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How do you get your Catholic news?

Last edited 21st November 2017

Australian Catholic Media Council


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Myanmar Cardinal urges Pope not to use ‘R’ Word

Last edited 20th November 2017

Cardinal Bo met Pope Francis on Saturday, ahead of the Pontiff's November 27-30 visit to the Asian nation. The Archbishop of Yangon told Crux that if Francis chose to use the term “Rohingya”, “there could be demonstrations at once, going after the Muslims”.


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God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines by Zac Alstin

Last edited 20th November 2017

This article was originally published on Mercartornet.


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Introducing the Xt3 Advent Calendar App

Last edited 19th November 2017

Prepare your heart for Christ this Christmas with Xt3.com. The 2017 Xt3 Advent Calendar App and Website is FREE and available on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The first door of the Calendar will open on 27 November 2016, the first Sunday of Advent.


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A Christmas Celebration 2017

Last edited 17th November 2017

Join Andrew O’Keefe for a night of sublime Christmas music on Friday, December 15, at St Mary’s Cathedral.


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Australian Youth Ministers to Gather in Western Sydney in 2018

Last edited 14th November 2017

The Australian Catholic Bishops Office for Youth and the Diocese of Parramatta will host the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention (ACYMC), from 21-23 September 2018, at Rooty Hill RSL.


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Refugees on Manus Island fear for their lives as the closing detention centre is looted by locals

Last edited 13th November 2017

Peter Dutton is refusing calls to bring asylum seekers on Manus Island to Australia despite reports about 600 men have barricaded themselves inside a detention facility that was set to close at 5pm today local time.


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Where is God in Sutherland Springs?

Last edited 12th November 2017

Yesterday I was enjoying a football game in Dallas with my family when I saw my mom type the following into her phone’s browser “San Antonio shooting.” I was curious what she was looking into so I checked my phone and before I had a chance to doubt that yet another mass shooting had taken place in our country, I saw the #SutherlandSprings tweets flooding in. I felt sick to my stomach, knowing that I was having a fun, peaceful time with my family, while an entire town in the same state was reeling after an armed man had viciously attacked a church community during their Sunday morning service.


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How is the Muslim World Organized?

Last edited 5th November 2017

Muhammad's succession provoked a conflict that still exists today in the Muslim world: the clash between Islam's two main branches, the Shiites and Sunnis.


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New York Truck Attack Suspect Charged with Terrorism

Last edited 1st November 2017

An Uzbek immigrant has been charged by US prosecutors with causing the deaths of at least eight people in New York by mowing them down in a truck.


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