vatican's Secret Archives won't just be seen by experts. For the first time, more than 100 original documents will leave the Vatican as they head to Rome's Capitoline Museums. The documents of Galileo Galilei's trial will be shown, as well as documents relating to World War II. There will also be a letter written by American Indians on an actual piece of tree bark that was sent to Pope Leo XIII.

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Museum Will Exhibit Vatican's Secret Archives

Last edited 6th July 2011

An unprecedented 2012 exhibition of around 100 historical documents from the Vatican’s Secret Archives will include items from Pope Pius XII’s wartime papacy and Galileo’s trial. Many of these documents will be leaving the Vatican for the first time.Cardinal Raffaele Farina, the Vatican’s archivist and librarian, explains the importance of the exhibit in this article.

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