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Boko Haram Suspects on Trial in Nigeria's Kainji town

Last edited 9th October 2017

The first in a series of trials of more than 6,600 people, accused of being members of militant Islamist group Boko Haram, has opened in Nigeria.


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Catalan Referendum: Region's Independence 'In Matter of Days'

Last edited 3rd October 2017

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.


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Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History: Vegas Death Toll hits 58, More than 500 Injured

Last edited 2nd October 2017

The IS group claimed the 64-year-old Nevada man behind the Sunday night massacre, Stephen Craig Paddock, was one of its "soldiers" but the FBI said it had found no such connection so far.


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US Senate Committee Advances Bill to Aid Christians in Iraq

Last edited 21st September 2017

A Senate committee on Tuesday voted to advance a bill that seeks to ensure U.S. aid reaches Christian genocide victims in Iraq.


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Celebrations as Nigeria's 'Chibok girls' Reunited with Families

Last edited 15th September 2017

More than 100 "Chibok girls" freed from Nigeria's Boko Haram have been reunited with their families and will soon return to school.


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Single Mum Rallies a Thousand Marchers for ‘NO’ Vote in Sydney CBD

Last edited 13th September 2017

Sydney’s CBD came to a halt last weekend as supporters of traditional marriage marched peacefully through the city’s streets.


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North Korea threatens US with 'greatest pain' after UN sanctions

Last edited 13th September 2017

North Korea has threatened the United States with the "greatest pain" it has ever suffered following new sanctions imposed by the United Nations.


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US Seeks Oil Embargo on North Korea: Draft UN Resolution

Last edited 11th September 2017

The United States on Wednesday asked the UN Security Council to slap an oil embargo on North Korea and freeze the assets of leader Kim Jong-Un, in response to Pyongyang's sixth and most powerful nuclear test.


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Yemen's Cholera Epidemic Hits 600,000

Last edited 6th September 2017

Yemen's cholera outbreak has infected 612,703 people and killed 2,048 since it began in April, and some districts are still reporting sharp rises in new cases, data from the World Health Organisation and Yemen's health ministry showed on Tuesday.


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North Korea Nuclear Test: Hydrogen bomb 'Missile-Ready'

Last edited 3rd September 2017

North Korea says it has successfully tested a nuclear weapon that could be loaded on to a long-range missile. The secretive communist state said its sixth nuclear test was a "perfect success", hours after seismologists had detected an earth tremor.


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