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Angels We Have Heard on High - ThePianoGuys

Last edited 22nd December 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! Here's a version of "Angels We Have Heard on High" by the Piano Guys, with a few other Christmas favorites mixed in. Can you name them all?

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"Silent Night" featuring Placido Domingo - ThePianoGuys

Last edited 11th December 2015

Sometimes it seems there is little in this world today that is silent, holy, calm, or bright. However noisy, unholy, frenetic, or dark it may appear to be, music such as the immortal hymn, “Silent Night,” carries with it a feeling that can remind us there is still an abundance of virtue all around us. There is hope and beauty. And there is light. Have a listen to this beautiful version of "Silent Night" by The Piano Guys, featuring tenor legend, Placido Domingo, whose sublime vocal gift is rivaled by his kindness and sincerity.

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A Beautiful Version of O' Holy Night by Home Free

Last edited 7th December 2015

Home Free’s brand new version of "O Holy Night" is stunning with their talented vocals singing a cappella in the setting of this beautiful church. Founded in the early 2000’s by brothers Chris and Adam Rupp, Home Free was crowned the champions of NBC’s Sing Off – and deservedly so. What a beautiful rendition of this favorite Christmas classic.

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Waiting on a King: An Advent Playlist

Last edited 14th December 2016

It’s not Christmas yet! If you look around you might be fooled into thinking otherwise but just. say. no. We have this whole month to enjoy the liturgical season of Advent, a time of waiting and preparing our hearts once again to remember Christ’s birth.


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Matt Maher - Firelight: A Music Video for Youth Groups

Last edited 23rd November 2015

Here is a music video for one of Matt Maher's latest songs FIRELIGHT, a song that tells the story of the interior struggles that we all face in our lives, inspired by the experience and legacy of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This is a great reflection for youth groups!


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PAUL J. KIM - I'm Not a Rapper (Music Video)

Last edited 18th November 2015

With more than a decade of speaking to youth and performing original music, Paul J. Kim has earned an international reputation as a dynamic motivational speaker with a highly entertaining, yet life-changing message.

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Pope Francis to release 13-track pop-rock album entitled 'Wake Up!'

Last edited 8th November 2015

The Pope is often seen delivering speeches to thousands of faithful followers, but now he's communicating via a different medium: a new album called 'Wake Up'. Pope Francis doesn't exactly belt out a ballad on the 13 tracks, but the Vatican-approved release features his voice on pop and rock songs. The album's release may be a welcome distraction for The Vatican after two senior finance committee members were arrested this week for leaking to an Italian journalist.

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The Vatican has its own Anthem? Yes! Check it out

Last edited 8th November 2015

Did you know that the Holy See also has its own Anthem? It's known as the Pontifical Anthem. The song is played to mark the presence of the Pope in solemn occasions that are key in the life of the Vatican City State, including of course the moment when the Pope is elected. Abroad, the hymn is played to welcome Vatican ambassadors.

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"Angels We Have Heard On High" - A Christmas Hymn Brought To Life

Last edited 5th November 2015

It is Christmas Eve! The birth of Christ is upon us, and today is a day for preparation and joy! As you prepare your Christmas gifts for tomorrow, remember the first gift of Christmas was a simple gift given by a father to all his children, to us. He gave us His son, the Christ. He is the gift! This Christmas season, how will you share the gift? Will you invite a friend to join you for Christmas Mass? Will you stop rushing around so much and spend some time in prayer? Will you go back to the Sacrament of Confession in this Year of Mercy - or invite a friend or family member to do the same.


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Pure of Heart - Theme Song for Australian Catholic Youth Festival by Melbourne Singer Song-Writer Genevieve Bryant

Last edited 2nd November 2015

Pure of Heart by Melbourne singer song-writer Genevieve Bryant has been chosen as the theme song for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF)2015.


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