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What will Pope Francis and UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, talk about?
Last edited 27th April 2015

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban-Ki-moon will be in Rome on Tuesday April 28th to meet with Pope Francis. One of the issues that will surely be addressed is immigration. Just in the last few weeks, hundreds of immigrants drowned along the Mediterranean while trying to make their way to Europe. It's estimated that in 2014 alone, roughly 3,500 immigrants from Africa and the Middle East have died along this journey. It's a point Pope Francis has highlighted time and time again.

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Vatican: Pope Francis ‘considering’ Cuba visit
Last edited 19th April 2015

Pope Francis is considering a trip to Cuba in September to tie in with his visit to the United States, a move that could further improve diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba. The Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, said that Francis “is considering the idea of a Cuba leg” but that discussions about the visit are at a preliminary stage.


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How Many Catholics are There?
Last edited 17th April 2015

The number of Catholics has increased faster than population growth in recent years. Currently, about 18 percent of the world identifies as Catholic. Between 2005 and 2013, the Catholic population went from 1.115 billion to 1.254 billion. That's 17.3 percent of the world population to 17.7 percent in just eight years.

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Video Ideas for Your Parish Website
Last edited 13th April 2015

More and more parishes are starting to incorporate video on their website. Video can be a great way of demonstrating what your parish has to offer and video is becoming a very common way for people on the Internet to learn and explore.

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Good Friday - Celebration of the Passion with the Pope
Last edited 4th April 2015

Silence and recollection filled St. Peter's Basilica during the ceremony of the Lord's Passion that Pope Francis presided over. The austere decor and soft light of the Basilica set an atmosphere of prayer and penitence on Good Friday. Pope Francis arrived a few minutes before five o'clock. Before the Cross was on the altar, he lay on the ground as a humble gesture and sign of penance. The Pope was then helped onto his feet. Next, he blessed the three deacons who read the Gospel of John, which recounts the Passion of Christ.


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Appeal Launched as Death Toll and Devastation Rise in Vanuatu
Last edited 17th March 2015

With every passing hour the damage Tropical Cyclone Pam wreaked on the usually idyllic tropical island chain of Vanuatu becomes horrifying clear.Two dozen bodies have been identified, thousands of homes destroyed, roads, buildings and power lines torn apart. However rescue teams are still struggling to contact or reach many of the islands that make up this popular tourist destination.

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Reports: ISIS Release 52 Abducted Christian Families
Last edited 9th March 2015

52 families of Assyrian Christian abducted from villages in north-eastern Syria by ISIS last month have been released, according to reports. According to AsiaNews, Mgr Mario Zenari, the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria, said the hostages were released on March 5 and 6 “without payment of any ransom.”


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The God of Sticky Notes
Last edited 1st March 2015

Emily Pellarin woke up one morning to find her roommate had woken up early and written 9 sticky notes with words of affirmation for her and stuck them on the bathroom mirror, this beautiful surprise made her reflect on the "sticky notes" that God writes for us on a daily basis but that we sometimes do not recognise.

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The Do-Over - A Youth Ministry Video Resource
Last edited 23rd February 2015

Jake keeps messing up, except he doesn’t see it that way - at least not at first. Thanks to a little outside help, that’s about to change.


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New Spanish Cardinal: Calling us “princes of the Church” is something of the past
Last edited 19th February 2015

At 72-years-old, Ricardo Blázquez is a busy man. He is Archbishop of Valladolid and President of the Episcopal Conference of Spain. After Pope Francis made him a cardinal, he now has yet another role in the Church. He said being a cardinal is not just a title but a serious responsibility. "'Prince of the Church' isn't used anymore ... I think that appears only in the history books or is said by a few people who aren't up to date.”

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