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In Praise of God Our Father: an Interview

Last edited 31st May 2017

In this interview CRADIO speaks with Stasia Very, musician and composer, who has recently released her latest album “In Praise of God Our Father”. They talk to Stasia about her inspirations, how she got into song writing and also about her new album.

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Bono Thinks Christian Artists Need To Be Way More Honest

Last edited 18th May 2017

If you’re an ardent fan of U2, you may know that lead vocalist Bono loves the Psalms. The 57-year-old Irish musician has spoken out several times about the inspiration that he draws from reading the Biblical hymns.


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ACYF 15 Song Competition Winner Genevieve Bryant Performs song "Pure of Heart" for Xt3

Last edited 19th April 2017

In this video Genevieve Bryant who was the winner of the ACYF 15 Song Competition performs her original song "Pure of Heart" which was the theme song for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2015.


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ACYF Music Masterclass Gives Opportuntiy for Young People to be Trained by Industry Professionals

Last edited 12th April 2017

In the lead-up to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in December 2017, organisers of the Festival will hold a Music Masterclass on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of May 2017 open to participants from around Australia aged between Year 9 and 30 years.


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Jazzy Singer Launches Cover Song to Feel God's Calming Presence

Last edited 10th April 2017

Describing herself as a singer/songwriter with a hint of jazz, Kylie Odetta has released a cover video of the song Closer, originally by GAWVI, which is an invitation for all to come nearer to Christ.


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A Beautiful Duet With a 3-Year-Old Girl and Her Dad

Last edited 19th January 2017

In many families, there is a special bond that exists between a father and a daughter. When they are together, you can see the bond clearly and there isn’t anything that is sweeter anywhere else in the world.


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The Lights of Christmas 2016 Live Webcast on Xt3

Last edited 1st December 2016

Lights of Christmas 2016 presented by Payce, will be launched on the 8th of December 2016 at St. Mary's Cathedral.


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A 'Box of Tricks': How an Abandoned Piano delighted a Sydney neighbourhood

Last edited 27th October 2016

It stood abandoned for a day in an inner-Sydney street, bringing unexpected delight to everyone within earshot. An old piano, dumped on the side of O'Connor Street in Chippendale, proved irresistible to a stream of passersby who stopped to tickle the ivories.


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Citizens & Saints - Relent

Last edited 28th September 2016

Citizens & Saints, formerly just Citizens are a Christian rock band from Seattle, Washington. This is their new single 'Relent' off their latest album, A Mirror Dimly.


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This is the Grammy-Winning Hip-hop Artist You Should Be Listening To!

Last edited 13th September 2016

When Lecrae released his album Anomaly back in 2014, he became the only artist in Billboard history to have the #1 spot in both Gospel Music and the top 200. It seems he is a master of being "in the world, but not of it". His music reaches both Christians and non-Christians with a powerful message and his powerful witness of repentance is leading many into a deeper relationship with Christ.


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