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Germanwings crash: Pilot confidentiality 'should be relaxed'

Last edited 13th March 2016

French investigators have called for medical confidentiality to be relaxed for pilots, in the wake of last year's Germanwings disaster.


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Irish Bishops Discuss 100th Anniversary of Easter Rising

Last edited 9th March 2016

The centenary of the Easter Rising marks the watershed moment of Irish political history. This pivotal anniversary provides an opportunity for the Irish to deepen thier understanding of who they are as a people and to affirm the hope for lasting peace and justice. People of faith will shape their understanding of this transformative event in the context of Christian values such as love of neighbour, respect for life, reconciliation, hope and healing.

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Xt3 Interviews Monica Doumit from Catholic Talk on The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Media Coverage of Cardinal Pell's Testimony

Last edited 7th March 2016

In this interview Xt3 speaks with Monica Doumit editor of Catholic Talk who has been closely following The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Media Coverage of Cardinal Pell's Testimony.


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East Africa Starves: Suffers the Worst Malnutrition in the Last 10 years

Last edited 25th February 2016

It is one of the 15 poorest countries in the world and it's going through the worst famine in 9 years. In Malawi, more than 2.8 million people are at risk of starvation. Cases of severe malnutrition have increased by 100 percent in two months, from December 2015 to January 2016. It is especially serious for children.


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Pope on Trump: ‘Building walls to keep immigrants out is not Christian’

Last edited 21st February 2016

Pope Francis discussed Donald Trump during his in-flight press conference on the way back to Rome from Mexico As the plane carrying him back to Rome from Mexico was flying over Texas, Pope Francis insisted building walls to keep immigrants out of one’s country is un-Christian.


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Pell is the Victim of a Vicious Witch Hunt

Last edited 17th February 2016

CARDINAL George Pell is the victim of one of the most vicious witch hunts to disgrace this country. It is shameful. Disgusting. Frightening.


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Syria Crisis: Strikes on Hospitals 'war crimes'

Last edited 16th February 2016

France and Turkey have said that air strikes on hospitals in northern Syria constitute war crimes.


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NATO Allies Launch Naval Mission to Crackdown on Asylum Seeker Smugglers

Last edited 11th February 2016

NATO will send military vessels to the Aegean Sea to help Turkey and Greece crack down on criminal networks smuggling migrants and refugees into Europe, NATO's allied defence ministers say.


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Pope Francis Grieves Over Victims of Taiwan Earthquake

Last edited 9th February 2016

Pope Francis sent his condolences to those affected by a deadly earthquake which struck the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan on Saturday, causing a building collapse that has killed dozens of people.


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Syria 'Exterminating Detainees': UN Report

Last edited 8th February 2016

Detainees held by the Syrian government are dying on a massive scale, amounting to a state policy of "extermination" of the civilian population, a crime against humanity, United Nations investigators say. The UN commission of inquiry on Monday called on the Security Council to impose "targeted sanctions" on Syrian officials in the civilian and military hierarchy responsible for or complicit in deaths, torture and disappearances in custody, but stopped short of naming them. The report, Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Deaths in Detention, covers the period from March 10, 2011 to November 30, 2015. It is based on interviews with 621 survivors and witnesses, and evidence gathered by the team led by chairman Paulo Pinheiro.

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