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Faith Leaders Urge Support of Minimum Wage Legislation
Last edited 1st May 2014

A group of religious leaders stressed the moral obligation to raise the federal minimum wage in an April 29 letter to Congress, describing increased wages as "indispensable to ensuring that no worker will suffer the indignity of poverty." The letter was released the day before the Senate was to vote on increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour by 2016.


Could John XXIII and John Paul II be the Patron Saints of Christian Unity?
Last edited 28th April 2014

Catholics will not be the only ones celebrating the canonisations of John XXIII and John Paul II. Delegations from other faiths will also be at the ceremony at St. Peter's Square.

Pope Chooses Coptic Catholic Priest as Personal Secretary
Last edited 24th April 2014

Australia's Orthodox Coptic Christian community has welcomed the appointment of Cairo-born Coptic Catholic priest, Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi Gaid as second personal secretary to Pope Francis.


Korea’s Catholic Church Continues to Grow: Faithful Now 10.4% of the Population
Last edited 23rd April 2014

The Korean Catholic Church continues to grow. According to the Statistics as of December 31, 2013, the number of Catholics in Korea was 5,442,996, an increase of 1.5% (81,627) over the last year. This accounts for 10.4% of the total population. The total number of Catholics in Korea has slightly and consistently increased since 2003. By gender, the number of the male faithful was 2,250,015 and the number of the female faithful was 3,192,981, 41.3% and 58.7% respectively of the total Catholics in Korea.

Easter 2014: Photos Of Christians Around The World Celebrating The Resurrection Of Jesus
Last edited 22nd April 2014

Christians around the world celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ with vigils, services, fireworks and, of course, Easter Eggs.

Cardinal McCarrick visits Central African Republic, Promotes Peace
Last edited 21st April 2014

Despite the violence currently plaguing the Central African Republic, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick believes the country can recover if it abandons vengeance and focuses on a shared sense of humanity.


As World Celebrates Easter Anti-Christian Violence Continues to Escalate
Last edited 17th April 2014

Easter is the most holy week of the Christian calendar but as millions prepare to mark the crucifixion of Christ followed by the joy of His resurrection, the persecution of Christians worldwide continues to escalate.


Archbishop Chaput Extends Passover Greeting to Jewish Community
Last edited 14th April 2014

Ahead of the Jewish observance of Passover, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput has written to Philadelphia’s Jewish community to extend “the prayerful best wishes” of the Catholics of his archdiocese.


Catholic Convent & Maronite Village Targets of Vandals in Israel
Last edited 9th April 2014

A Catholic convent near Jerusalem and a largely Maronite village in Galilee were damaged in recent weeks as a two-year wave of vandalism directed at Christians and Muslims in Israel and the West Bank continued.


Married Man’s Ordination Reveals Unusual Prohibition on Eastern Catholics
Last edited 9th April 2014

ST. LOUIS — Surrounded by his wife, daughter and the bishops of his Church, Father Wissam Akiki made history in February as the first married man in 90 years to enter the priesthood for the Maronite Catholic Church in the U.S.


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