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Vatican Report Calls for Continued Dialogue with US Women Religious

Last edited 17th December 2014

Although initially seen by many religious and lay Catholics as a punitive measure, the Vatican-ordered investigation of US communities of women religious has concluded with the publication of a 5,000-word final report summarising the problems and challenges the women themselves see in their communities and thanking them for their service to the Church and to society, especially the poor.

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Sydney Archbishop: Darkness of Siege Cannot Overcome Christ's Light

Last edited 17th December 2014

Hell has touched Sydney, but the darkness let loose on a terrorised city cannot overcome the light of Christ, the city's archbishop said at a special Dec. 16 Mass after a lone gunman took 17 people hostage in a cafe, killing two before being shot by police.


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Pope Pleads with Middle East Churches to Address Crisis Together

Last edited 15th December 2014

Pope Francis addressed the increasing challenges caused by violence in the Middle East with members of the Syriac Catholic Church, urging them to work alongside other churches to find solutions.


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Catholicism’s Latin American Problem

Last edited 9th December 2014

Those interested in reviving Catholicism’s saliency in everyday life in Latin America should consider how they can make Christ front-and-center of their social outreach

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How Being Christian in Pakistan can Lead to Discrimination

Last edited 8th December 2014

In Pakistan, slavery and religious persecution are two problems that are far from being over. In the month of November, this Christian couple was burnt alive. Husband and wife, were thrown into the furnace in the brick factory they worked in. They were killed, accused of blasphemy and of allegedly burning a few pages with verses from the Koran.

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Christian & Muslim Leaders Vow to Promote Peace

Last edited 7th December 2014

Catholic, Anglican, Sunni and Shiite leaders vowed to do all they can to combat "ugly and hideous" distortions of religion, and to involve more women -- often the first victims of violence -- in official interreligious dialogues.


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Day of Solidarity with Middle East Christians, 7 December

Last edited 3rd December 2014

The Australian bishops have declared that Dec. 7 will be a day of solidarity throughout the country with Christians in the Middle East, a large number of whom have been threatened or displaced by the Islamic State.


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Mary and Joseph Before the Crèche

Last edited 2nd December 2014

As the Church begins the season of Advent, and Catholics repeat the familiar ritual of setting up their crèches, the humble figures of Mary and Joseph kneeling before the empty manger remind us of God’s desire to entrust his only Son to two human beings, a woman and a man, wife and husband.

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Pope to Ecumenical Patriarch: “We're Brothers in Hope”

Last edited 30th November 2014

During the Holy Father's apostolic visit to Turkey, Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I prayed for the unity of the Churches at the Patriarchal Church of St. George in Istanbul.


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Pope Francis & Patriarch Bartholomew Sign Joint Declaration

Last edited 30th November 2014

During his visit to Turkey, Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, spiritual leader of the Orthodox world, on Sunday signed a Joint Declaration reaffirming their desire to overcome the obstacles dividing their two Churches. The two leaders also deplored the terrible situation facing Christians and all who are suffering in the Middle East and called for an appropriate response from the international community. Here is the full text of the Joint Declaration:


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