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Baby Held for Months Over Unpaid Bill

Last edited 14th February 2018

A mother has spoken of her relief after a private clinic in Gabon finally released her baby, who was held for months over an unpaid medical bill.


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Where will Relentless Campaigns leave the Most Needy?

Last edited 12th February 2018

by Archbishop Anthony Fisher


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Russia Jet Carrying 71 People Crashes after Moscow take-off

Last edited 11th February 2018

A Russian airliner has crashed after leaving Moscow's Domodedovo airport, killing all 65 passengers and six crew on board.


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ICC To Prove Venezuela and Philippines

Last edited 8th February 2018

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is to open a preliminary inquiry into alleged crimes committed during the Philippines government's war on drugs, its chief prosecutor says.


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Chile's First Female Pilot Margot Duhalde Dies at 97

Last edited 6th February 2018

Chile's first female pilot, Margot Duhalde, has died at the age of 97.


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'Tiny Thomists': How One Catholic Curriculum Offers Big Ideas to Little Kids

Last edited 30th January 2018

A digital catechetical program for children as young as five aims to equip early learners with Thomistic principles that will help them understand and defend their faith as they grow.


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How Late Can I Come to Mass?

Last edited 29th January 2018

It happens to us all: something comes up and we're going to be late to mass. But how late is TOO late...? New episode of Catholicism in Focus.


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Lent: Introducing The Xt3 Lent Calendar 2018

Last edited 29th January 2018

The Xt3 Lent Calendar 2018 App will be available for download for Apple and Android devices on 9 February 2018, and be available online at from Ash Wednesday, 14 February 2018.


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Nine Charged for Giving Food to Homeless in California

Last edited 15th January 2018

Nine people in California have been charged after they handed out food to the homeless, violating a rule about sharing food in public places.


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The Virgin Mary’s Struggles

Last edited 14th January 2018

If we want to be holy, Mary should have an integral role in our spiritual life; but sometimes, perhaps, you might ?think you cannot relate to the Blessed Mother because she was immaculately conceived and didn’t have to struggle with sin as we do. In this video, Fr. Mike shares how even though ?Mary ?did not struggle with sin, she still had her own unique struggle that we can relate to when we are seeking holiness.

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