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Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? (A Letter from the People of the Cross)
Last edited 24th April 2015

As the world responds to the Islamic State with hatred and vengeance, there is one group that is responding differently. They are not allies with ISIS but enemies. And they have been slain by the thousands in the hands of ISIS. ISIS calls them The Nation of the Cross - The ones they have killed are bringing a message of forgiveness and hope. Declaring a love that they do not know - A love that reconciles even the worst of us and can make enemies into brothers.

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Man Arrested in France in Plot to Attack Catholic Churches
Last edited 23rd April 2015

After a planned terrorist attack on two French churches was averted, Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced that “specific protection” is being provided to 178 Catholic places of worship.


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Irish Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage
Last edited 21st April 2015

In the run up to the Irish referendum on the constitutional definition of marriage, economist Ray Kinsella warns of a "systematic deconstruction of the family" in Irish law. Video by Catholic News Service.

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ISIS Slaughters 30 Christians on Beach in Libya, Pray!
Last edited 20th April 2015

ISIS has released another video depicting the slaughter of Christians in Libya, showing footage of two massacres in which 30 Ethiopian Christians were killed. Before the executions a masked militant said: “To the nation of the cross, we’re back again… Muslim blood that was shed under the hands of your religion is not cheap.”


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Reports that Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls are Still Alive
Last edited 13th April 2015

A woman has told the BBC that she saw more than 50 of the Chibok girls abducted last year by Boko Haram militants three weeks ago in the north-eastern town of Gwoza. "They said they were Chibok girls kept in a big house," the woman, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, told the BBC.


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French Media Groups to hold Emergency Meeting After Isis Cyber-Attack
Last edited 13th April 2015

The French Culture Minister has called talks after the television network TV5Monde was taken over by individuals claiming to belong to Islamic State.

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ISIS Takes Over Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syria
Last edited 8th April 2015

They were forced out of their homes once... now their livelihood is being threatened again in this Syrian refugee camp. This is the reality roughly 18,000 Palestinians are facing in Damascus. ISIS has taken over about 90 percent of the camp and now, the refugees are trapped inside.


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U.S. Bishops Object to Death Penalty as Punishment in Boston Bomber Case
Last edited 7th April 2015

As the trial of Boston Marathon bombing defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went to the jury April 6, the Catholic bishops of Massachusetts released a statement reiterating the church's teaching on the death penalty. If convicted, Tsarnaev could be sentenced to death or to life without the possibility of parole.


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One Woman's Quest to Care for the Forgotten Yazidis in Iraq
Last edited 6th April 2015

Shelan Jibrael’s office is located in the Iraqi city of Erbil, where tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians displaced by the Islamic State have immigrated. But on any given day, she is much more likely to be found in one of the various refugee camps around the city, looking after not only the Christians but also those who find themselves in a much more dramatic situation: the Yazidis.


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Holy Thursday Attack in Kenya, 147 Killed - Please Pray!
Last edited 4th April 2015

A total of 147 people were killed on Holy Thursday in Kenya after gunmen burst into a Christian service at a Kenyan university. Taking hostages from the service, they then "proceeded to the hostels, shooting anybody they came across except their fellows, the Muslims." Those who died were killed beacuse they are Christians - this is a terrible tragedy for the Easter weekend. Let us join with our brothers and sisters in Kenya in prayer.


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