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Pope to Consecrated People: Be Selective With New Vocations
Last edited 2nd February 2016

The Pope met with about five-thousand consecrated and religious persons, who are in Rome for the end of the Year of Consecrated Life. As he does on many occasions, Pope Francis decided to improvise at the last moment.

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Good confessors are like thorough doctors. By treating sins firmly they save lives
Last edited 20th January 2016

At the dawn of 2016, a mere two weeks ago, I made a list of resolutions-to-combat-sin that I’ve been struggling to keep. To be fair, I’ve kept off the gin. I have gone from enjoying a regular G&T with my friends to having one as a special treat. But I’ve not quite cut out rudely interrupting others in company or my other peccadilloes. So I’m faced with going back to Confession and asking the Lord to forgive the same sins that I had made a firm resolution not to do again. And with God’s grace I’ll grow out of them and overcome my bad tendencies in time. It comforts me that we have different sets of temptations and different sins at different stages in our lives.

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Video Reflection for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Last edited 19th January 2016

On Monday 18 January the Church begun the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a custim that goes back for over a century. The theme for the week of prayer this year is: "Called to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord." (1 Peter 2:9) This week is a special opportunity to pray for Christian unity and for peace amoung our denominations. Watch this video reflection for more.


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UN Report Reveals ‘Staggering Violence’ Committed by ISIS in Iraq
Last edited 19th January 2016

At least 18,800 people were killed and a further 36,245 were wounded in Iraq by ISIS between January 1, 2014, and October 31, 2015, according to a new report by the United Nations (UN).


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2015 the Worst in Modern History for Christian Persecution
Last edited 17th January 2016

Last year was the “worst year in modern history for Christian persecution,” according to a report by a group that monitors violence against the faithful.


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Pope Francis Visits the Great Synagogue of Rome
Last edited 17th January 2016

On Sunday 17 January 2016, Pope Francis visited the Great Synagogue of Rome to pray for and remember the Jews slaughtered by the Nazis in Europe. During his visit, the Holy Father said the past must serve as a lesson for the present and for the future, the Holocaust teaches us that utmost vigilance is always needed to be able to take prompt action in defense of human dignity and peace.


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Prince of Wales Makes Donation to Support Persecuted Christians in Middle East
Last edited 12th January 2016

The Prince of Wales has made a donation in aid of suffering Christians in the Middle East as the crisis in the region deepens.


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A Muted Christmas in the Holy Land
Last edited 22nd December 2015

Despite the ever-present threat of violence simmering just below the surface in a land brimming with cultural and religious significance, the mood was nevertheless upbeat in the town of Jesus Christ’s birth.


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Religion Will Only Keep Growing in the Future, and Here's Why
Last edited 21st December 2015

The numbers of people without a religious affiliation are increasing in some countries. But some demographers project that the global population will be more religious, not less, for one simple reason: religious believers tend to have more babies.


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Persecuted Christians of North Korea Deserve Our Attention
Last edited 16th December 2015

Christians are being persecuted throughout the world. Our attention has been focused on the Middle East of late, but we should not forget the other places where to be Christian is to risk imprisonment and even death. One such place is North Korea.


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