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Last edited 30th May 2019

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Cathedral Choir to Sing For The Pope

Last edited 8th May 2018

Australia's oldest choir sets off today for a European tour to perform with the world's oldest choir for Pope Francis.


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Giving God Your Gifts: Tommy Francisco | R&B Singer-Songwriter

Last edited 22nd February 2018

Doing his first music covers for fun with a selfie camera in his bathroom as a high school kid, Tommy Francisco had always thought he'd be a "suits" guy.


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NEW: emmanuelworship's New Album 'Ventus' Released Today

Last edited 30th November 2017

emmanuelworship have just released their new live worship album 'Ventus (Noise from Heaven)'.


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Jesus founded a Church, Not a Club: Mark Shea

Last edited 28th September 2017

So last week, Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself praying the Rosary and accompanied it with an explanation of why her health troubles had forced her to cancel her tour. Unlike, say, Madonna’s use of sacred imagery to shock and subvert the point of sacred imagery, this was simply an image of her at prayer as an ordinary supplicant, expressing her suffering and need to God:


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Enough With the Drama: Some Thoughts on Taylor Swift

Last edited 28th August 2017

Taylor Swift, a celebrity genius (a mogul, some might say), has sent shock waves through the world with her sudden drop of “Look What You Made Me Do,” the first single off her new record Reputation, due to drop November 10. There was intrigue, mystery, and endless hype associated with this release for a few reasons:


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Dr G Yunupingu: An Exquisite Singer Who 'Spoke to the Soul'

Last edited 26th July 2017

He was the other-worldly singer who counted Elton John and Sting among his fans, and who played for the Pope, the Queen and Barack Obama.


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In Praise of God Our Father: an Interview

Last edited 31st May 2017

In this interview CRADIO speaks with Stasia Very, musician and composer, who has recently released her latest album “In Praise of God Our Father”. They talk to Stasia about her inspirations, how she got into song writing and also about her new album.

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ACYF Music Masterclass Gives Opportuntiy for Young People to be Trained by Industry Professionals

Last edited 12th April 2017

In the lead-up to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in December 2017, organisers of the Festival will hold a Music Masterclass on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of May 2017 open to participants from around Australia aged between Year 9 and 30 years.


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A 'Box of Tricks': How an Abandoned Piano delighted a Sydney neighbourhood

Last edited 27th October 2016

It stood abandoned for a day in an inner-Sydney street, bringing unexpected delight to everyone within earshot. An old piano, dumped on the side of O'Connor Street in Chippendale, proved irresistible to a stream of passersby who stopped to tickle the ivories.


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