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West must “Not Forget the Christians in the Middle East”
Last edited 8th October 2015

During the daily press briefing on the Synod of the Family on Thursday, three prelates spoke about issues from Africa and the Middle East. Addressing the West, Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Younan issued an appeal “not to forget the Christians in the Middle East".


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Cardinal Erdo's Introductory Report for the Synod on the Family
Last edited 7th October 2015

On October 5, the opening day of the 2015 Synod on the Family, Cardinal Peter Erdo of Esztergom-Budapest - who is the synod's relator general - gave an introductory speech to the synod fathers. Drawing from the working document for the synod as well as recent magisterial documents, Cardinal Erdo surveyed the work the assembly is called to do. He examined current challenges to the family and marriage, the vocation of the family, and the family's mission today.


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Follow the Australian Bishops Blog titled 'On the Road Together' during the Synod of the Family
Last edited 7th October 2015

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has launched a Synod blog titled, ‘On the Road Together’. Daily updates, photos and videos from the Synod can be viewed on the blog:

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Australia's Bishops Call on Politicians to Support Marriage
Last edited 16th September 2015

Australia's Catholic bishops have urged politicians to resolve the divisive debate on proposals to redefine marriage. A Senate report on holding a popular vote on marriage was tabled this week.


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European Bishops visit Holy Land to Show Solidarity and Seek Hope
Last edited 15th September 2015

European bishops are gathering in the Holy Land Sept. 11-16 to show closeness to Christians in the Middle East and to trace a path of hope for them, in an unprecented assembly.


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Muslims Defend Christians’ Freedom in Beirut Declaration
Last edited 25th August 2015

Makassed, a Sunni philanthropic association close to Dar el-Fatwa, Lebanon’s highest Sunni authority, has issued a statement, the ‘Beirut Declaration on Religious Freedom,’ dated 20 June. In its declaration, the Sunni association reiterates liberal Islam’s desire to live alongside Christians, noting that no one can be forced to convert or be persecuted for holding beliefs different from one’s own.


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How a Jesuit School in Nepal is Helping Earthquake Survivors Manage Trauma
Last edited 24th August 2015

A Jesuit primary school located near Kathmandu is using increased counselling and student-parent orientation programs to help both children and parents to cope with the experience of the earthquake which struck Nepal earlier this year.


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Pray for Syria: ISIS Bulldozes Ancient Syrian Monastery
Last edited 23rd August 2015

ISIS fighters have demolished a monastery in central Syria, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Mar Elian monastery in the town of Qaryatain near Homs, was captured by the terrorists from the Syrian Army two weeks ago. This week they used bulldozers to raze the holy site.


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A Letter From Syria, 'The Land of Broken Dreams'
Last edited 20th August 2015

"This absurd war has torn apart Syria for five years, forcing so many young Syrians to flee violence, military service, death and chaos... What will the Resurrection be like in a country without young people and children?"


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The Immaculate Conception in Scripture
Last edited 17th August 2015

In Tim Staples new book, Behold Your Mother - He gives a Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines, including eight reasons for the belief in the Immaculate Conception:


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