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Audrey Assad + The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Last edited 1st September 2015

A new partnership with 25% of proceeds going to charity.Audrey's new hymns record, Inheritance, has a song called “Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet” which was written by an unknown homeless man in 1971. This got us thinking... what can we do to honor this man's amazing creativity?


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Official Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy
Last edited 12th August 2015

The Official Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy. The hymn, which is in Latin, starts with the words "merciful like the father.” It's inspired by the Gospel and references the Jubilee's official motto.

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Alive - Fr Rob Galea
Last edited 21st July 2015

A music video from the 'Something About You' Album.


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"Jurassic World Theme", 65 Million Years In The Making! - The Piano Guys
Last edited 15th June 2015

Music is a celebration of beauty - and no group highlights this more than the Piano Guys. Have a listen to their latest masterpiece, and interpretation of the "Jurassic World Theme". Here is what they had to say about this piece on their website:


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ACYF2015 Official Song Submissions
Last edited 11th June 2015

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. This year's Festival will take place in Adelaide from 3-5 December 2015.


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Jesus, I Trust In You, Sung by Angelina, EWTN
Last edited 21st May 2015

From the Spoken Word Album, "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy", Angelina traveled to Krakow, Poland then on to Lagiewniki Sanctuary of Divine Mercy where she met with the Congregation of Sister's of Our Lady of Mercy.

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A Song for Lent - “Sacrifice” written and performed by Stephen Kirk (from the album “Rising”)
Last edited 19th February 2015

In this interview Xt3 talks to musician Stephen Kirk about his song “Sacrifice” (from the album “Rising”)


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Danielle Rose - Little Flower
Last edited 20th January 2015

The song ‘Little Flower’ radiates God’s love for people often considered to be unwanted, disposable, or of little value. In China, this mindset has led to a social crisis in the form of the One-Child Policy. Danielle Rose, Rob Kaczmark of Spirit Juice Studios, and a team of talented people traveled to China, where they were privileged to create this music video with China Little Flower orphanage in order to help build a culture of life.


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Sr. Cristina’s New Videoclip, “Blessed Be Your Name,” Rocks the Heavens
Last edited 14th January 2015

Sr. Cristina — the 26-year-old the Italian religious who shocked the world during her performance on Italy's competition, The Voice — has released her latest videoclip, “Blessed be your name”. When asked why she is willing to go up against the risk posed by the world of entertainment, Sr. Cristina responded simply, “My strength comes from above”.

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Angels We Have Heard On High - Performed by The Piano Guys
Last edited 23rd December 2014

Angels we have heard on high


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