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Australian Marriage Survey Shows Support for Same-sex "Marriage"

Last edited 15th November 2017

Australians have overwhelmingly voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a historic poll.


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Oct 2017 Month Of Prayer And Fasting for Marriage and Families

Last edited 27th September 2017

Family life can be messy - with daily struggles and hardships to face. All families need our prayers and God's grace. Watch this video to find out how you can join us in October for a month of prayer and fasting across Australia for marriage and families.


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It's OK to Say "No" - Supporters of Traditional Marriage are Well Received on Busy Intersection

Last edited 25th September 2017

The Australian Government is currently undertaking a postal plebiscite to ask citizens if we should alter the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.


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Marriage Redefinition will Affect Every Australian: Archbishop Fisher

Last edited 14th August 2017

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney is one of four lead members of the Coalition for Marriage, which today launched its official campaign website –


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7 Things Your Child Learns When You Regularly Have Family Meals

Last edited 14th August 2017

Growing up as the youngest of six siblings, the daily evening meal was non-negotiable. If we were home, we had to be there to eat altogether. Dragging myself from whatever engrossing book I was reading to join my family at the table was often the last thing I wanted to do, not to mention enduring the humiliation of squabbles, snitching and sub-table-leg-kicking that inevitably happens between siblings! The opportunities this gave me to hone calculated and subtle revenge did not go amiss on these occasions, rightfully incurring the full and heavy weight of the wrath of my poor parents upon me!


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Alaska Bride Surprised by her Late Son's Heart Recipient

Last edited 13th July 2017

When Becky Turney's fiance, Kelly, halted their wedding for a very special gift, she was left speechless.Her late son, Triston, was not physically present at the Alaska ceremony on Friday, but his heart was. Triston died in 2015, aged 20, after succumbing to injuries from an accidental shooting.


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A Kentucky Handmaid’s Tale

Last edited 15th June 2017

Whether you are pro-this or anti-that, a passionate believer in human dignity, or an ultra-rational utilitarian, your bioethics always has to begin with the facts.


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The Father Factor - Excellent Book spells Out Vital Roles of Dads for Families, Children: Monica Doumit

Last edited 9th June 2017

There are very few books of which I have bought numerous copies because I have considered them such a good read that I wanted to give copies to others. The Father Factor, a 2014 publication by Peter O’Shea and Robert Falzon is one of those books.


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With this ring, I thee... dread?

Last edited 18th April 2017

Monica Doumit, catholicTalk contributor


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LGBT Activists Want Equality and Free Speech, Except for Christians

Last edited 24th March 2017

Christian employees of organisations which have signed up to the same sex marriage campaign, now feel frightened and intimidated at work.


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