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Last edited 30th May 2019

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Matt Maher - Because He Lives (Live from Steinway)

Last edited 25th September 2018

Matt Maher performs "Because He Lives", live from the factory floor at Steinway & Sons in Astoria, Queens, New York.

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Cathedral Choir to Sing For The Pope

Last edited 8th May 2018

Australia's oldest choir sets off today for a European tour to perform with the world's oldest choir for Pope Francis.


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Before New Movie, Listeners Could “only imagine” Best-selling Christian Song's Origin

Last edited 12th March 2018

It's the best-selling Christian song ever, but few people know the true story behind the creation of “I Can Only Imagine.” A new film of the same name seeks to change that, showing the world how a composition so beautiful can come out of an experience that is anything but.


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Giving God Your Gifts: Tommy Francisco | R&B Singer-Songwriter

Last edited 22nd February 2018

Doing his first music covers for fun with a selfie camera in his bathroom as a high school kid, Tommy Francisco had always thought he'd be a "suits" guy.


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Jesus is Life - Music Video from Poland

Last edited 11th January 2018

Jesus is Life! This music video created in Poland features singer Marta Lawska it will have you toe tapping in no time.


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NEW: emmanuelworship's New Album 'Ventus' Released Today

Last edited 30th November 2017

emmanuelworship have just released their new live worship album 'Ventus (Noise from Heaven)'.


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Singing in the Festive Season

Last edited 29th November 2017

Choristers Jackson, Hayden and Khang would love you to hear them sing in the festive season!


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Liveloud - Catholic Praise and Worship Concert in Australia

Last edited 4th December 2017

Liveloud is a Catholic-organised event designed to allow people to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit through the culture of praise and worship with CFC Youth for Christ and the rest of the Couples for Christ Family Ministries.


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Ever Be (cover) by Come Alive Worship from St John Bosco #ParishGoals

Last edited 2nd November 2017

Come Alive Worship covers Ever Be for their first recorded session.


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