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Lay Rector a First at the 'Pope's University'

Last edited 7th June 2018

For the first time in its 245-year history, a lay professor has been appointed rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, also known as the “Pope’s university.”


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Sr Patricia Loses Appeal to Stay in Philippines

Last edited 23rd May 2018

Sr Patricia, 71, was on April 23 ordered to leave the Philippines by tomorrow because the Bureau of Immigration said she had violated her missionary visa.


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200 Years of the Blessed Sacrament Celebrated at the “Birthplace” of the Church in Australia

Last edited 6th May 2018

Hundreds of people, including bishops from all around the country, filled Sydney’s beloved St Patrick’s Church Hill on Sunday 6 May for an historic Mass commemorating 200 years of the preservation of the Blessed Sacrament in Australia.


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50 Years Young: The Grace and Peace of Mt Schoenstatt

Last edited 25th April 2018

When she was younger, Sr Renée Buchmann dreamed of becoming a missionary in Africa. Instead the Schoenstatt sister was sent as a missionary to Australia. She arrived on 22 May 1968, three days after the Mt Schoenstatt shrine at Mulgoa was opened and blessed.


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Oceania Bishops Meet to Discuss Regional Issues

Last edited 13th April 2018

Bishops from across Oceania are meeting in Papua New Guinea this week to discuss human rights and environmental issues in the region. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


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Chinese Officials Again Detain Underground Bishop During Holy Week

Last edited 27th March 2018

Police have detained a Catholic bishop at the center of controversy over a possible agreement between the Vatican and China.


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Youth Say They Want a Church That's Transparent, Up-to-date

Last edited 25th March 2018

At the end of a week-long meeting held at the Vatican, young people from around the world have urged the Church to be more authentic, modern and creative in the way it interacts with young people, and in addressing controversial contemporary issues.


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Top Vatican communications officer resigns after 'Lettergate' fiasco

Last edited 21st March 2018

On Wednesday Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Msgr. Dario Edoardo Vigano as prefect of the Secretariat for Communications in wake of what has been dubbed by many as the 'Lettergate' scandal, which has dominated Catholic media the past week.


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Now Is The Time to Pray for China: Peter Rosengren

Last edited 7th February 2018

The news flashed around the Catholic world last week that the Vatican was on the verge of concluding an historic agreement with the government of the People's Republic of China in relation to the Church in that country. The first warning sign, however, was what was reported. Subsequently confirmed reports indicated that a Vatican delegation had visited two underground bishops – Peter Zhuang Juanjian of Shantou and Joseph Guo Xijin of Shintou – in January, asking them to resign their sees and hand control of them over to currently illicitly consecrated bishops of the Patriotic Church. The two underground bishops, it was reported, were visibly distressed at what they were being asked to do but, at first, acceded.


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Bishop Outraged By 'Hypocrisy' of Locked Churches

Last edited 15th January 2018

A bishop has criticised Catholic churches that remain locked during the day, and called in them to stay open like their Anglican counterparts.


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