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Pakistani Man Protesting 'Honour Killing' Admits Strangling First Wife
Last edited 29th May 2014

Muhummad Iqbal, who is demanding justice after his pregnant second wife was killed by her family, admits his own crime

Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against ACA Contraceptive Mandate Enforcement Against Two Religious Colleges
Last edited 26th May 2014

In Dordt College v. Sebelius, (ND IA, May 21, 2014), an Iowa federal district court granted a preliminary injunction to two religiously-oriented colleges-- Dordt College (Christian Reformed Church) and Cornerstone University (Baptist)-- to prevent enforcement of the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage mandate rules against them.

Military Coup: Pray for Peace in Thailand
Last edited 22nd May 2014

Thailand's military chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha has announced that the armed forces and police have seized power in the country, two days after declaring martial law. General Prayuth made the announcement last night in a television broadcast after he held a meeting with all rival factions aimed at finding a solution to six months of anti-government protests.


South Korea Catholic Cardinal Makes 1st visit to North Korea
Last edited 21st May 2014

South Korean Roman Catholic Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung visited North Korea for the first time on Wednesday, despite rekindled animosity between the neighboring countries.

Catholic Religious in South Sudan Plead for Peace
Last edited 20th May 2014

The Catholic religious congregations of South Sudan have urged their countrymen to reject violence, calling on the country’s leaders to honor the terms of a recent peace agreement.


Priest and Nun Among Clergy Arrested over Abbott Sit-in Protest
Last edited 20th May 2014

The protesters invited office staff to join prayers for about 1000 child refuge seekers in detention centres and demanded their release. Those involved in the occupations included two Catholic priests, a nun, two Baptist pastors, an Anglican Priest, five Uniting Church ministers, and a number of lay church leaders.

Turkey Mine Disaster: Pray for Victims
Last edited 19th May 2014

As the death toll from the Soma mine disaster has now reached 299, a new fire broke out this morning, forcing rescue teams to stop their work to recover bodies.


Australia' Foreign Aid Cuts Leaves World's Poor in the Lurch
Last edited 18th May 2014

The Government's decision to slash foreign aid by almost $8 billion over five years has been greeted with consternation and deep concern by Caritas Australia and other leading aid and development organisations such as World Vision, CARE Australia and Oxfam.


Canadian Cardinal Urges Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to Reverse Pro-Choice Rule
Last edited 15th May 2014

Cardinal Thomas Collins, Toronto's Roman Catholic archbishop, is urging Canada's Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to reverse his decision requiring new Liberal candidates to follow the party's "pro-choice" position.


Calls for Implementation of Ceasefire in South Sudan Conflict
Last edited 14th May 2014

Religious leaders, including a Catholic archbishop, called for prayers for peace while urging government and rebel forces in South Sudan to lay down their arms and allow a ceasefire to take effect. Fighting between forces loyal to South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar, Kiir’s former vice president, flared yesterday, two days after the parties agreed to the ceasefire.


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