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Now Is The Time to Pray for China: Peter Rosengren

Last edited 7th February 2018

The news flashed around the Catholic world last week that the Vatican was on the verge of concluding an historic agreement with the government of the People's Republic of China in relation to the Church in that country. The first warning sign, however, was what was reported. Subsequently confirmed reports indicated that a Vatican delegation had visited two underground bishops – Peter Zhuang Juanjian of Shantou and Joseph Guo Xijin of Shintou – in January, asking them to resign their sees and hand control of them over to currently illicitly consecrated bishops of the Patriotic Church. The two underground bishops, it was reported, were visibly distressed at what they were being asked to do but, at first, acceded.


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Bishop Outraged By 'Hypocrisy' of Locked Churches

Last edited 15th January 2018

A bishop has criticised Catholic churches that remain locked during the day, and called in them to stay open like their Anglican counterparts.


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Traveling in My Habit - Br. Casey Cole, OFM

Last edited 9th January 2018

Many of us went on a holiday during the Christmas Season and this includes many religious brothers and sisters. Have you ever wondered what it is like for religious to travel in their habits? Check out this video from YouTube video blogger Brother Casey Cole OFM who always takes the opportunity to evangelize in his habit.

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New Tests Have Confirmed the Age of the Holy Sepulchre

Last edited 30th November 2017

Following the recent restoration of the Holy Sepulchre, archaeologists have confirmed the construction dates of the structure surrounding what is believed to be the tomb of Jesus.


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How Hebrew-Speaking Catholics Make Advent Longer

Last edited 27th November 2017

Every year it seems as though the spiritual preparation for Christmas lags behind the commercial preparation. What if there were more weeks to Advent?


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Focus Turns to Religious Freedom after Yes Vote

Last edited 16th November 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has cleared the ground for a compromise that aims to protect religious freedom, as he vows to pass laws by Christmas.


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Council of Cardinals Says More Youth, Women Needed in Roman Curia

Last edited 13th September 2017

One of the key talking points in the latest round of meetings for the Pope's Council of Cardinals was the selection of personnel in the Roman Curia, with an emphasis on making it more international, and with a higher number of young people and women.


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Nepal to Ban Evangelisation and Religious Conversion

Last edited 25th August 2017

The Nepalese president is expected to approve a bill that will outlaw any attempt to convert someone to a different faith, alongside the “hurting of religious sentiment”.


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Can a Priest Break the Seal of Secrecy in Confession? - The Answer is No

Last edited 17th August 2017

No they cannot. Catholic priests are automatically excommunicated if they break the seal of confession. It is absolutely forbidden for a confessor to betray in anyway the secrecy of the confession for any reason.


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Confession Above the Law: Archbishop Hart

Last edited 15th August 2017

The Archbishop said the sacredness of communication with God during confession should be above the law.


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