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Fr Jacques Philippe Tour Sydney 2014
Last edited 18th December 2014

Fr Jacques Philippe has years of experience giving retreats and spiritual direction all over the world. His books on peace, happiness, freedom and prayer are modern spiritual classics.


A Vow of Celibacy Does Not Create a Sex Offender
Last edited 15th December 2014

When Tim Gunn, Lady Gaga, Sir Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci declares themselves celibate, no-one fears that will make them a danger to the public.


Pope Francis prays for more fruitful dialogue after trip to Turkey
Last edited 3rd December 2014

In his weekly general audience Pope Francis recalled the activities of his recent trip to Turkey, and prayed that the visit would lead to a more fruitful ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.


What If I’ve Stuffed Up?
Last edited 30th November 2014

“Nah, I’m good thanks… If people knew what I’d done they wouldn’t accept me. The church would probably fall down when I walked in.”


Pope Francis Says People With Autism Carry a Cross; Stigma Must Be Broken Down
Last edited 1st December 2014

Pope Francis says we need to break down the stigma of autism and is calling on government, institutions, and Christian communities to do so.


100 Parish Actions
Last edited 20th November 2014

It is important that parishes review and renew their activities as well as plan for the future so they can move forward with confidence and purpose. The list of parish actions provided on this website represents the wisdom of our communities gathered through consultation, and that of our pastors, as well as research into the best practice of parishes both here in Australia and overseas.


Build Discipleship Groups - Youth Ministry
Last edited 18th November 2014

YDisciple assists parishes in building and multiplying small groups of teens. YDisciple provides an ideal environment for teenagers to come to know and love their faith. Discipleship is not a program – it is an apprenticeship in the Christian life. YDisciple is designed to:


Blue Knot Day - Adults Surviving Child Abuse
Last edited 27th October 2014

On Blue Knot Day ASCA asks all Australians to unite in support of the 5 million Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma.


Archbishop-elect Presents Papal Medal for Bushfire Bravery
Last edited 27th October 2014

On the 17th October 2013 devastating bushfires raged through close-knit communities in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.


Mark Hart on Jesus Christ's Resurrection
Last edited 24th September 2014

Mark Hart, Executive Vice President of Life Teen, shares the details of Jesus Christ's Resurrection from the Dead.

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