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Force Alone Cannot Stop 'Religious Cleansing' in Mideast
Last edited 26th August 2014

Although Christians, Muslims and Jews have struggled for hundreds of years to live peacefully alongside each other in the Middle East, "we have never seen the kind of 'religious cleansing' we are witnessing today," said the head of the region's Franciscans.


Fr. Barron on the Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
Last edited 12th August 2014

There is an extraordinary persecution going on against Christians in the Middle East - in Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria... In some places the violence is horrendous and extreme, and in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, persecution involves restricting human rights and forbidding worship. So what can we do about this? In this video, Fr. Robert Barron reflects on current religious persecution and our right to religious liberty, looking at the words of Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis.

French Cardinal Visits Iraq’s Persecuted Christians
Last edited 4th August 2014

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon, joined by two other French bishops, made a four-day trip to Iraq to meet with some of the nation’s persecuted Christians.


Church Leaders Speak Out Against Merciless Persecution of Christians in Middle East
Last edited 4th August 2014

Religious leaders from the city's Assyrian, Iraqi, Syriac, Maronite, Coptic and Chaldean Christian communities joined members of the Ecumenical Council of NSW, the National Council of Churches and more than 5000 Sydneysiders on Saturday, 2 August to raise awareness of the brutal persecution of Christians by the extremist Islamic militant group, IS formerly known as ISIS.


Sydney's Christians Protest ‘Silent Genocide’ Taking Place in Iraq and Syria
Last edited 4th August 2014

Thousands of Christians from Australia's Iraqi community have attended a peaceful protest in Sydney against religious persecution in their homeland by Islamist militants. They were joined by Christians of all backgrounds for a march from Belmore Park near Central Station in Sydney, to Martin Place in the centre of the city.


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Pakistani Christians Behind Bars on Blasphemy Charges
Last edited 4th August 2014

As the Sudanese woman charged with apostasy finds safety in the United States, other Christians around the world remain behind bars. Two of them, Asia Bibi and Sawan Masih face the death penalty on blasphemy charges in Pakistan.


Crisis in Religious Freedom - Three-quarters of World's Population Affected
Last edited 3rd August 2014

“Religious freedom is human freedom,” stated U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, last Monday when he presented the International Religious Freedom Report for 2013. We have a long journey ahead to achieve this freedom, he added, given that 75% of the world’s population lives in countries that do not respect it.


Evangelicals and Catholics Apologise to Each Other for Past Persecution and Discrimination
Last edited 30th July 2014

During his visit with an evangelical pastor and his congregation in the Italian city of Caserta, Pope Francis apologised for the persecution of Pentecostal Christians by Italian Catholics. His remarks were greatly welcomed by evangelical leaders, who responded in a similar way. They also apologised to Catholics.


Anglicans Joining Ordinariate are Like ‘Hobbits in Search of Treasure’
Last edited 29th July 2014

Anglicans joining the Ordinariate are like Bilbo Baggins and the other hobbits going in search of treasure, Mgr Keith Newton said on Sunday.


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