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Iraq: ISIS Abducting, Killing, Expelling Minorities - Please #PrayforPeace
Last edited 21st July 2014

The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) is killing, kidnapping, and threatening religious and ethnic minorities in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Since capturing Mosul on June 10, 2014, the armed Sunni extremist group has seized at least 200 Turkmen, Shabaks, and Yazidis, killed at least 11 of them, and ordered all Christians to convert to Islam, pay “tribute” money, or leave Mosul by July 19.


Suicide Car Bomb Kills Nine in Baghdad, Claimed by Islamic State
Last edited 17th July 2014

A suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State militant group killed three people on Thursday in the centre of Baghdad and a second bomb outside the Iraqi capital killed six people, police and medics said. The bomb in central Baghdad, claimed by the al Qaeda offshoot, exploded near the Shi'ite mosque of Abdullah bin Rawah in the main wholesale market of Shorja, the sources said.


Israel Launches Ground Invasion of Gaza
Last edited 18th July 2014

Israel has launched a ground operation in Gaza on the 10th day of an offensive to stamp out rocket attacks from the Palestinian enclave, the army said.


298 Killed as Malaysia Airlines 'Blown Out of Sky' by Missile over Ukraine
Last edited 17th July 2014

Flight MH17 was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was apparently blown out of the sky by a missile near Ukraine's border with Russia, killing 298 people on board.


North Korean Catholics Asked to Attend Pope's Mass
Last edited 15th July 2014

South Korean Catholic officials have renewed a request for North Korea to send about 10 Catholics to a mass to be celebrated by Pope Francis during his August visit to Seoul, a Catholic official said yesterday.

Scourge of Drugs: Fighting the Pressure for Legalisation
Last edited 14th July 2014

In a recent address Pope Francis deplored what he called “the scourge of drug use.” His comments on June 20 were addressed to participants in the 31st International Drug Enforcement Conference in Rome.


The World Cup Final - Argentina vs. Germany
Last edited 10th July 2014

World Cup Final: Pope Francis' country of origin Argentina will vs. Pope Emeritus Benedict's country of origin Germany in the final of the World Cup. Pope Emeritus Benedict said in 2008 that "The sport of football can be a vehicle of education for the values of honesty, solidarity and fraternity, especially for the younger generation."


Cardinal George Pell Takes Control of the Vatican’s Finances and Outlines Sweeping Reforms
Last edited 9th July 2014

Australian Cardinal George Pell has taken personal control of the Vatican’s finances in a reform unprecedented in living memory.


Diocese Denounces Louisiana Court Order for Priest to Break Confessional Seal
Last edited 8th July 2014

The Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has vigorously denounced a ruling by the state’s highest court that would compel a priest to violate the seal of confession or face possible imprisonment.

Cardinal George Pell to Announce Major Changes at Vatican Bank
Last edited 8th July 2014

Cardinal George Pell is expected to announce a restructure of the Vatican bank that will see the scandal plagued institution spin off its investment activities and focus on payment services for the Roman Catholic Church, according to reports.Vatican sources said Cardinal Pell - who was appointed earlier this year to one of the Vatican's most senior roles, Prefect for the Economy of the Holy See - will announce the changes on Wednesday.

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