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Hitler 'Wanted to Steal' Turin Shroud

Last edited 8th April 2010

The Turin Shroud, said to be the burial cloth of Christ, was secretly hidden in a Benedictine abbey during the Second World War because the Vatican feared that Adolf Hitler wanted to steal it. Read more about how these monks hid the Shroud when German troops searched the Church!

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Historical Accounts of the Resurrection

Last edited 30th August 2010

The Resurrection of Christ is an article of the Christian faith. But we tend to overlook the fact that the resurrection was also an historical event!


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The Shroud of Turin: Face to face with mystery

Last edited 6th April 2010

H2O News: The Shroud of Turin, which, according to tradition, is the linen cloth that Jesus body was wrapped in after being removed from the cross, continues not only to spur reason and faith, but also to offer the opportunity to encounter a living mystery

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Historic evidence for Christ

Last edited 30th August 2010

Anyone who denies that Jesus existed, needs to study their history! 


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The Heritage of Western Civilization

Last edited 1st April 2010

This is a speech by Cardinal George Pell, at the launch of the Institute of Public Affairs’ Foundations of Western Civilisation Program, in Melbourne - 25 March 2010

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Holy See Documents From World War II Go Online

Last edited 26th March 2010

The Vatican announced today that official documents spanning more than 40 years are now available online, including a multi-volume collection of acts from World War II!

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Sunday Nights Program - Darwin Evolution Creation and God

Last edited 25th March 2010

Visit this site to listen to the legacy of Charles Darwin in relation to modern religious belief.


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Nazis Planned to Infiltrate Vatican With Spies Dressed as Monks

Last edited 16th March 2010

Germany hatched a plan during World War II to infiltrate the Vatican with spies disguised asmonks, according to secret MI5 intelligence reports. 

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Why Do Titles of Mary End With "-trix"

Last edited 29th April 2010

Why do titles of Mary end with the "-trix" suffix (as in Mediatrix, Genetrix, Coredemptrix)? The answer to this question is quite simple..

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Lenten Practices: What's the Significance of Palm Sunday?

Last edited 27th March 2010

Fasting and abstaining, palms and ashes, feet washing and forbidden words. Why do Catholics do what they do during Lent? The Lenten Practices Podcast explores the fun - and serious - facts about the traditions of the Lenten season.


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