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Pope Taps Chicago Archbishop As Member of Congregation For Bishops

Last edited 7th July 2016

Pope Francis has named Chicago Archbishop Blase J. Cupich a member of the Congregation for Bishops, the office that advises the pope on the nomination of bishops around the world.


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Former Boat Person Installed as Fourth Bishop of Parramatta

Last edited 16th June 2016

The new Bishop of Parramatta and former boat person, Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM ConV, acknowledged the "politically charged issues" of asylum seekers and youth radicalisation and vowed to be a bridge builder between communities, at his installation Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral last night.


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Can I Go to Confession over the Phone?

Last edited 2nd June 2016

With all of the communication we do through the Internet and over the phone, why do we still have to go to confession in person? Fr. Mike Schmitz explains the importance of the matter.

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The Corpus Christi Procession Passes Through the Streets of Rome

Last edited 26th May 2016

After Pope Francis celebrated Corpus Christi Mass on Thursday evening, a procession followed from the Basilica of St. John Lateran to the Basilica of St. Mary Major.


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Anti-Discrimination Proceedings Dropped but Archbishop Porteous Disappointed

Last edited 10th May 2016

Archbishop Julian Porteous of Hobart says he is disappointed anti-discrimination proceedings against him have been dropped, saying Tasmanians had been “left under a cloud of uncertainty” in the lead up to a plebiscite on gay marriage, later on this year.


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Fined for Praying the Rosary

Last edited 27th April 2016

Eight Canberra Catholics, including a priest of the Archdiocese, received an official police warning on April 15 for allegedly breaching the exclusion zone around the ACT Health Centre in Civic.


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Vatican: Suspended Audit Not Intended To Block Curial Reform

Last edited 26th April 2016

The Vatican clarified Tuesday that the recent suspension of an external audit of Vatican finances by Pricewaterhouse Cooper is due to problems surrounding specific clauses in their contract, and is not meant to hinder the ongoing reform of the Curia.


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Ryan Anderson: Evangelizing for Religious Liberty

Last edited 21st April 2016

“We’ve got a culture that’s got marriage wrong,” Anderson began. “And we’ve got a legal culture that’s got it wrong, starting with no-fault divorce.” No-fault divorce, Anderson argued, made marriage all about the couple itself and their feelings, rather than about children, as marriage had always been. Legalized abortion followed, and now, as of last year, legalized same-sex marriage.


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Expedition Takes Pope's Encyclical to the North Pole to Alert Society on Climate Change

Last edited 18th April 2016

These nine Argentine adventurers, who are mostly military personal, are set to make a symbolic feat: they will bring the Pope's encyclical, 'Laudato Si' to a particularly devastated geographical point in the world with an urgent need for attention: The North Pole.


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Facebook Accused of Gagging Same-Sex Debate

Last edited 18th April 2016

Facebook has been accused of censoring views that differ from its own social agenda after it ­deleted a post by a Sydney man who suggested same-sex marriage ­advocates should accept some of the blame for making gay people feel marginalised. John Dickson, who runs the Centre for Public Christianity, posted the opinion to his 10,000 friends and followers on Saturday morning, calling for a more ­respectful conversation on the divisive issue.


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