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US Citizens Need the Example of St. Thomas More
Last edited 16th June 2014

Most Catholics know the story of Saint Thomas More. More was the 16th-century chancellor to the English King Henry VIII. More was a gifted lawyer, a gifted writer, and a deeply devout Catholic. When King Henry VIII opposed the authority of Pope Clement VII and claimed authority over the English Church, More refused to support the King. For that, he was judged to be treasonous, and in 1535 he was beheaded.

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Christians from Mosul Say They Have Been Targeted for Months
Last edited 15th June 2014

The fall of Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, to Islamist militants in early June sent half a million residents scurrying for safety, but Christians from the city say they were targeted long before Iraqi security forces abandoned the major political and economic hub.


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Did Jesus Have a Wife?
Last edited 5th June 2014

Was Jesus married? What would it mean if he was?


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Fatwa Against Honor Killings Declared By Pakistan Ulema Council Of Muslim Leaders
Last edited 5th June 2014

Following the brutal murder of Farzana Parveen Iqbal, the Pakistan Ulema Council of Muslim scholars issued a fatwa condemning "honor killings" as un-Islamic and inhuman, reports Newsweek Pakistan. The fatwa declared, "killing of girls in the name of honor or dignity is terrorism and viciousness—which has nothing to do with Islam.” Iqbal was 25 years old and pregnant when she was fatally attacked by over two dozen family members, who battered her with bricks. Her father reportedly told police, "I killed my daughter as she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent, and I have no regret over it."

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A look at why Christianity is seen as a threat by China's Communist Government
Last edited 5th June 2014

China is officially an atheist country, but in the last four decades religion has been on the rise, especially Christianity...


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Kidnapped Missionaries Released in Cameroon
Last edited 3rd June 2014

From Cameroon to northern Italy and from Montreal to the Vatican, statements expressing "great joy" accompanied the news that a Canadian sister of Notre-Dame and two Italian missionary priests were released unharmed almost two months after being kidnapped in northern Cameroon.


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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 1-8 June 2014
Last edited 4th June 2014

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has a history of over 100 years, in which Christians around the world have taken part in an octave of prayer for visible Christian unity. By annually observing the WPCU, Christians move toward the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer at the Last Supper "that they all may be one." (cf. John 17:21)


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Experts from Africa and Asia to join Vatican's Commission for Protection of Minors
Last edited 2nd June 2014

In the past 10 years, the Vatican defrocked 848 priests for case of sexual abuse. For Father Hans Zollner, member of the Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors, these figures talk about a harsh reality, but also about hope.


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What is Right? - A Discussion with Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence and Bishop Anthony Fisher
Last edited 1st June 2014

Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence and Bishop Anthony Fisher discuss the topic "What is Right" during a farewell event for Rabbi Lawrence at the Great Synagogue in Sydney, 29 May 2014.


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Palestinian, Israeli Leaders to Pray with Pope at Vatican June 8
Last edited 29th May 2014

An encounter among Pope Francis, the Palestinian president, and the Israeli president at the Vatican to pray for peace in the Holy Land has been set for June 8, the Holy See has announced.


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