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Archbishops from Syria and Iraq Blocked from Visiting the UK

Last edited 5th December 2016

The bishops were refused entry due to fears that they might not return home


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The Lights of Christmas 2016 Live Webcast on Xt3

Last edited 1st December 2016

Lights of Christmas 2016 presented by Payce, will be launched on the 8th of December 2016 at St. Mary's Cathedral.


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Start Adoration for Children, Teens, Youth, Young Adults

Last edited 30th November 2016

We invite and encourage teens, youth, youth groups, young adults, youth and campus ministers, diocesan offices of Catholic youth, parishes, secondary schools, college and university campus ministers and chaplaincies to promote, start and participate in Holy Hours of Eucharistic Adoration with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament as a regular or weekly event at youth groups, meetings, and other opportunities for prayer times.


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100 Women 2016: Female Arab Cartoonists Challenge Authority

Last edited 28th November 2016

In some Arab countries women still have to ask permission from a male relative to get a passport, marry or leave the country. Although the practice of "male guardianship" is not always enshrined in law, it persists in everyday life within many families.


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Advent Introduction Video

Last edited 28th November 2016

Prepare your heart for Christ this Christmas with Xt3.com.


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Pope Urges Judges to Combat Drugs, Even if Threatened by Mafias

Last edited 24th November 2016

The pope met with judges, doctors, politicians and various experts, who for two days have debated different strategies to end drug trafficking. Earlier, he greeted one of the organizers of the meeting, Queen Silvia of Sweden.


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High and dry: NZ earthquake lifted sea bed by up two metres

Last edited 22nd November 2016

LOOKING like something out of a sci-fi movie, these alien-like rocks have seemingly crawled out of the sea in the wake of the monster magnitude 7.8 earthquake which shook New Zealand on Monday.


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Youth Ministry: The Emphasis Must Be Spiritual

Last edited 21st November 2016

For a good deal of my 25-plus years in youth ministry, I held to a mistaken philosophy. I believed that if you bring young people (children, adolescents, young adults) into an environment where good people with good thoughts, good motives and good activities existed, good things would happen. Although good things often did happen, an entire arena of spiritual focus and value was missed.


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Australian Woman Gets Pregnant Twice in 10 Days

Last edited 16th November 2016

An Australian woman who was told she might never become pregnant says she has given birth to twins conceived 10 days apart.


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DiNardo, Gómez Elected New Heads of US Bishops

Last edited 15th November 2016

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday elected Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston as its president, and Archbishop Jose Gómez of Los Angeles vice-president.


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