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Abrahamic Faiths-Contribution to Society and Relevance Today

Last edited 24th August 2010

Xt3 recorded the Interfaith Conference held at the Isabel Menton Theatre on Sunday the 1st of August 2010.


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Cardinal v. Atheist: Without God We Are Nothing

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Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, and atheist Dan Barker debated the topic: Without God We Are Nothing, at Macquarie University. A vigorous and lively debate was had, with over 300 people in attendance. The debate was structured so that each speaker received ten minutes to present their case, then had a chance at rebuttal, and finishing off with a few minutes to directly cross examine the other. There was then time for questions from the audience. Part 1 of this audio presents the main arguments and rebuttal, with part 2 presenting the (very lively) cross examination, and some hard hitting questions from the audience.


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Religious Liberty - Does the Catholic Church Have a Role in Public Debate?

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As fundamental a right as the right to life itself, today's secular society threatens the freedom of religion. Increasingly pushed out of the public sphere, religion and its institutions are being hampered by a worldview of freedom that compromises basic tenets of Christian belief.


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Have you ever been asked... why do we need marriage? Shouldn't people with a poor quality of life have a right to die? Why are there so many rules when it comes to dating? What's wrong with women Priests?


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