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Vatican to Release Documentary with Unseen Footage from Vatican II

Last edited 18th September 2012

This October marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council. But few people truly understand the impact this council had on the Catholic Church. So to get the message out, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications will launch an HD documentary on October 11th. It will include never before seen images, interviews and expert analysis.

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Eleven Years After September 11: America Reflects

Last edited 11th September 2012

September 11, 2001 changed the United States of America. On this eleventh anniversary we should remember and honour the memory of the 3000 innocent people whose lives taken by the evil actions of men who had the intention of killing as many innocent people as possible. We were inspired by the courageous response of the men and women who risked their lives to save others. Every year since September 11, 2001, we are reminded of who we can be as a good and free people. The heroes of Ground Zero were lights in an age of hungry darkness.


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What Did Rome Look Like 300 Years Ago?

Last edited 6th September 2012

These etchings are a window into history. They show what parts of Rome looked like roughly 300 years ago. They were made by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, one of the most important artists of the 18th century.

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Searching for Noah's Ark... Literally

Last edited 4th September 2012

Tito de Luca is an Italian adventurer with a unique mission. He is determined to find out once and for all whether this ancient mountain holds one of the most fascinating objects in history: he's trying to find Noah's Ark.

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The History of the Catholic Church in China

Last edited 20th August 2012

The situation of the Catholic Church in China is quite complicated. The communist regime wants to control religious practice of the Church, which includes appointing the bishops of its choice, without the consent of the Pope. So really the Church is divided in two. One that's described as the so called patriotic church and the other is the underground Church that remains loyal to the Pope.

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The Vatican Obelisk - A Sundial with 2000 years of History

Last edited 19th August 2012

Rome has more obelisks than any other city in the world. There are thirteen of these tall monuments that help make up the history of ancient Rome. One of the most well known, stands in the middle of St. Peter's Square, measuring 82 feet tall and weighing 320 tons. Watch this video to learn more about the 2000 year history of this magnificent monument.

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Assisi Network of Catholics recognized for aid given to Jews during World War II

Last edited 15th August 2012

The title of "Righteous Among the Nations" is given on non-Jews who, during the Second World War, helped save Jewish people from Nazi-persecution. Watch this video to learn more!

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A Priest Saved Hundreds of Jews during WWII by Disguising them as Seminarians

Last edited 6th August 2012

In 1943, in the midst of the Second World War, Pius XII urged Catholic institutions to help Jews who were being persecuted by Hitler's Nazi regime. In Rome, one of the many people who risked their lives was Francesco Bertoglio, the rector of the Pontifical Lombard Seminary, who hid hundreds of Jews dressed as seminarians.

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Cardinal Remembers Pope Pius XII as Wartime Hero, Saint

Last edited 2nd August 2012

He's now 96-years-old, but during World War II, Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini was a young priest in a Roman parish who first came face-to-face with Pope Pius XII in the aftermath of an Allied air raid.


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Crash Course on the Crusades

Last edited 26th July 2012

The Crusades are one of the most misunderstood events in Western and Church history. The very word “crusades” conjures negative images in our modern world of bloodthirsty and greedy European nobles embarked on a conquest of peaceful Muslims. The Crusades are considered by many to be one of the “sins” the Christian Faith has committed against humanity and with the Inquisition are the go-to cudgels for bashing the Church. It is worth our time to be versed in the facts and especially to recall the tremendous faith, sacrifice, and courage that inspired the vast majority of the Crusaders to act in defense of Christendom.

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