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Catholic Worship Band LIVELOUD Releases New Album

Last edited 4th July 2016

The newest album from LIVELOUD titled 'IN GLORIA DEI' was released today.


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Matt Maher - "Abide With Me" - Live from #YouTubeNashvilleSessions

Last edited 16th June 2016

"Abide With Me" recorded live in Ronnie’s Place at Black River Entertainment as a part of the #YouTubeNashvilleSessions.


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This Is My Story - New Song by Catholic Singer, Sarah Kroger

Last edited 14th June 2016

Thought all the great Christian musicians were not Catholic? Think again! Sarah Kroger is a from the US. Sarah Kroger is a gifted young singer-songwriter who has long been involved in music ministry and Catholic service.


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Have It All // Brian Johnson // Have It All Official Lyric Video

Last edited 1st June 2016

Have It All by Brian Johnson official lyric video from Have It All.

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The Beatitudes Song

Last edited 9th May 2016

The Beatitudes Song - The Church at Brook Hills


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Everyone Needs a Father Everyone Needs a Mother

Last edited 20th April 2016

Everyone needs a father, everyone needs a mother


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Jessie Manibusan - God the Great I Am

Last edited 19th April 2016

Jesse Manibusan is a composer, singer/songwriter, storyteller, humorist, catechist, evangelizer and encourager. Working with any and every age group, Jesse has that knack to build instant rapport, connect to his audience, and create life-giving memories that help deepen faith and cultivate the joy that inspires service, sacrifice and the celebration of life.


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Bishops Want Catholics Singing from the Same Hymn Book

Last edited 14th April 2016

The Bishops of Australia launched a new liturgical worship book at the Catholic Leadership Centre in Melbourne on Friday 8 April 2016, thirty years since the last one was published.


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Matt Maher Launches New Album and Embarks on a U.S. Tour

Last edited 4th April 2016

This song, "Because he lives,” was very close to winning "Best Interpretation” of Contemporary Christian music in the last Grammy's.


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Archbishop Hart to Launch new Catholic Liturgical Hymnal

Last edited 1st April 2016

President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Archbishop Denis Hart will launch the Catholic Worship Book II on Friday April 8 at the Catholic Leadership Centre, East Melbourne.


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