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Lenten Practices: Why Do We Fast and Abstain?

Last edited 14th March 2010

Fasting and abstaining, palms and ashes, feet washing and forbidden words. Why do Catholics do what they do during Lent? The Lenten Practices Podcast explores the fun - and serious - facts about the traditions of the Lenten season.


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Joan of Arc 'Relics' Confirmed to Be Fake

Last edited 8th February 2010

How did the bones of two ancient Egyptian mummies - one human and one feline - end up in a bottle that supposedly contained the relics of  Joan of Arc?

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Understanding the Churches and Rites of the Catholic Church

Last edited 3rd February 2010

The average Catholic – as well as the average non-Catholic – believes that the Catholic Church is one monolithic church, with one way of celebrating Mass and a single hierarchy which rules that church. However, the truth is much more complex, so much so that I’m reminded of the saying, “I don’t believe in organized religion, I’m Catholic.”


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The Crux Vaticana Restored

Last edited 3rd February 2010

Its one of the most ancient crosses in the world. But what makes this one so precious is what it holds in the middle: A small fragment of the Cross that Jesus was crucified on.

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The Churchs Most Spectacular Papal Tomb Restored

Last edited 28th January 2010

The most important Italian sculptor of the time, Antonio del Pollaiolo, took nine years to finish this tomb - and it was never used! Find out more about the restoration of this beautiful bronze tomb, intended for Pope Sixtus IV - all the way back in 1484!

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i-Phone app for the Vatican Museum

Last edited 28th January 2010

You can now tour the Eternal City on your i-phone! Check it out here.

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Liberation of Auschwitz: BXVI Remembers the Victims of the Holocaust

Last edited 28th January 2010

65 years after the of liberation of Auschwitz, Pope Benedict XVI was   overcome with emotion as he remembered the victims of the Holocaust during the weekly general audience. The pope lamented the horror of the Holocaust and said the crimes that were a result of racial and religious hatred shouldn’t be repeated.

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Shrine of Altötting

Last edited 20th January 2010

In the homeland of Pope Benedict XVI, in upper Bavaria, lies Altötting, the most famous Marian shrine of the German-speaking world, which, as the "Shrine of Europe" belongs to the six most important pilgrimage destinations in Europe. For over 1250 years, Altötting has been the spiritual center of Bavaria; for over 500 years, the image from the 14th century has been venerated there.

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Priest Gives Proof of Pius XII's Aid to Jews

Last edited 15th January 2010

An Italian priest who helped Jews escape Nazi persecution during World


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Bishop Yao Liang, 87, Imprisoned in China for Loyalty to the Vatican, Dies

Last edited 5th January 2010

Leo Yao Liang, a Roman Catholic bishop who spent 28 years in Chinese prisons during Mao’s rule for his refusal to renounce his allegiance to the Vatican, died on Dec. 30 in Xiwanzi, a town in north China’s Hebei Province.

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