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Patriarch Denounces Attack on Synagogue in Jerusalem

Last edited 18th November 2014

The Latin-rite Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem has condemned a bloody attack on a synagogue in that city and extended his sympathies to the victims and their families. The Hamas movement claimed responsibility for the November 18 attack, in which four Jewish worshippers were killed and eight others wounded. The Palestinian Authority issued a statement decrying the bloodshed.

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Catholics and Muslims, Working Together to Serve Others

Last edited 13th November 2014

The third seminar of the Catholic-Muslim Forum was held in Rome from 11 to 13 November, on the theme “Working Together to Serve Others”. Three specific issues were considered: working together to serve young people, enhancing interreligious dialogue, and service to society.


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Holy See Creates New Judicial Body for Abuse Cases

Last edited 16th November 2014

The Holy See announced the creation of a new judicial body within the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Tuesday, for the specific purpose of dealing with the most serious crimes (delicta graviora), specifically: the sexual abuse of minors, and certain serious abuses associated with the Sacrament of Penance.


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Pope Calls for Global Defense of Christians Facing Persecution

Last edited 12th November 2014

Pope Francis condemned the "absurd violence" being used against Christians in several countries and called on people of good will everywhere to take up the cause of religious freedom. At the end of his general audience Nov. 12, Pope Francis asked the estimated 15,000 people in St. Peter's Square to join him in reciting the Lord's Prayer for Christians facing persecution.


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Nigerian Bishops' Urge to Keep Faith in Wake of Bombings

Last edited 11th November 2014

The violent onslaught of the radical Islamist group Boko Haram has forced the Diocese of Maiduguri, which has suffered most from the militants, to effectively shrink to half its size according to its bishop. On Nov. 10, another suicide bomber attacked a school assembly in the nearby town of Potiskum. The blast killed at least 46 students, according to the BBC.


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The Journey to Peace in Sudan

Last edited 21st November 2014

Many of us would be familiar with the story of Meriam Ibrahim, the pregnant Sudanese woman who this year was sentenced to death because of her Christian faith, but thanks to international pressure was released. Even though Meriam had to endure the worst treatment imaginable, including giving birth in prison, she was rewarded with freedom and a meeting with Pope Francis.


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Why We Pray for Persecuted Christians

Last edited 21st November 2014

International Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need’s Religious Freedom in the World 2014 Report, which was released on 4 November 2014, revealed worrying concerns for people of faith in 116 of the world’s 196 countries. Compiled by journalists, academics and commentators, the report concludes that where the situation regarding religious liberty has changed, it has almost always changed for the worse. Christians in particular were shown to be the most seriously persecuted in our world today.


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Dialogue and Interfaith Relations

Last edited 11th November 2014

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II Decree on Ecumenism (Unitatis Redintegratio). To mark the occasion the Canadian bishops have published a detailed statement on the dialogue between the Catholic Church and other Christian communities.


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Prince Charles Appeals to Muslim Leaders to Protect Christians

Last edited 5th November 2014

Prince Charles has said Muslim leaders must warn their followers about the "indescribable tragedy" of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The heir to the throne has recorded a video message insisting that faith leaders do not remain "silent" over a lack of respect between traditions.


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Women of the Bible Featuring Lot's Wife

Last edited 5th November 2014

Women of the Bible Featuring Lot's Wife Lot's wife lived a tough life dwelling in the sinful place that was Sodom and Gomorrah. It is interesting to put yourself in her shoes, what did she think when her husband offered her virgin daughters to a crowd full of men wanting to rape the guests that were staying with them? Why did she disobey the angels orders turning back to see the evil town being destroyed? What can we learn from her story today? Lot's Wife's legacy in scripture - Read Genesis 19:1-26.

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