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Calvin's war on the Catholic Church

Last edited 5th August 2009

“Almost 500 years ago John Calvin led the most cataclysmic revolution in the history of Christendom. Could it be that the organisation which today most closely reflects Calvin's vision is the church he sought to destroy?”

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Commemorating the Feast of St Benedict

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Want to know more about St Benedict? Be sure to watch this interview, from Salt and Light TV between Fr Tom Rosica and the Archabbot of Monte Cassino, Benedictine Father Pietro Vittorelli.


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Questions and Answers

Last edited 18th March 2010

Need some answers? Maybe you'll find your question here!


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Eastern Christians and Their Churches

Last edited 12th June 2009

Father Steven Hawkes-Teeples, S.J, answers how and why the Eastern Churches developed.


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In Ukraine, the stench of the Soviet era lingers on

Last edited 17th June 2009

"Life in Ukraine offers a dismal but fascinating panorama of how difficult it is to shake off the blight of Communism", By Matthew Rarey


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Tears for Middle Pleistocene human Cranium 14

Last edited 18th June 2009

"An amazing archeological finding in Spain reveals the deep humanity of our distant ancestors."By Michael Cook, subscribe to MercatorNet at [url=]


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Henry VIII: petulant, lustful greedy - but never protestant

Last edited 19th June 2009

"500 years after his rule began the Tudor tyrant's tragic religious legacy seems almost accidental", By Joanna Bogle. Subscribe to MercatorNet at [url=] protestant, england, history, religion, king, henry,divorce, church of england

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What would Jesus do? Scholars look at morality in the Bible

Last edited 8th April 2010

Biblical scholars presented two main criteria for judging human actions or potential actions: Does it protect and promote the dignity of the human person? Does it conform to something Jesus would do?


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A short history of voluntary death

Last edited 12th June 2009

The ancients accepted it, Christians rejected it and now a post-Christian elite is embracing euthanasia again... By Jose A Bufill; Wednesday, 21 May 2008


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History & Humour from the Crusades to the Da Vinci Code - Dean Mischewski

Last edited 7th July 2009

Dean Mischewski at WYD08 on historical apologetics & Catholic urban legends, discussing: The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Galileo Affair & the Da Vinci Code - 2 hours in total. The name of Dean's website - - is a big clue as to his nationality!  More here


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